How to host on Warcraft 3

So, Warcraft has been around for a good while now. Warcraft (the original) and Warcraft 2 made a good deal of fans and followers. but it wasn't until Warcraft 3 that the game really took off. Warcraft 3 has an addictive story line, majorly improved graphics compared to Warcraft 2, but the truly amazing and addictive aspect of this game is the multiplayer mode.

Warcraft 3's Multiplayer mode gives the power to the people. along with the map editor, the fans of warcraft have made uncountable custom games and addictive maps. through the ability to "host games" that the authors have created the custom games didn't take long to become extremely popular in the world of gaming. one snag in the game is actually being able to host custom games. some people think that only certain IP addresses are able to host but this is wrong, anyone can host!

there are many guides out there that help with hosting games in Warcraft 3. but i have looked and they all barely touch on the point that stops 90% of the people who follow their guides from hosting! that is why i have made this hub, to show everyone out there who has always wanted to host their own games that its possible and how to do it!

Ok, so the first thing needed to host games is a "Static IP" now, an ip address is basically a number that is used to tell you apart from other computers. The reason you need a static IP is because your ip changed every time you start your computer, and if you set up your computer to host from one IP, the next time your hosting wont work because your IP has changed. so what we are going to do is set up an IP address that doesn't change. First you will need to press the "Start" button on the bottom of your screen, then go to "network" or "my network places". if you can't find it, go into "control panel" and see through there. once in "my network places" you should see a toolbar to the side of your screen. look on there for "view network connections" when you find it click on it. now a new screen will pop up with all your connections, find the one that is currently connected and right click on it, then go to properties. once in properties look for a small section called "Internet protocol (TCP/IP)" click that and a properties button should appear, click the properties button. now you should have a box like this.


Now that you have this box open i want you to press the start button at the bottom of your screen again and click "Run". in "run" type "cmd" and press enter. Now a black box with white or other coloured writing should pop up. Type into that box "ipconfig /all" now a bunch of info should come up. Back in your Internet properties window, change the buttons from "obtain IP address automatically" to "use the following IP address" do that same with the DNS server one. Ok now into the IP address put in "" (you can change the last 2 digits but i advise you to use this one as its never stuffed up for me). look in your cmd window for your "subnet mask" number and type it into the area, do the same for the "default gateway" and "DNS" servers ( if you only have 1 DNS server, don't worry about the alternative). Ok now press ok and everything till your back to your main screen. Now try to connect to the internet, if you CANNOT connect then you have entered some incorrect data into your boxes and should recheck everything. If you CAN connect then great job! You now have a static Ip address!


Now we want to configure our internet or router to allow other to join our game. Hopefuly you should have kept your CMD window open, if not then just reopen it and go into IPCONFIG. What you want to do is find your DNS server again and open your internet browser (e.g. internet explorer) and type it into the address bar (e.g. http:// "your DNS server") this should open your router options. Now in your settings or setup of your router your looking for an option for "port forwarding" this may have different names for different routers, but look around and you should find it. when you find it you need to add a new forward. Once here you need to select "TCP" from the protocol options and where it asks for the ports to forward, type in 6112 - 6119 ( you may need to do this in separate boxes on certain routers). save your changes and exit. now you should be able to host Warcraft 3 games AS LONG AS THERE IS NOTHING ELSE BLOCKING IT. now this is where most other guides cut short and stop people being able to host. what you need to do is go into "control panel" and click on "security centre" from there go into your firewall settings and click on the "exeptions" tab at the top. In here is all the programs that your firewall allows through. What you need to to is click on the button "add port". name the port "warcraft 3" and type 6112 into the port area. From there just click "ok" and "ok" again and you can close your firewall things. now go though each of your anti virses and look for their firewall settings and make sure they allow "Warcraft 3" and port "6112" (most anti viruses shouldn't block these but better safe than sorry). Now close everything and start Warcraft 3.

From the main menu, go into options, then gameplay and make sure your port is set to 6112. then enter BattleNet.

CONGRATULATIONS! you should now be able to host games if you did everything correctly! i put a lot of effort into finding all this out and would greatly appreciate any comments :) chow. 


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frederick 8 years ago

when you have al ready to play game with people and you host game can a hanker do something with your computer or no

Tasemu 8 years ago Author

as long as you have some form of antivirus, no body should give you any trouble on warcraft.

Rasmus 7 years ago

Yoo thanks for info ill try it now. I was looking how to get it working for longer time now. I did port forwarding and stuff before and didn't work but i think i know 2 reasons why /didn't have static IP and didn't do forwarding to 6112-6119 only for 6112.

Rasmus 7 years ago

ahh still can't host what's the problem`? i did everything like u said here except i couldn't use DNS server to writeas address but i knew from other tries of hosting that i write default gateway there

Rabishu 7 years ago

it was working until i have to go and type my DNS into the browser and then it asks for my user name and password. so i made a user name and password and it still wont work could u help me and give any advice? my e-mail is

Rabishu 7 years ago

oh ya and i used to be able to host all i had to do was turn off my fire wall until my uncle hooked up a wireless routter and downloaded Macafee virus protector and then ever since then i haven't been able to host

guy 7 years ago

i have a new computer and its different

ryan 7 years ago

yeah i have done everything as well and i do believe McAfee is the problem

ryan 7 years ago

what you have to do with mcafee is go into you virus scan consol and disable everything you can and you should be all set

irfan 7 years ago

wow! that's cool

flame_bro 7 years ago


Puck 7 years ago

I tried typing in my DNS server and that didn't work, tried the Default Gateway, and it asks for username and password, I don't know it, could you e-mail me please thank you very much.

