5 Lessons That Living with Severe Depression Has Taught Me

First Lesson

In despair and desperation, there is always a light. You just need to look for it hard enough.

Second Lesson

Depression can often be the burden that is tasked to those who decide that simply living, is not hardly enough. Wear it as a mantle, for you who are not simply living in the blissful ignorance that so many others have chosen. That is not to say that one cannot find true happiness in their lives Having the desire to live a more fulfilling, reflective, and meaningful life. There could not ever be something wrong with such a goal.

Third Lesson

Everyone is facing their own battles in life, this is not a reason to dismiss them or grow angry or uncomfortable with our fellows who seek to share their stories with others. For our own troubles and how we deal with them are the very building blocks that can shape a person’s existence in this world. Do not pity yourself, others, or grow angry at those who seek the comfort of sharing their experiences. There is no weakness in seeking companionship. In fact, human beings are meant to rely on it.

Fourth Lesson

Some periods within our lives are truly so bleak. Not even the greatest of our kin have ever claimed to never have had a truly bad day. At times like this, it may very well be that it is not within our capabilities to find the light in the darkness that we so desperately need. However, time is ever flowing, and therefore such as state is most certainly not destine to last forever. Take comfort in this fact.

Fifth Lesson

After living all the many years of my life on this Earth, suffering often, struggling to justify my existence. I wouldn’t trade my experiences for anything. Truly. As I have finally found the love that I was always seeking. There are indeed still some mornings when I still wake up in great distress and terror. Fearing for what life may have in store for me. Lacking the motivation to face the world. Yet, even in my worst times of loneliness and isolation. I know, that I have never truly been alone.

If anyone finds any of my realizations helpful for them personally in their own battles against depression, or otherwise. I would love to hear from you in the comments. Even better, I would love to hear any things that you may have learned yourself. >.< As I am writing this series of hubs from my own personal, intimate journal of thoughts, I have attempted to keep it as short and unadulterated as possible. But I would love to go into more pages, and share my stories and experiences with others. If anyone finds this type of information helpful. Please, I would love to hear from you.

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I Be Me! RAA 2 years ago

At 'times I think I'm dreaming, at other times I feel like I've been here before, and finally l believe I was given another chance by Thee Creator to get it right and I don't know if I have? The journey is the life and don't give it all the value we want to give it just enjoy the sights along the way and be nice. Peace be with us all

teaches12345 profile image

teaches12345 2 years ago

You share some valuable insight into depression. I know people who suffer from it and they say it is like living in a fog. Your words here are great encouragement for those sufferers.

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