The Waboba Ball is A Ball That Bounces In Water

Can You Bounce A Ball In Water?

Now that spring is in full wing most of us would love to send all day at the beach...relaxing or playing games. Apart from the usual volleyball or beach soccer why not try playing Waboba. Waboba may sound like an exotic name but it is actually the acronym of the Swedish invented ball which bounces on water. Waboba being short for water bouncing ball. This is also the name of the game played with the Waboba Ball.

The Waboba Ball

The waboba ball is about the size of a tennis ball or baseball. What makes the ball special is it ability to bounce on water and float. This is achieved through the Polyurethane material which is also, covered in Lycra. The combination of the materials makes the ball less dense, making it able to bounce. There are different variations of the ball which includes a pro ball and a blast ball. First introduced in Sweden Waboba is now an internationally marketed product.

Waboba Ball
Waboba Ball | Source

How To Play Waboba

Waboba is best played in the pool or at the beach. It is a team sport with at least two players in each team.  The aim of the game is to keep the ball in your team, thus earning more points the longer you have the ball. You have to pass the ball to your team members without the opponents catching the ball. The tricky part is that you have to bounce pass the ball. Points are only scored if each team can pass the ball without it being caught by the other team. The first team to win three rounds wins the game. More rules are available with the product instructions.  The game does sound a little boring but the fact that it bounces sin water is quite exciting and you can use this to your advantage to create your own games. Apart from the Waboba Game it could also make a great ball for getting the dogs to fetch in water.

New Waboba Surf
New Waboba Surf | Source

Buy A Waboba Ball Online

There are two Waboba balls available each modified to increase its floating and bouncing capabilities. The original 2008 orange ball was much more dense than its 2009 version. The new yellow blast ball is an improvement of the old vintage waboba ball.

There are currently 5 types of Waboba Balls Available:

  • Waboba Pro Ball: Bounces on Water
  • Waboba Bouncing Water Ball Waboba Blast
  • Waboba Street
  • Waboba Surf

Waboba Catch
Waboba Catch | Source

Waboba Ball Accessories

Accessories for the Waboba ball include the Waboba Catch pro Left Hand Glove .This could be problematic since you are supposed to throw the ball with your right hand and catch with the left hand. Nonetheless the glove is supposed to ensure a secure catch. This Waboba catch resembles a baseball mit but more streamlined. Price: $ 25.95


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