12 Causes of Itchy Legs

Itchy Legs

Itchy legs
Itchy legs | Source

Many things can cause itchy legs. Itchiness is the skin’s way of letting us know that some kind of irritant is present, but irritants can range from minor hygiene issues to fungal or bacterial infections.

When trying to identify the cause of skin irritation it is important to distinguish between itching, pain, and tingling. Itching can have a number of causes. Pain may be due to an injury, and tingling may be a neurological condition.

Below are some of the major causes of itchy legs. If your itchiness is persistent, consult a physician.

When Itchiness Is a Concern

If your legs itch, it is more than likely due to dryness or some other mild irritant. Consult a doctor, however, if you experience any of the following:

  • Your leg has been itchy for two weeks or more.
  • The skin is red or inflamed even when you haven't been scratching.
  • You have other symptoms, such as fever or fatigue.

Otherwise, read on for common causes of itchiness in the legs.

1. Dry Skin

Dry skin is often itchy but it is usually a temporary discomfort.
Dry skin is often itchy but it is usually a temporary discomfort. | Source

Dry skin is often itchy. Generally, dry skin can be controlled through environmental factors. It is usually temporary and appears in response to a dry, hot environment. Severely dry skin is divided into a series of inherited disorders called ichthyosis.


Skin becomes excessively dry when its loses it natural oils. Too-frequent showering and excessive use of soap can bring this condition on. Other causes are dehydration, swimming, dry weather, cold weather and heating systems, excessive sun exposure, and laundry soaps containing perfumes or dyes. There are inherited conditions, including hypothyroidism and Sjögren’s syndrome, which can cause very dry skin. As we age, our skin becomes dryer, so itchiness is a common problem for older people.

Treatment and prevention

  • Creams containing lactic acid and urea as well as ointments containing petroleum jelly, applied immediately after bathing, will help the skin retain moisture
  • Limiting baths and showers, as well as use of soap, can prevent dryness
  • A humidifier to add moisture to a dry room
  • Detergents without perfumes or dyes
  • Wearing gentle fabrics, including silk and cotton
  • Hydrate. Drinking enough fluid (excreting at least 200 ml of clear urine in the morning can be considered as a sign of good hydration).
  • Avoid direct wind and sun exposure.

2. Chicken Skin (Goose Bumps)

Keratosis pilaris on an arm.
Keratosis pilaris on an arm. | Source

These are not the same goose bumps that people experience when they are cold. With this rash, the hair follicles on the thighs, upper arms, or elsewhere on the skin thicken and develop into itchy bumps. The condition, medically known as keratosis pilaris, appears as goose bumps that are skin-, red-, or brown-colored.


Keratosis pilaris is a build-up of keratin. It is a hereditary condition but generally disappears by the age of 30.

Treatment and prevention

  • Keratosis pilaris bumps can be treated so they disappear, but they almost always reappear. Dryness can worsen the condition.
  • Creams containing alpha-hydroxy acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid, or urea may help by both moisturizing the skin and loosening the dead skin cells to help clear hair follicles.

3. Folliculitis

An isolated folliculitis, or infected hair follicle.
An isolated folliculitis, or infected hair follicle. | Source

With folliculitis, the hair follicles on the skin become infected. The resulting bumps are usually red and itchy. They can also be painful and may be filled with pus. Generally they appear on the thighs or buttocks, often in athletes who wear tight sportswear.


This rash is usually caused by the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus (staph infection).

Treatment and prevention

  • With proper hygiene, the bumps should heal on their own within several days.
  • If the rash persists, over-the-counter anti-bacterial soaps or ointment (containing the antibiotic mupirocin) may help.
  • For widespread infections, oral antibiotics may be the most effective treatment.

4. Leg Itch in Unfit Runners

When we take a long break from exercise and then go for a run, we may notice intense itchiness in our legs and abdomen. This condition is called "runner's itch" and usually affects the thighs and calves the most.


Runner’s itch occurs when arteries and capillaries have collapsed due to inactivity and then re-open when we exercise. The blood vessels opening up can irritate the nerves adjacent to the capillaries.

Treatment and prevention

The condition should dissipate with training.

5. Acne

Acne vulgaris, in this case on the arm, can also appear on the thighs or buttocks.
Acne vulgaris, in this case on the arm, can also appear on the thighs or buttocks. | Source

Acne is a cluster of pimples with occasional whiteheads or blackheads. They can appear on the thighs or buttocks and may or may not be itchy.


Acne may occur due to poor hygiene, psychological stress, or inappropriate diet.

Treatment and prevention

Increasing exercise and water intake and avoiding fatty foods will help get rid of acne.

6. Cholinergic Urticaria (Hives)

A hives reaction after contact with a conifer tree.
A hives reaction after contact with a conifer tree. | Source

Cholinergic urticaria or hives is a bumpy rash on the thighs, upper trunk, or arms and can be triggered by a range of different events or activities. Generally brought on by sweating, hives can appear after exercise, bathing, staying in a hot environment, or even emotional reactions such as excitement, shock, laughter and stress. The rash may appear a few minutes after the start of a run or shortly after a hot shower, and can be intensely itchy for 30-120 minutes.


Hives are thought to be caused by an allergy to one’s own sweat.

