Toy Story 3 Characters

Collect all eighteen new characters from the Toy Story three movie. Three Peas in a Pod, Trixie, Mr Pricklepants, Chuckles and buttercup are all Bonnie’s toys and seem to be growing in popularity. Read more about these favorites.

Lotso | Source
Big Baby
Big Baby | Source

Lotso's Gang


Stretch is the characterised as the laid back girl. She has a small role in the new toy story but her sparkly purple glitter body does gets the kids attention. They also love her squiggle legs. Stretch toys are available in both plush toys and mini figures.

Chuckles The Clown

Chuckles the clown is just a guy who had it tough. This is what seems to appeal to my kids. They say that they just want a chuckles clown to hug. The chuckles clown character is quite unique he is much shorter and definately cuter than most famous toy clowns.

Big Baby

Big Baby is the character which  reminds me of my own childhood, especially since most of my sisters Dolls used to end looking like big baby after I was done scribbling all over them. Though I am older and wiser now I appreciate Big Baby Doll much more after seeing the latest Toy Story 3 movie. The big Baby character is one of eth toys from Lotso gang who was once abandoned by Bonnie. He is also very similar to Baby Face from the previous Toy story movies. Rex is also most pleased having big baby around since he is no longer the biggest toy in the playroom.


Bonnies Toys

Three Peas in A Pod

The three peas are made up of Peatrice, Peaty and Penelope which are three pea siblings zipped together in a comfy green pencil case. This is a great toy for kids of all ages especially to develop motor skills by opening and closing the beanie case. You can also have fin with kids by using the peas as a ball

Other three peas in the pos toys are the plastic buddy figures .The three peas are grouped together with Woody.

You can also make your own custom T-shirts, mugs, and posters of the three peas from the Disney zazzle application.

Mr Pricklepants
Mr Pricklepants | Source
Trixie | Source
Buutercup | Source
Dolly | Source

Mr Pricklepants

Mr. Pricklepants is one the toys belonging to Bonny in Toy Story 3. He may be a stuffed hedgehog but he also loves acting and entertaining Woody and the gang. His famous line is ‘Excuse me I’m trying to stay in character’. Mr Prickle’s origins are from the forest friends Collection a series of animals of the wild or Waldfreunde in Germany. Despite his origins Mr Prickles does not have a German accent. His origins are from Germany but he is quite English in the movie since he is voiced by former James Bond Timothy Dalton.These remind me of the tales of the animals of Farthing Wood.

Though he may be a creature of the wild Mr Pricklepants is one of the few hedgehogs brave enough to put on pants without tearing it. In toy story three he is not too popular for his fashion sense, especially his Leather pants (lederhosen). Like all new toy story three characters Mr Prickles is available in a plush toy or a mini figure.

Mr Prickles Plush Toys

First up is the Toy Story 3 Prickle Pants Talking Plush is 8-inches tall and his special feature is his unique phrase from the movie. Simply press the Prickle pants chest to hear you’re him talk. Click here to buy this toy. Price $ 5.99


Is the naught blue dinosaurs chatting to an “unknown” dinosaur which turns out to be none other than Rex.Trixie like the other toys is available in plush toys and Buddy pack plastic figure.


I some of the cutest little toys belonging to Bonnei.My kids love his pinks heart cheeks and bushy yellow tale.

Chuckles is by far kids most loved toy but there’s no sign of a plush or plastic chuckles anywhere. Perhps he’s still being manufactured. Stay tuned for new on him.


Dolly is the cutest little rag doll with a cute big buttoned dress and purple hair. Kids love her beady eyes. She is avail be in plush and buddy pack.

Which are Your Favorite Toy Story Charcaters

  • Chuckles The Clown
  • Dolly
  • Bonnie
  • Lotso
  • Stretch
  • Trixie
  • Three Peas
  • Buttercup
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