HELP ME! 7 years ago

My email is

Help me please 7 years ago

Umm, When I click start I can't find "Run"Just post the answer on this forums please

Help me please 7 years ago

fixed it, but when you type in your static ip to the goggle thing it requests for a username and password, what's wrong? email me at

Harnzi 7 years ago

hey mate how does it work on vista how do you get that box up?

HelpMePlease 7 years ago

Umm My E-Mail is I don't know the username / password when i go to setup... Could you e-mail me the username and password?

Juho 7 years ago

Iv'e tried typing the DNS server, but nothing appears, it says error to the page..? Iv'e got 2 DNS adresses, i've tried using em both, and only one of em also, what do I do to fix this?

7 years ago

im using firefox and don't know how to get to my dns server help please

Doomed800 7 years ago

It wont let me right click on the network!!!!!!!!!!!

Tasemu 7 years ago

try going into the network and have a look at the toolbars for properties.

Boots 7 years ago

Great description and thanks for all the help. i will try this as soon as i can. Once again thanks for putting the time to help all us WCIII nerds. i will comment back with a success story or epic failure.

Tasemu 7 years ago

ill help in any way i can. by the way people its hard to help one liners. try to put some contact info e.g. msn messenger if u got i mic. i will try me best to help all anyway

to lend a hand... 7 years ago

You should be able to find the box on windows vista.

the three reasons it wont work is 1. firewall 2. static IP and 3. router ports

you need to do all these things for it work. best website for help with router is

for help with firewall disabling look at

and this s a good explanation of changing your IP... good luck all!

Tasemu 7 years ago

thanks mate, and good suggestions :)

imzy 7 years ago

WHEN you type in your dns in to the browser and it askes for a user name and pass word go to google and look it up type your routre name and what ur internet provider is

e.g i am using sky broadband

so i typed sky routre user name and pass

myn was username:admin


oh yh ive tried everthing and now i just give up i cnt host

Youniverse World profile image

Youniverse World 7 years ago from USA, New York

great info. :) Love that game :)

nohacker 7 years ago

if you have these ports open a hacker can get in, and access your files. but some basic security can fix that, any router should have it built in :)

Nomnom 7 years ago

Username is blank and pass is admin, or vice versa. Or user:admin pass: admin

Helper 7 years ago

If you have D-Link router user is admin and password is password by default. Hope this helps :D

Zach 7 years ago

can you do this with a mac?

13loodKnight 7 years ago

I can host anyways xD just had 2 let me fire wall except warcraft3, warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne, and War3 xD Bitching!

dex-destroyer 6 years ago

Hey thanks for the help but i don't know what ive done wrong now my warcraft wont connect to battlenet at all.

nanowolf 6 years ago


please help me

gaz96 6 years ago

i create a custom game and i put the name as "/w if u can join my game" i get whispers back that they can only see the game not join.... any1 help me?

Max 6 years ago

Waw it works now, thanks man

tim 6 years ago

i need a lot of help with this if you still look at these comments my email is

joey 6 years ago

i did all that and i still can't host i even but the info in on the modem and router. what do i do now?

Daniel 6 years ago

i did up to the part where u had to do subnet mask and my nunbers wher now tht a big prob lol

One pissed off guy 6 years ago

Hey I was doin great till I got to the paragraph that talks about entering e.g.http// I typed it in and it said could not load e.g.http//. any ideas wtf Im supposed to do?! Email me at plz

gervuogius 6 years ago

my windows is 7 and its different

somone 6 years ago

the my network link is not in the network folder were else could i find it

w3 lover 6 years ago

done everything said even tried the download but wen i try to download this viru thing comes up and i can't do anyhrting help please. e-mail at HELP PLEASE!!!

exept for that really helpful all the other guides are to hard to follow.

one tip mayb put bullit points or number.

jocke 6 years ago

Hi man, thanks for help, everyting works correct now :P

.....Help! 6 years ago

hey ive done this but i cannot host still, im using sagem router that i got with sky broadband =/

if you think you know what i should do please mail me

xt1ngu1sher 6 years ago

I think my problem is my CPU and Software are very new. My screens and windows are a lot different. I've got Window 7 Pro 64-Bit OS. This helped change to STATIC IP...all i had to do was select it and it automatically placed the addresses in for me. I have given permission for Warcraft two communicate through my firewall, but don't see any specific places to 'add port'. I don't know...still seems like I'm missing something. Any ideas?

help plzz 6 years ago

i can't fine my network

Tonka 6 years ago

works perfectly!

I really appreciate it dude!

Problems 6 years ago

does connecting to your DNS server work on google chrome?

PsiCom 6 years ago

I didn't find "port forwarding" on my D-link router, but found something I think was corresponding. It still doesn't work though :(

Mads 6 years ago

Nice thank you, just what i needed.. and it works perfectly.. THX GJ

WishIcouldhost 5 years ago

Well I almost got it,I made it to the part were u said type in e.g.http://(my default gateway)It asks for a user and password though and I don't know the user and password so I need help. Email me at

uri 5 years ago

I rechecked all the boxes 3 times and still can't find anything wrong , and yet my internet still doesn't work...

Pleased user 5 years ago

This guide is awesome, worked for me and many others I have recommended it to. One thing to note, if you have never change your routers name and pw, they should be on the manufacturers sticker located on the side or bottom, usually admin / Password but there are variations so look for yourself if you get stuck here

port probs 5 years ago

its asking me for the devices (warcraft 3) IP adress, what is it??

please post in comments, ty.

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