Treatment and prevention

Avoid running in hot weather and stop running when itchiness appears. If possible, do not scratch. Scratching aggravates itching. Oral antihistamines, taking at least 30 minutes prior to shower or exercise, may prevent hives.

7. Itchiness After Showering

If your skin loses too much of its natural lubrication during bathing, it may become itchy and tight.


Too-frequent hot showers and overuse of soaps that remove the protective skin fat and oils.

Treatment and prevention

Try showering with lukewarm water instead of hot or warm water. Use soap sparingly.

8. Jock Itch

A fungal ringworm rash similar in appearance to tinea cruris, or jock itch.
A fungal ringworm rash similar in appearance to tinea cruris, or jock itch. | Source

Jock itch, also known as tinea cruris, is a fungal infection of the skin. Most often this condition affects the inner thighs, genitals, or buttocks. Jock itch appears as an extensive red or brown itchy rash.


Moisture and warmth encourage the growth of fungus.

Treatment and prevention

  • Antifungal ointments or, in persistent cases, oral antifungal medications
  • Keeping groin dry (wearing light and comfortable clothing) and washing with an antifungal soap

9. Poor Hygiene

When dried sweat and dust remain on the skin, they are broken down by bacteria and yeasts and can irritate the nerve endings in the skin. Heat and rubbing by trouser fabric and socks can aggravate this sensation.

Treatment and prevention

Bathe regularly. Try to use lukewarm water and mild soaps, not hot water, to avoid removing the protective fat layer from the skin.

10. Itchy Pants Syndrome

This fancy term describes itchiness from wearing new, unwashed pants or trousers.

Cause: Irritating substances in unwashed fabric.

Treatment and prevention: Bathe and wash clothing.

11. Eczema

A case of complex eczema.
A case of complex eczema. | Source

Eczema is a group of conditions that cause skin inflammation and irritation. Nearly 20 percent of infants are afflicted with eczema but most outgrow it by their tenth birthday.


It is unknown what causes eczema, but it is thought to be an overactive immune response to irritants.

Treatment and prevention

Untreated, an itchy eczema rash may become infected. Lotions and creams, applied when the skin is moist, can help the skin retain moisture. Cold compresses also relieve itching. Hydrocortisone (1%) cream, or prescription creams and ointments containing steroids, may also be prescribed to reduce inflammation.

12. Stasis Eczema

Stasis (gravitational) eczema appears as rough, reddish, purplish, swollen, itchy skin on the lower legs. It is most common in cases where there are circulatory problems, including varicose veins, vein thrombosis, or other blood vessel-related disorders.


Inflammation from circulatory disorders allow for fluid build-up. Fluid leaks out of the veins into other tissues, causing itching and irritation.

Treatment and prevention

  • Corticosteroids, including hydrocortisone, can help to treat the rash.
  • Wearing compression stockings and avoiding standing may help prevent this condition.

Other Causes of Leg Itchiness

Wool, and other fabrics, can irritate legs and feet.
Wool, and other fabrics, can irritate legs and feet. | Source
  • Certain fabrics like wool, when worn as trousers or socks, can sometimes irritate the legs or feet.
  • Mineral and vitamin deficiencies that can be associated with generalized itch: iron deficiency (anemia), vitamin C deficiency (scorbut), deficiency of one or more of vitamins from B-complex, and rarely, vitamin A or K deficiency. NOTE: if you have normal blood levels of these nutrients, it is unlikely the nutrient supplements will help relieve itch.
  • Soaps, shampoos, lotions, creams or other cosmetics can irritate the skin or cause contact or allergic dermatitis.
  • Allergies of any kind can cause itch that can affect predominantly legs. Typical symptoms are bumpy or patchy red swollen rash (hives) or more rough, scaly rash (eczema--in contact allergies).
  • Moist feet from wearing boots or waterproof shoes for prolonged time, can enable yeast to grow between the toes, which can lead to extreme itchiness.
  • Prolonged sitting, standing or walking can lead blood to pool in leg veins, which can cause itch and discomfort in lower legs, especially in people with varicose veins.

Mosquito bites

Several mosquito bites on a leg that have been scratched and inflamed.
Several mosquito bites on a leg that have been scratched and inflamed. | Source
  • Mosquito and other insect bites can cause local redness and itch, which usually goes away in several hours to few days.
  • Leg swelling of any cause (heart, liver or kidney disease, venous thrombosis, elephantiasis) can be associated with itchiness.
  • Liver disease, bile duct obstruction, chronic kidney disease with high blood phosphate levels can cause itchy skin, including itchy legs. Many individuals on hemodialysis experience itch.
  • Contact with a nettle causes burning sensation, redness, and slight swelling, which can be followed by itch that lasts for several hours.
  • Small cuts and scratches may itch while healing.

Restless Leg Syndrome Causes

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) is a little-understood neurological disorder that strikes more women than men. The sensation is a tingling more than an itching that creates an urge to move the legs. The sensation comes on when the legs are at rest, especially at night, and can make sleep difficult for some.


It is not known what causes RLS, but it is a neurological, not dermatological, condition. Magnesium or iron deficiencies may cause this syndrome.

Treatment and prevention

Movement and avoiding caffeine and alcohol may ease symptoms.


