What You Need to Know Before Starting Your Video Game Tester Career

Get Paid To Play Video Games!

If you're here, then you're interested in a video game tester career. Chances are you heard the words "get paid to play video games" and now you're skipping through the internet, looking for a place to sign up. Well hold on there cowboy- you need to know what any job entails before stepping up to the plate and taking it, right? Well never fear, because I'm here! Well, me and a whole lot of other resources that will help you learn exactly what you need to know before stepping into the big bad world of video game testing. Ready? Well then let's get started covering what you need to know for a video game tester career!

It's Not All Fun and (Video) Games

Video game tester careers are commonly associated with an easy going, highly rewarding and fun assignments that people want to do. This is only partly true. It's very true that video game testers are "highly rewarded" and that they can look for up to several hundred dollars for a game testing project, but be wary that you don't fall into the trap of thinking a job testing computer games is easy. Most of your jobs, especially starting out, will be testing you the video game tester. You'll most often get jobs on testing the playability of boring environments with no enemies mapped to them, or sometimes ridiculously simple things like checking save features are part of your job's criteria.

Make no mistake, the majority of your time won't be spent living it up like you would be doing if you were a normal player of the game after it had been released. However, it's all worth it because you do get to explore a really great terrain every now and then, or test a really cool feature from a game in a series you really like.

It's Not a Steady Job

You probably hear a lot about video game testers making several dozen dollars "per hour" of work. This is kind of true, but you have the realize before you step into a video game testing career how the money breaks down. Starting out, you'll get simple jobs that require you to spend an hour on a game, testing basic functions, and maybe another hour actually writing up the glitches/ best features. In total you could get a cool $60 for this kind of job. Technically that's $30 per hour, but don't be fooled into believing you'll be able to do 4 jobs per day as if it's a normal work schedule.

After you get some experience this discrepancy won't seem to matter so much, but at first you should keep in mind that you won't be seeing money on a consistent basis unless you can find consistent jobs. Or alternatively get enough experience that you're only put on the highest paying jobs (which take longer over all, but you get larger payments from).

It Is the Best Job For You

No need to do a double take- I wasn't lying about everything I said before- you do need more experience than some believe, and you won't be pulling in paychecks every two weeks like a normal job. However, this stuff is secondary to the real reason you're even here. You're not interested in testing games so you can learn to program them, or so you can make a ton of money. Sure you may want those things, but if you're serious about a video game tester career, then you have a passion that can't be matched for video games. Funnel that passion into video game testing and you'll do great!

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DIMIR profile image

DIMIR 4 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States

Alas, all of my dreams are crushed. Not really though, I was more curious. It is nice to see a realistic take on it, because it is viewed as a cush job. This was cool and informative! Thanks!

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