Top 3 Minecraft Mountain Seeds 1.4.7

Minecraft mountain screenshot

Minecraft Mountains.
Minecraft Mountains.
Minecraft Mushroom Mountain.
Minecraft Mushroom Mountain.

Top 3 Minecraft Mountain seeds 1.4.7

This is my personal Top 3 Minecraft Mountain seeds for 1.4.7, and yours may differ from my own. If you have a suggestion of some good Minecraft seeds I may have missed please leave a comment of the seed and version it is for. Also if the description of the seeds below are not enough you can watch the videos below to get a more accurate feel of the Minecraft seeds mentioned in this post.

The first seed on my top 3 Minecraft 1.4.7 mountain seeds is "dungeon defenders". The most note worthy features of this seed are you spawn near snow mountains, and a small floating snow island as well. If you enjoy mountain, snow, and small floating islands this seed would be a good one to check out.

The second seed on my top 3 Minecraft mountain 1.4.7 seeds list is "family". The most note worth features of this seed are you spawn in a snow biome next to a mushroom mountain biome. If you wanted to play or build in a mushroom biome that has mountains, then I would give this seed a try.

The third and final seed on my top 3 Minecraft mountain seeds 1.4.7 list is "fraps". The most note worthy features of this are that you spawn near a Mountain or extreme hills biome, and on top of one of the mountains is a water fountain like area that makes the mountain look more epic. If you like mountain biome seeds then you should check this one out as this is the best Minecraft mountain seed that I have come across for 1.4.7.

I would like to point out that you do not use the quotes when putting in the seed into Minecraft seed area. I hope you enjoyed this post, and have a nice day.

Epic Snow Mountains, Floating Snow Island Minecraft 1.4.7

Tundra, Mushroom Mountain Minecraft 1.4.6/1.4.7

Minecraft Epic Mountain Water Fountain 1.4.7 seed

Top 3 Minecraft 1.4.7 seeds?

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