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LeahNaomi79 7 years ago

I have itchy legs when I walk or run. The only way to stop this is to bind my legs in extremely tight and soft panty hose - usually two pairs in order to make it tight enough. In the winter it is the worst, however it's becoming bad even in the summer. I have been to the dermatologist and she gave me some medicated creams that did not work. I'm beginning to think it's a nerve problem. Anyone else have this problem?

janmodric profile image

janmodric 7 years ago from Europe Author


it's possible you have allergic response to cold, to sweat, to heat, to physical stress or a combination of these. sometimes pinkish bumpy rash (urticaria) appear and may last for some hours. Allergy to sweat can be confirmed by skin test by allergologist. Antihistamine pill takne before the walk/run would help in all these cases.


hammad 7 years ago

i have an itchy legs , i just got back from overseas and i am always wearing shorts , my legs and upper thighs be itching in the morning and i went to the doctor he gave me a steroids shots and anti-biotics shots i felt better for one day and the next day it starts itching , i went back to him he gave me the same shots and increased my medicine dosage then i don't feel good , i feel like its itching me but i don't want to itch , can u please help ,, i be glad to hear from u .

Nicole 7 years ago


The bottom part of my legs have been really itchy lately and I have no idea why. I've looked up everything from eczema to bed bugs(ick!) and none of these seem to match with my symptoms. I have noticed sevral bumps on my legs but the itching seems to be all over my legs, not just in one location. If anyone could give me an idea of what might be causing this it would be much appriciated! I don't think it's anything to do with a soap or detergent since I haven't changed any latley. Thanks.


janmodric profile image

janmodric 7 years ago from Europe Author

Nicole, do red bumps have white centres - at least some of them? If yes, it may be folliculitis.

If they are only red bumps, it may be a heat rash.

chris luke 7 years ago

i have had itchy legs at night for years now, doctors don't know why.i scratch with a nail brush , it helps without ripping skin

success 7 years ago

i have this itchy legs when i walk especially in the mornings or after trekking a long distance or when i wear any foot wear i am not used to/that is tight or even when i wash clothes i feel the itch in my hands, feels like its a nerve thing, my mum and her sister experience same, what do u think it is and what do i do .another annoying thing is that when it starts everywhere around me irritates me and worsens the itch

janmodric profile image

janmodric 7 years ago from Europe Author

To success.

This sounds as "cholinergic urticaria" to me. It is an allergic response to various phisical stimuli or heat. Antihistamine pills (Benadryl) usually help. The cause is not entirely clear, but some people have reported that they have learned to control it by will...

Read about cholinergic urticaria here: http://www.healthhype.com/itchy-legs-causes-and-tr... Another posibility is an allergic reaction to your own sweat. This would need skin tests..

success 7 years ago

yeah thanks, but urticaria usually comes with rashes which i don't have. do i take the benadryl everyday? any treatment for dandruff? have been having that problem for as long as i can remember with my scalp itching all the time. thank you

Muttley 6 years ago

Have you ever checked your sugar levels. I'm a type 2 diabetic and when my sugars are high I get very itchy lower legs. Also my legs can twitch uncontrollably.

Jane 6 years ago

I have had a dry, itchy scalp for a long time. I decided to try plain baking soda and scrubbed my scalp with it. It worked! I used to use it on my kids' heads when they were babies (to treat cradle cap)and it gently exfoliates the skin off the scalp. I can get away with using it about 50% of the time.

Koko 6 years ago

I think itchy legs have to do with cold countries. I live in London, but I never get itchy legs when I travel to India. However, I get a lot of it in the UK, where you have to have heating on much of the time. Also we use showers which are powerful and hot. Warm water is useless in cold weather. I deal with it by applying E45 cream after shower.

Robeth 6 years ago

I have had the itchy leg problem for a long time. When I mention it to an MD, they just kind of look at me like I'm crazy. I am from Texas, and now live in NC. I noticed it worse when I was living in Texas. It seems it has something to do with the humidity and temperature. It only happens while I'm walking/running & It's miserable. Like others have described, it feels like this uncontrollable itch. I am beginning to think it may be a nerve problem as well. Creams do not help and antihistamines put me to sleep fast. I know it's not stress. I know I have very sensitive skin. Maybe I am allergic to my own sweat. I notice this a lot more in cold weather. When its' warm, but just a little coolness to the air and humidity is when it's the worst. I am so frustrated because once it starts I am completely miserable for about 20-30 after I stop. Anyone have a solution?

janmodric profile image

janmodric 6 years ago from Europe Author


your condition sounds either like cholinergic urticaria or exrcise induced anaphylaxis (under 7. above in the article).

Allergy to your own sweet would be also possible; allergy testing would confirm this.

Some OTC antihistamines that do not cause sleepiness are available.

I personally don't think it's nerve related. Nerve problems cause tingling or numbness, r burning or pain, but not likely itch. Symptoms in restless leg syndrome appear at rest.

shefali 6 years ago

i itch every night when i go to bed in the night.. but i change sheets, covers and still same.. wt shall i do???

janmodric profile image

janmodric 6 years ago from Europe Author


you would need to say, do you itch every night, when did itch start, do you also itch in hot weather or other occasions during the day, is there any rash (maybe only temporarly), do you sweat excessively, how old are you, do you have any underlying disease or take any medicatiions.

kris 6 years ago

I have lower itchy legs. I thought it was an allergic reaction to some food, soap, detergent, water, etc. It is deblitating. I just had a reaction. I probably just ripped out all my internal stiches from a surgery I just had running around trying to get it to stop. Almost hyper ventilated. I felt like I'd rather rip out the stiches than feel the incredbly pain from the itch. Please someone help us!

