Toy Story Costumes for Kids and Teens

Toy story 3 saw the introduction of several new characters like Mr Pricklepants, Buttercup, Chuckles and Dolly unfortunately they have not made it into this year’s Toy Story Halloween costume range. You can however no find four new toys story characters in the 2010 Toy Story costumes collection including Hamm, Rex, Alien Men and Mr Potatohead costumes which add a little more variety than the usual Buzz Woody and Jessie Costumes.

Mr Potaoe Head Costume
Mr Potaoe Head Costume | Source

Mr Potatohead Costume

This foam fitted kids costume is ideal for chilly winter months when kids get bored from staying indoors in the winter and good for a chilly Halloween night too. The Mr Potato head costume Includes foam overlay and hat. It doesn’t include pants or shoes you could opt for a pair of tights and sneakers for the best effect.

Sizes. Small, Medium and large kids sizes.

Price: $ 31.99

Sarge army men costume
Sarge army men costume | Source

Sarge Toys Story Costume

This Sarge Costume includes jumpsuit, helmet, hood, and boot covers. Does not include face paint.   This is a great costume choice if you have twins or kids of the same age they could dress up as the Toy Story Army Men. 

Price: $39.99

Rex Costume
Rex Costume | Source

Rex Toy Story 3 Costume

Rex may be one of the most deadly Dinosaur but he’s a bundle if laughs. This Rex costume comes with his charctersitic laughing facial expression and includes shirt, headpiece, tail, and gloves. Does not include pants, shirt, or shoes.

Sizes: Available in toddler to teen sizes.

Price: $39.99 

Alien Costume
Alien Costume | Source

Alien Toy Story Costume

Includes jumpsuit and headpiece. Does not include socks. This is an officially licensed Toy Story Product.   

Price: $26.99

Hamm Toy Story 3 Costumes

Includes 3-D costume. Does not include pants, shirt, or shoes. This is an officially licensed Toy Story Product.   

Price: $29.99

Hamm Costume
Hamm Costume | Source

Where To Buy Toy Story 3 costume

Toy Story 3 costumes are only limited to a few online stockists .Click here to see the full Toy story 3 product range including new Woody, Buzz and Jessie Cowgirl costumes.

Adult Toy Story Costumes

For all you big kids out there don’t worry, all of these Toy Story costumes come in teen and adult sizes.

Which is Your Favorite Toy STory 3 Character

  • Ham
  • Alien
  • Toy Soldiers
  • Rex
  • Buzz Lightyear
  • Mr Potatoehead
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