Whats New With The Xbox One

The Kinect, Console and Controller
The Kinect, Console and Controller | Source

The Console for All

Microsoft recently announced it's new, next-generation console, the Xbox ONE. The ONE is to replace the old model which has been in the market for over 8 years. Microsoft believes that the new piece of hardware is what will dominate the households of not only gamers, but avid sport watchers, fitness fanatics and television lovers. Making the ONE, for EVERYONE.

Xbox ONE Features

Microsoft believes that the Xbox ONE is "The ultimate all-in-one home entertainment system".

It has been announced that the ONE will be able to rent films, play live TV and act as a DVR. Users will be able to see what their friends are watching and what is trending within the community. Users will also be able to seamlessly switch between their video game playing, TV-watching and Internet surfing. All of which can be controlled with voice and gesture VIA the Kinect sensors.

As an added bonus, with the new Xbox you'll be able to do more than one activity at once. Such as Skype with a friend and watch the Football game!

The Gaming

Microsoft made sure not to leave out hardcore gamers in their announcement of their new console. After Microsoft finished marketing to entertain-ment junkies, they swiftly moved on to those gaming-junkies.

Currently there are more games in production than ever at one time in preparation for the new console. As many as 15 Exclusive games will be available for the ONE at launch, with 8 of them to be new franchises. Call of Duty: Ghost, also will debut with the new console, along with the new Madden, FIFA, and Forza games.

The Specs

  • 500GB HDD

  • 8GB System Memory
  • 8 Core CPU

  • Blu-ray Drive

  • USB 3

  • HDMI Compatible

    & Plenty more.

The Console, Sensor and Controller

Microsoft isn't changing much in regards to the actual look of the console, or controller for that matter. The actual box is a stylish square about the same size as the old consoles, but with a new and improved Xbox logo. Currently the press has only been shown the black version, but if history repeats its self, we'll be likely to see alternate designs available after launch.

The Kinetic Sensor, which will become common hold with the new Xbox, had a slight remodeling, but nothing too drastic.

The Controller has it's dashboard symbol moved a little bit higher, but again, nothing drastic.

Official Xbox ONE Unveil

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