Kris 6 years ago

I want to explain more. This started in my preteens. I am female. I thought it was due to water first because that seemed the common denominator. It didn't matter if it was a shower, ocean, lake, orswimmming pool.I also thought it might bee due to not shaving but if I was cleanly shaven, I had it.

The itching I feel like no one understands. It's not a typical itch. It's almost as if there are needles in my skin but not quite.

My heart races, I become a baby sort of calling out things like "please someone help me." I can't talk to anyone or do anyting until the itching stops. It scares me.

I try topical lotions, benedryl cream, oatmeal lotion, etc. etc. Nothing works.

The only thing that does work has been an antihistime like benedryl. That's what I tried and trange immediately after I take it, it works. As soon as I put it in my mouth today the feeling went away. I know it doesn't work that quickly.

I haven't had this feeling for about 7 years and I thought it was gone. It's not.

I am happy to hear I'm not alone. I never heard anyone tell me they had similar symptoms and some people think they have it. but I can tell they really don't know what I'm talking about. Mine seems so much more extreme.

I plan my life around this or did i the past. Taking an antihistimine before my shower and allowing a half an hour for the crazy episode of leg itching.

PLease if anyone has any information on this, please help us who SUFFER from this!

Kris 6 years ago

Also, there are no visible signs of rash or bumps. I am in my 40's now and it started in my preteen. I just had a hysteretomy (didn't lose my ovaries or fallopian tubes) but it just occurred to me since my hormones might be off right now, maybe that has something to do with it.

I'm so scaredt his will be back for awhile. I thought it was gone.

janmodric profile image

janmodric 6 years ago from Europe Author


if Benadryl has helped, it means it was likely a strong allergic reaction, resulting in itching/tingling, blood pressure drop (and reflexive increase in heart rate and hyperventilation). One possible condtition you suffer from is a "cholinergic urticaria" or "physical urticaria", where certain physical factors, heat, water touching your body ca trigger an allergic reaction.

It could be also a panic attack, since all symptoms fit....Benadryl needs about 20-30 minutes to start to work...If yu think it's an allergy, an allergologist can make appropriate tests.

MWV 6 years ago

I am a welder/fabricator in Australia. Every now and then I get a severe case of itchy legs - last night I woke up scratching at my legs. I have scratch marks that now burn and itch in the shower. This is not the first time. We have just had a cold, dry windy spell - I think it could be this... or the dust I work in... or maybe the fumes I breathe... sometimes I get it in summer and think it could be heat rash... I changed my socks to circulation socks to stop the banding some tight elastics can cause.... I bought insoles for my boots...

I tried anti-hytamine and anti-allergy tablets...

I don't think it is any of these things. It is always intense and starts near my ankles and as I scratch it's like it moves up my legs to below the knee - the relief of scratching moves up my leg from the initial place it started. It hangs around for a few days and then goes. After the first scratching episode I can't scratch it again, it burns and is red and the skin is sometimes broken. I have had times where I thought it must be gone, but inevitably comes back and I realise I have had this for a long time.

I bought some oil in a pump pack when in Scotland that is a moisturiser and have started spraying my legs with it. It burns and stings intensely to start with, but seems to offer some relief after that subsides. But certainly no cure.

novak 6 years ago

I had itching after any type of shower (hot or cold, did not matter), starting in college. SHortly after I went the doctor the first time, he said maybe I had "neurodermititis", itchiness caused by stress and other factors. He put me on ZYRTEC and it helped for about 7 years! Now I am experiencing the itching again, especially in the morning, but I still take the Zyrtec and the itching is not as bad. I also pat dry gently after showering and do not use any shower gels or detergents with a perfume.

mary 6 years ago

i am 81 years old and have had itchy legs at night when im in bed i cant sleep i feel like screaming ive tried all sorts of creams and tablets but nothing seams to help .

sheba 6 years ago

i am 38 years old. i have itchy legs and it has been this way for several years. it starts down around my ankle and goes up to my knee. it is so agrivating when it itches. i went to dr. and they told me to put itch cream and lotion. that doesn't help.

janmodric profile image

janmodric 6 years ago from Europe Author


is there any redness before you start to scratch?

janmodric profile image

janmodric 6 years ago from Europe Author


do you have any visible rash? Is the itch related to heat? I mean, if you remove some sheet, does it help?

janmodric profile image

janmodric 6 years ago from Europe Author


relief after some antihistamine pill would speak for an allergy...

Liz 6 years ago

Kris & Novak

The two of you seem to have the same symptoms as my daughter. She is 17 and for the past 3 years has had severe itching after a shower. It usually occurs in the fall and is much worse if she showers in the morning rather than the evening. Pools, lakes and oceans also have the same affect, but much more rare. This past summer we went to Yosemite mountains in CA and she had a reaction when she went in the pool. She does not have any red bumps. At first I thought it could have something to do with stress (ie starting new school year) but now I am not so sure. She has had stress at other times of the year without the same problem. She was prescribed an antihistamine that helps to some degree. I am taking her to an allergist next Monday. I'll pass along any info I get. Good luck to you. Believe me I understand your pain and do not think you are crazy. I have seem my daughter suffer and I know it is a terrible thing.

