Game Review: War of Legends

War of Legends is a strategy browser game developed by Jagex Ltd.
War of Legends is a strategy browser game developed by Jagex Ltd.


Most online gamers today should be familiar with the term "MMORPG," which stands for Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game. It's a popular genre of games that allow multiple players to role play together online. However, unheard of to many gamers is the term "MMOSG," which subsequently stands for Massively Multi-player Online Strategy Games. This genre is far less popular, but nonetheless includes some very rich and intriguing games.

One such game is War of Legends (WoL), which is published by Jagex Ltd., the makers of the hugely popular MMORPG, Runescape. In the world of MMOSG, War of Legends is a late-comer, having been published quite some time after the pioneer of online strategy games, Evony. As a result, gamers will notice several features of War of Legends that mimic the game play of Evony. Despite this, however, I believe that the developers of War of Legends have put far more effort into the details of their game, allowing for a far superior experience.

A map of the playable regions in War of Legends.
A map of the playable regions in War of Legends.
The four building resources: food, wood, stone, and copper.
The four building resources: food, wood, stone, and copper.


As a strategy game, the ultimate goal of War of Legends is to build an empire, amass great wealth, and dominate your enemies. Unlike in Evony where the theme is medieval Europe, War of Legends is set in ancient China, a time when great legends ruled the land.

New players begin the game with a single city. Although players can choose which server to start on and the region on which to play, the actual location of their starting city is randomly generated. This might mean new players could start in the middle of warring alliances, or in the middle of nowhere with nobody to interact with. Fortunately, to protect against the former, new players are under a beginner's protection period that prevents them from being attacked until they have developed their empire.

To build their empire, players must utilize the surrounding landscape, as well as the layout of their own cities. Each city has two sections: the inner city and the outskirts. In the inner section of the city, players are given 28 plots of land to build a variety of buildings. Such buildings range from the barracks for training troops, to the university for researching skills, to the market for trading resources. Each city also has a palace and a ramparts (wall), which can both be interacted with, much like the building plots. After being built, any building, including the palace and ramparts, can be upgraded to reap additional benefits.

To build and upgraded buildings, resources are needed. There are four types of resources: food, wood, stone, and copper. These resources can be collected by building the appropriate structure in the vacant plots outside the city (outskirts). The more structures that are built and upgraded, the more resources each city will receive. Players can also capture territories surrounding their cities in order to boost their resource production.

Empire Building

Once a player has gained control of adequate resources, they can begin to build their empire. Players can expand their cities by building villages, which increase the population. After the population grows large enough, the excess villagers can be trained to fight in the army.

There are four types of military units in War of Legends: halberdiers, swordsmen, archers, and charioteers. Inline with classic Jagex game play, each unit has a strength and weakness against another type of unit. The armies are led by a legend, and each army can only consist of one type of unit. The legends can be upgraded in three different attributes: courage, magic, and strength. Each attribute has a different effect on the overall army, and allows the player to somewhat customize his military force.

The four military unit types and their attributes.
The four military unit types and their attributes.

Armies are useful for none other than conquering the world, and to a lesser extent (hopefully), defending your empire from being conquered. In War of Legends, players can attack one another at will, as well as numerous non-player locations scattered around the map. To strengthen their military might further, players can also create and join alliances. Although there is no stated goal in War of Legends, one can say that the ultimate mission is to build an army great enough to dominate a player's or alliance's enemy.

Pros and Cons

As with all games, War of Legends will only be attractive to certain types of players. The game, like many other MMOSG, is time-based. Time-based means that in order to do practically anything, such as building cities and armies, and training skills, the player has to wait the alloted time for the task to be completed. This trait can be good for players with little time, and because War of Legends is played on a web browser, being time-based allows players to hop on the game for a few minutes, and then log out. However, players looking for a in-depth experience to entertain them for hours, may be disappointed.

Additionally, War of Legends is subject to a rather large learning curve. There are so many different items, buildings, and characteristics, that it will take new players quite awhile to master the game play.

If you compare War of Legends to Evony, there are some differences. Most notably is the lack of a variety of military units in War of Legends. Evony has 12 different units to create and command, whereas War of Legends has only 4. Also, Evony allows players to build different types of wall defenses, whereas War of Legends does not. War of Legends, does however, have a plethora of different items and tasks (quests), and although Evony also has its fair share, the items and tasks in War of Legends fit in with a very intriguing storyline and theme. In my personal opinion, War of Legends trumps Evony. However, as I mentioned before, the two games are very similar.

If you are interested in playing either game, please check out the links below!

An War of Legends item and its description.
An War of Legends item and its description.


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Swin 5 years ago

I am writing to inform you that you may wish to update your current review of War of Legends that is published by Jagex.

The latest expansion Buzhou Mountains 1.4 is not proving to be as successful as it is being made out to be.

I would recommend having a good look at the forums.

There are serious security flaws across the servers which enables players to access other players accounts.

This has been going on since they implemented the latest expansion and, despite various attempts at fixing it, is getting worse.

Being a war game you can imagine the devastation unscrupulous players can do to another players account given free access.

Recommending this game, in its current state, to potential users of your site may not be in your best interests.



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