World of Warcraft - Gold Farming Made Easy

World of Warcraft Gold Farming Tips

Gold is one of the key aspects to a successful career in World of Warcraft

If you’re just starting out, chances are you’ve had the experience of walking into a capital city and see other players with amazing gear. For a newbie, this can be an off putting experience. Can you really get to the point where you too have gear like that?

Fortunately, the answer is yes. All you need to learn is the art of making gold. Learning how to make gold is one of the key aspects to a successful career in World of Warcraft. Keep reading to learn about some of the fastest and most effective ways to rack up gold quickly.

Let’s start with Grinding. Grinding is basically killing enemies repeatedly to rack up gold. It seems simple, yet most players go about it in very ineffective ways that cost them a lot of gold. Read on to find out how to really grind effectively.

World of Warcraft Gold Making Tips Tricks and Hacks

World of Warcraft Gold Making & Farming Locations + Routes - WoTLK Tips Tricks Hacks

How to Grind Profitably and Effectively

One of the biggest, biggest mistakes people make when grinding is not having enough bag space. There is really no excuse to not max out your bag space. Buy four 14 slot bags as soon as you can afford it. Bags should be one of your top priority investments in the game.

When you’re grinding, it’s best to target humanoids. Their drops tend to be quite decent. In addition to dropping copper or silver, their loot usually goes for a fair amount. Spiders can also have fairly decent drops. When in doubt, grind with humanoids or spiders.

That said, the only way to truly know if an area is good or not is to kill some enemies and sell the loot. That way you’ll actually know if you should keep grinding there or not.

As a rule of thumb, it’s best to only grind with monsters that are at or near your level. If the monsters are too much stronger, it’ll take you too long to kill them. If they’re too much weaker, the loot won’t even be worth your time. Stay at or around your level for the highest return on your time invested.

Choosing the Right Professions Upfront

Newbies often make the mistake of starting off with a profession like leatherworking or blacksmithing. This is a terrible, terrible to make gold in the beginning. In fact, you likely won’t be able to make any money from these professions until level 40 and above.

As cool as it would be to make your own weapons or armor, refrain from learning these skills until you’re well into the game.

If your intention is to make a lot of gold, then instead go for the gathering professions. Choose herbalism, skinning or mining to make the most amount of gold possible in the least amount of time.

With a gathering profession, just like with grinding, it’s important to have bag space. Again, buy four 14 slot bags as soon as you can afford it.

Crafting for Gold Past Level 40

Once you hit level 40, crafting professions become a real possibility for making money. The reality is that gathering professions are still probably faster ways to make money. However, crafting is a lot more fun and becomes a great way to make money later on in the game.

Most people who get into crafting actually have no idea what they’re doing. In fact, newbies tend to get into crafting and then start threads asking how to craft. This is a surefire way to make zero gold very quickly.

Here’s the secret to crafting for money: Invest in great plans, schematics or formulas. Don’t rely on what you learn from profession trainers! Everyone learns those skills. What you make from what the trainers teach you won’t make you any money.

Instead, go to the Auction House and invest in a quality plan/schematic/formula. Make things that people will really want to pay for. That’s how you make money with crafting.

Here’s how to know if your item will be profitable:

First, create an excel spreadsheet. Then enter in all the raw materials needed to create the item, along with the number of raw materials needed. Then find out the cost to obtain the raw materials.

Multiply the cost times the number needed and add it all up. You now have the total gold it costs to create this item. Once you have this number, subtract it from the average selling price of the item.

Congratulations. That’s how you find out if you have a winner or not. If you just go “by feel,” you’ll find that you’ll often miss a lot of winners. Do your homework properly and you may find that you have a lot more winners than you’d originally think!

Maximize Your Profits with the Auction House

It’s important to learn how to really utilize the auction house it you’re going to succeed in this game. A lot goes down in the Auction House and it can help you make a lot of gold when used properly.

If you have an item that’s worth money, it’s usually better to sell it at the Auction House than it is to sell it to a vendor. This is especially true if it’s an item used by other professions. For example, Linen Cloths will sell for less than 3 silvers if you sell it to a vendor. On the other hand, at the Auction House you’ll get at least 20 silvers for it!

If you’re selling an item that’s really special, you can mention it in an offhand way in the chat to help you get some more attention. Don’t do this more than once every 15 minutes and make sure your item really is something special, or else you might get spam complaints.

World of Warcraft Gold secrets

Learn Money Management

Just like in real life, managing your gold in World of Warcraft is important. After all, how are you supposed to make gold if you’re spending it just as quickly?

Making gold can be considered the “offensive” side of your strategy. The “defensive” side of your strategy is minimizing your spending as much as possible.

This means not spending gold when you don’t have to. Don’t upgrade your equipment every level. Try to upgrade only every 5 levels, 10 if you can manage. Some professions, like Rogue, can rely on drops or quest items and go for a long time without upgrading their equipment.

Making Gold in World of Warcraft

It should be apparent by now that there are many ways to make gold in World of Warcraft. Depending on your class, profession, level and personal interests, there are a wide variety of ways you can go about making gold. Most importantly, have fun and test things out. Happy Golding!

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