God Bless.

Anne 6 years ago

I get intense itching at times when I run. It is worse when the weather is cold, and when I am out of shape. It itches where I have excess fat. I believe it has something to do with the shaking of the fat.

Eric 6 years ago

i have iching at night too only benadryl would help.if each 1 of us try to tell how is your living and all the tree around your house and what we eating a most ,we can find what make us get iching at night,that only way can help us to study and find out. what happen, all of them doctor they don't help.they just know how to make monney from us they not have time to study what make us get iching,if eacj one of us have same tree that growing around our house or we eating about same food that maybe cause us get itching,

hannah 6 years ago

my legs are itchy, mostly at night, and on the calves of my legs only underneath, i get little ranom bumps, not a lot, and they are really any color except the color of my skin, i have tried using all sorts of lotions, but nothing helps, except if i put hydrocortizone, that usually helps a lot?? any suggestions or thought?

janmodric profile image

janmodric 6 years ago from Europe Author


when you don't use any cream for how long does the rash persist? If it's only for few hours, it could be hives (urticaria) due to an allergic reaction to something, maybe food.

Moukom 6 years ago


Let's me tell you this Story

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many place in people body get hurt and grow up some bump and lumpy, and he know the cure for it,and he been go around and put in people food

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For me i think this happen samething to us ,if you look on the Benadryl box you see these pill not make in USA,make from Japan ,i think some 1 do this to get us Hook on the pill so they can make money this way,if each 1 of us tell our doctor or find some 1 that can take action or do something about this make these company pay for it,many sickness in this world just like a drugs if happen 1 of us get stuck on it.we have to use something to cure it.just like other people get hook on drug they got to have drugs to fix their problem.

mary 6 years ago

Yeh I get really itchy legs. But recently I've been trying to stop.

Because I've been getting a lot of scarring and its healing up a bit now. I scratch so bad that i usually draw blood.

LM Burks 6 years ago

I have this itch on my right leg directly to the outer side of my knee & when I scratch it, it burns so bad. It feels like someone has applied a hot metal wire to my skin but when you look at the area, there is no physical sign of a rash, skin irritation or anything. It looks as if nothing is there. Please help! What could this be & what should I do to get rid of it?

jim bob 6 years ago

i have lost lower leg hair and my legs itch bad help me

karen 6 years ago

I have the same problem with lower leg itching but benadryl doesn't help it just makes me sleep and then I wake up with the same itching again and lotions don't help either. I have something that I use that really helps if you can get it. I use a product called fungicure first and then use a product called mineral bath(purple liquid found at CVS). The fungicure helps if its candida or bacteria related and the mineral bath is mostly magnesium which helps also with the dry skin and mineral deficiency if you have it you can put it straight on the legs or in bathwater. All in all I don't know which causes it but this combination of the two products give alot of relief everytime. Try it and see if it helps.

Natalie 6 years ago

Well I started itching about 6 months ago. Its strange because my itch almost feels like its an internal thing..not just skin deep. I scratch and scratch and it still itches. I have no idea what it is.

Johnny 6 years ago

I have had the same type of itching in my ankles,and lower legs for several years. No rashes or bumps.just a

deep itch that itches even more when I scratch. The only

relief I have found is to put a hot (heated in the microwave for 30 sec)wet wash cloth directly on the areas

that are itching. My legs do not each during the day. only at bedtime. I do have restless leg syndrome but I don't know if it is related to the itching.

melaku 5 years ago

hi this is melaku tm 24 i have been itching legs daily and bloody

Delores 5 years ago

My boyfriend has a rash on his ankles which comes and goes, it looks like poison ivy, but his skin is getting really dry and turning white. He says he can pull a few hairs from his legs without it hurting. He has used many types of poison ivy treatment creams/sprays but it does not clear up all the way. Is there a shot to stop it? He is going crazy not being able to sit on anything with cloth and he showers a lot and is really clean so I do not know what could be causing this. :[ Any ideas or comments?

Oryan 5 years ago

What about all of the chemicals we are exposed to. I had very itchy legs for a while and it is miserable. Eventually, through experimentation the cause and a solution was found. The cause was chemical irritation from soaps and shampoo. The solution was to prevent them from contacting the skin on my lower legs by wrapping plastic around them and allowing NO chemicals to touch them. Preventing the chemical contact eliminated the problem once and for all.

Nikki 5 years ago

My husband has itchy calves at night, has no rash is fairly active, early 30's he scratches when he is sleeping and doesn't realise he does it.

Jezreel Quirit 5 years ago

I jogged last Saturday around 5am in the morning, it was cold...and after a few minutes i started to feel the itchiness on my legs. When i looked at my legs, its already red. I just continued jogging, after few hours, the itchiness and redness disappeared. this article is very helpful in understanding the reason behind it.

isha jain 5 years ago

i am 18 right now. three years before, i started developing itching all over my body. it happened at any time and any body part.i neglected it for a few weeks thinking it must be due to humid climate and sweating. but later i realised its something abnormal. i consulted a dermalotologist and she told i have urticaria. the medicines relived me a lot. it lasted for two years and then eventualy finished. a gap of happy one year. now, the same itching is not back but i started a problem of itching legs when i go for a morning walk(i just started the morning walk because now i can do it as i have finishd off my school). the itching is same as i had one year ago. that burning kind of sensation.....

making a net search about this problem relates it with my past. what shall i do now? consult my past dermatologist, start the whole of treatment once again........... or simply stop the damn morning walk ?

