Vintage Toy Ray Guns

If you love vintage science fiction -- from the pulps to comics to the great tv and movie serials and films, then you probably also love vintage Ray guns (and robots! and rocket ships!).

There are all kinds of cool vintage ray guns to find, but they aren't nearly as numerous as some other hot collectibles so it can be a challenge finding the ones you are looking to add to your collection. In the meantime though, you might want to consider making your own raygun or even checking out some of the awesome guns from Weta.

If you are looking for a fun vintage ray gun of your very own though, take a look at some of the Ebay auctions here. Once you decide to start collecting, you probably also want to pick up a couple of collectors guides so you can get a feel for what's available and what they are worth.

Vintage toy ray gun ad
Vintage toy ray gun ad

Ray Guns are an extremely popular collectibles, especially for those of us who love the 1950s and 60s visions of what the future would be like. They are like a step both backwards and forwards in time in the same moment.

Check out some of these guides to get a better understanding of the collectible market for these very special vintage toy guns -- the Ray Gun!

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The best vintage Ray Guns are actually pretty rare on Ebay, but a few nice ones pop up now and then. And of course there are lots of just fun toy ray guns that won't set you back too much money either.

This is a great video that features not only some great ray guns, but a vintage commercial for ray guns as well.

Where to See Great Ray Guns

Some collectors have photographed their Ray Guns so they can share them online. You can take a look at some of these collections just to see how many different kinds of Ray Guns were made and then make your own wishlist for ones you want to add to your own collection :)

Attic of Astounding Artifacts Doc Atomic's Attic of Astounding Artifacts, featuring his Ray Gun collection

Cowboys and Rayguns Cowboys and Rayguns offers stunning retro prints featuring authentic vintage toys on fun design backgrounds.

Justin Pinchot's Toy Rayguns This is probably the most authoritive site for vintage ray guns online.

WETA has many great ray guns for sale that were made in their shop. I love all of their stuff. It all looks amazing. Goes great with Steampunk apparel, so if you are looking for something great to add to your outfit, make Weta your first stop. Some of their prices will make you fall over and hit your head, but they have some affordable ray guns too.

How to Make Your Own Retro Ray Gun

If you've seen the amazing ray guns made by Weta (this the company that makes great collectible toys, normally movie license stuff like Lord of the Rings, etc.), then you might want to check out this video on how to make your own retro ray gun so you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on one of the new Weta ray guns or one of the older vintage ones.

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Philipo 6 years ago from Nigeria

Very nice one. Thanks.

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I want one....thanks

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Chris Crow 6 years ago

This is a very interesting hub. thanks for the info. I didn't know that I was going to learn about vintage ray guns. awesome.

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