Reena 5 years ago

I have the same problem as MWV has, since i delivered a baby i am facing with the same problem.

Denise 5 years ago

my daughter had itchy legs for years and went to a specialist who said she was shaving her legs against the follicles which caused infection under the skin that caused her to scratch, had to go on 3 months antibicotics but does not scratch now

Haley 5 years ago

i have had itchy legs for a while now but they just started to get worse. i have like these patches of white dry skin on my legs. the itch is almost like a bunch of needles but not quite. it itches at all times of the day and nothing ever stops it.

oldall 5 years ago

I suffer from hot and itchy legs in the area around the ankles and in the lower calf. The heat is intense at times and sometimes the whole of my foot gos numb.I am 88 years of age and have suffered from body itching for six years. My octor had prescribed ATARAX which initially helped but the intense itching returned.I sometimes scratch so much that I draw blood mostly at night.I am desperate for some help and if possible cure.

Haydenn 5 years ago

Out of the no where, both bottom leg and both thighs on in inner part where legs touch, have been itchy. BAdly!

itchy mitchy 5 years ago

my legs have been itching really bad in the mornings i cant stand it. ive actually thought about cutting them off.

lacey 5 years ago

Wow I canrt believe how common this is. Unfortunately it sounds as if there is not a good solution to fix this problem. A few weeks ago I started to get bumps on my leg and they itch intensely at times. I am amazed that they have not been healing. They seem a lot like mosquito bites. I also saw that a family member has something similar. Any suggestions or comments. I have looked up all of the suggestions above regarding diagnosis, but none of them seem to fit. The only comments that have me wondering are about exercise and also dry skin as I work out daily and always have dry skin no matter what I do. I am open to thoughts commons and concerns.

terry o'haver 5 years ago

food grade H2O2 and DMSO medical 99% pure got rid of my

lower leg itch in 2 treatments. never came back. i mixed

1 1/2% H2O2 solution 50 50 with the dmso and applied to the affected area. call my cell phone if you like, i'll tell you what i did.817/437/3116

lizzy 5 years ago

i have itchy leg for almost 2 weeks now, one on my right knee and another on the left leg and now another little red spot on the calf. they all starts with small red spot, if i touch it i can feel like there's little goose bump on that red area. it's swollen now a bit and spreading slowly (maybe cause i'm scratching it). been itching almost non stop, disturbing my sleep at night too. this happens to me twice now. had it last time, was a year ago but gone, and now it come back. i have no idea what's the cause, and i'm now getting worried. my skin is dry but never have skin issues, and not allergic to any food so far. i've been trying the local medicine to decrease the itch-ness, but only helps me for few hours then the itch comes again. oh, and if i applied some cool stuff like wash it with cool water it helps me a bit, or lotion, and some oil. any idea what actually happen to me and how to cure this? thankyou

sandy 5 years ago

I suffered from itchy legs for a few months and went to the doctors and they kept giving me medications that didn't work. I looked up my symptoms myself and found out I had scabbies. It is more common then you think. Itching occurs on your ankles, behind the knees, inner thighs and right under your butt. Please look it up if this is the type of itching you have and they have creams to get rid of them. I never want to have itchy legs like that again it was the worst thing I have ever been through.

donna 5 years ago

ive had really itchy legs for years now and there driving me mad ive been to the doctor but hes useless and just ignores everything i have a constant rash on my legs and because of the itching im left with scars on my legs i try so hard not to scratch but i cant help me i also do it in my sleep and my partner has to hold my hands to stop me ive tried moisturising but nothing seems to work please help its so embarrasing and i really want to be able to go swimming with my daughter without worrying about how awfull my legs look

janmodric profile image

janmodric 5 years ago from Europe Author


the appearance of the rash may help you to find a cause. In allergies, red, slightly raised bumps or patches apear and may persists for some minutes or hours, disappear and appear again.

It is a dermatologist who can recognize the type of the rash.

Ama 5 years ago

I have had itchy legs for years. It almost always happened when I am walking, running, and sometimes exercising. It may start at my ankles and work it way up. It can spread to my bask-side and even torso. The itchy area (mostly legs) will then feel cold to the touch yet look red. I noticed during aerobic exercises, my tongue will even start to itch and I get tired and weak quickly, with cramping sometimes. I am a very healthy young woman, age 28, and can remember the itching since at least pre-teen years. It is the worst, most intense burning itch that comes form the inside...and if I try to scratch, it will definitely worsen.I asked my doctor and he just sisid I may be allergic to extreme temperature changes in my body. The thing is the temperature outside doesn't have to be extreme for me to experience the itch. I have noticed that cooler weather triggers it quicker, but it has happened in warm and hot weather as well. What I wear, can trigger the itch quicker too...I prefer cotton..if something is tight, I itch more. If I have on a purse, the friction of it bumping against my leg when I walk will sometimes trigger the itch too. I use 100% shea butter and other thick lotions or creams to insulate my legs, which helps to reduce the onset of the itch. I work with holistic medical professionals and the doctor here said that he thinks these are all symptoms related to the adrenal gland being over active and that I should try vitamin b complex to balance my body's adrenal functions. Certain horomones are released and can vasoconstriction of the blood vessels in the body, particularly the lower extremeties, which means the arteries or veins are narrowing or closing, which reduces blood supply to that area and cools it too,which can cause itching. The blood is sent to protect the internal organs. The adrenal gland is responsible for the horomones that are released during certain allergic reactions. I will try the vitamins and keep you posted on my status. I know this is a horribly miserable condition and was relieved to see Im not the only one who goes through this.

6002 5 years ago

My legs starts to itch quite badly at night when I'm sleeping and I realised this happens only during the period from November to February when it is cooler and windy, I live in Singapore. I tried to apply aloe Vera as moisturiser on my whole leg and it seems to work at first, however now it starts to become itchy again. After scratching it, it starts to become reddish at first, then it becomes dry and turns purple but it will also have a tinge of blackish brown to it and it takes a long time I heal. What should I do?

Krystel 5 years ago

i have an itchy legs at night particularly on my both side of my knees.it has red bumps with white on the center. it looks like chicken skin. please help me.

tony 5 years ago

Having the same problem, my forearms also itch like mad sometimes, and my head when I wear a hat.

I think its the barium/aluminum they are spraying ( chemtrails).

Ie accessible points to skin with the added rub of clothes.

tony 5 years ago


In more detail, when out and about, you kick up mater around your legs etc, clothes rub and you then have the fine scratches of barium:/aluminum and what not .

when you get in the shower , the water floride and other nasty additives do there worst

tony 5 years ago


You then get in bed, combine the heat/ sweat and open minute scratches/open skin.... we have lift off.... open your eyes ; )

Peyton 5 years ago

I have had itchy legs, arms, wrists, feet, and back for the past week and a half i can not figure out what is wrong i don't have atheletes foot however the only thing that works is gold bond medicated foot cream..i have tiny little bruises on my thighs but i don't know if that is related its brought on at night time however i start itching before i even step foot in my room or get in my bed showers don't alleviate it no matter how hot or cold i take them please help

mary 5 years ago

I have a question about my legs, some time they itch they that place turn red, after two days or more that spot turn dark red. why? and it there any thing can be done. in there any cure.

thank you

Hanna 5 years ago

I have little flesh colored bumps on my inner thighs and buttocks. They always seem to itch at night and not during the day. Above in the article I see it says if you haven't worked out in a long time and do suddenly you can have the type of reaction I'm having. It also says wearing tight pants while working out? My skin is very irritated I am always moist in these areas in other words sweaty. But now that these little bumps have appeared my skin is dry. The itch at night is in controllable. I'm 18 I live in Colorado but I'm in Saudi Arabia for a month. Hope this is all enough info. Please tell me what you would recommend so I can get rid of this. Thank you

Laura 5 years ago

I am 22 and have had extremely itchy legs at night for years now. Recently they have been particularly bad! I am scratching them so much that I am drawing blood and I have a small patch of dry skin appearing near my ankle. They do not affect me during the day, just late evening. I have not been to the doctors about it yet but am considering it. I am going to try drinking lots of water as I tend to accidentally dehydrate myself and I have seen that this may be a cause, I am also going to try applying E45 cream. Hopefully this will work/help the problem as it is driving me insane!

poppin out 5 years ago

I have ichy legs..mosty in my tighs and on the back of my knee.see i have bumps on my legs they are not pimples,more like a rash. Everytime that I scratch my legs they burn.

Kelly 4 years ago

Ama, I am relieved to read your story b/c I have the same exact things for years whenever I walk or run. I am 32 years old and have been having this for about 10 years. It is the most intense itching/burning sensation and it starts at my ankles and works it's way up to my thighs, torso, and backside. If I don't stop as soon as it starts to escalate I become almost nauseous and very irritable. I can't talk to anyone and I usually have to press a cool compress to my legs. I have told family, friends, and countless doctors. No one has ever given me and answer but they all say it sounds like an allergic reaction to something. If you, or anyone else on here ever gets a straight answer or ideas on how to treat this condition, I would LOVE to know!

Jessica 4 years ago

Its not a rash or even ichy, I don't know what it is. At fist I thought they were in grown hairs so I knew to leave them alone, but I've had them for years. They are little bumps that start at my knees and go all around my thighs, I even have them on my lower butt. They seem like in grown hairs, but they aren't ichy or hurt, just rough and make my skin not soft.

jannet 4 years ago

hi. i have this small bums, like rashes on my bottom.they are skine colored, amybe a bit reder. they are a bit itchy, but nothing speical. any ideas? thank u

Steph 4 years ago

About 2 months ago I was just sitting here and my left shin started to itch. When I itched it, it turned to this watery clear liquid that scabbed over quickly and hasn't left. I have about 6 more dime size ones and a few small ones. They turn to these patches of scabs that seem to be flaky layers. When I itch omg I swear it feels great to scratch and make it stop but it starts in a new area and it just continues to spread. They only itch at night and I have done everything from apply topicals to lay clearasil pads over them which seems to dry them up more. Seems everyone is breaking out on there legs with this similar rash what the H is going on with us? Help!!

Steph 4 years ago

Also it has moved to both legs but hasn't gone past my knees or my ankles. This rash seems to stay within my sides and fronts of my shins.

jessica 4 years ago

Hey steph, you need to get that looked at. It could be nothing, but it could cause an infection. They can give you antibiotics and maybe a cream or lotion to stop the dermatitis from spreading and heal. DON'T SCRATCH!

janmodric profile image

janmodric 4 years ago from Europe Author

Hi. A dermatologist can tell if you have developed some sort of skin disorder or allergy. The obvious trigger in your case is dry skin.

janmodric profile image

janmodric 4 years ago from Europe Author

Hi, Krystel.

If the white center is obvious, like in infected acne, it can be staphylococcal folliculitis. There are over-the-counter antibiotics (mupirocin) available for that, but I can't say if you have folliculitis or not. Your personal doctor may give you a diagnosis.

janmodric profile image

janmodric 4 years ago from Europe Author


if bruising is not caused by scratching, I recommend you to see a doctor: GP or a dermatologist.

janmodric profile image

janmodric 4 years ago from Europe Author


I don't know. Allergy (hives) or a local problem with circulation came on my mind. A doctor can tell more.

janmodric profile image

janmodric 4 years ago from Europe Author


if bumps themselves are persistent (night and day), it's less likely from running or any acute alergic reaction.

Acne, staphylococcal folliculitis, contact dermatitis or chicken skin (hyperkeratosis) may be possible - a dermatologist can say.

janmodric profile image

janmodric 4 years ago from Europe Author


being well hydrated is fine, but drinking large amounts of water (that would make you urinating every couple of hours) may not be necessary. At winter, dry skin is a common cause of itching; other than that: see a doctor.

janmodric profile image

janmodric 4 years ago from Europe Author


contact dermatitis came on my mind, but - see a dermatologist.

janmodric profile image

janmodric 4 years ago from Europe Author


it sounds as an "exercise-induced anaphylaxis" or "cholinergic urticaria" even if you don't have any rash. Sometimes the reaction occurs when you eat certain food (fish, nuts, alcohol...) and then start to exercise within few hours after eating. An allergologist can tell more.

janmodric profile image

janmodric 4 years ago from Europe Author


it may be chicken skin (keratosis pilaris). It can be removed (by a dermatologist), but it often appear again.

janmodric profile image

janmodric 4 years ago from Europe Author


maybe it is chicken skin (keratosis pilaris) - see above in the article.

janmodric profile image

janmodric 4 years ago from Europe Author


I can't say is it hives or some sort of dermatitis, such as nummular dermatitis, but, I guess, a dermatologist can say.

Petra 4 years ago

Did any one notice when you bathe you raley scrub your ankles and calves and when you do they start to itch cause that happens to me all the time

Emma 4 years ago

Hi im 21 for a few years ive been really itchy after bath/shower within this time ive moved 3times ad happened everywhere I get a red bumpy itchy rash I think its the water has I cant drink it from tap without tummy upset but if its boiled first im fine well this episode im having the rash has stayed for a week Dr give me allergy tablets it stopped the itching but the rash is still there I only have to touch it ad it start itching again rash even on my scalp :(

janmodric profile image

janmodric 4 years ago from Europe Author


it seems that you may have either "cholinergic urticaria" (after hot bath) or allergy to a certain substance in water. Allergologist can perform appropriate tests.

Stanley 4 years ago

Try driving for a few days without the car heater turned on, no matter how cold it is.The heater particularly when it is directed on the feet and legs sends heated dust particles onto legs and ankles.Rub a good quality moisturising cream into the legs. It solved my problem.

profile image

Lunafs 4 years ago

I have burning hot,itchy,swollen legs,I've tried,hydrocortizone,benadyrle,aveeno,ice bags,and nothing works all the time,they'll work for alittle while,then my legs start itching like the devil,once I itch them they stop itching!!!!for a day,then start again,I can't let them get warm or it makes them worse,I have type 2 diabetis which runs high...creams don't help either,makes it worse...I also have high blood pressure,which is controled by meds,I don't use salt.I'm over weight,age 57,I clean my legs twice a day with cool water only...what to do?

Amy 4 years ago

I'm 18 and i have a very similar problem, for as long as i can remember whenever i go to bed at night my legs start itching really bad, mostly my lower thigh and behind my calves, it gets really bad, and nothing stops the itch, i know is not the bed, because we bought a whole new bed set, covers, matresses and everything, and nothing sems to work. :( the only way it stops is when i finally kind stay up any longer and end up falling asleep cause of how tired i am from staying up all night scratching :( after a while of scratching i start to get little red bums and dots on my legs

janmodric profile image

janmodric 4 years ago from Europe Author

Lunafs, if your legs are realy swollen, you should see a doctor. Think, when did you notice your symptoms for the first time. Was it after starting using a certain medication? Have you identified some triggers or relievers of the symptoms?

janmodric profile image

janmodric 4 years ago from Europe Author


one possible trigger of your itch is increase of temperature of your legs. You can try to sleep in a colder room or have your legs less covered. It's possible you suffer from "cholinergic urticaria," (I recommend some online research) in which symptoms are triggered by change in skin temperature and sweating. You can also try to change your diet intuitively and think if you can do something about eventual stress. Cholinergic urticaria may go away but you need to identify and remove the triggers.

S. Knecht 4 years ago

I can relate to the gal that said that her itching was so bad, that she had even thought of cutting off her legs. I have multiple sclorosis, & my feet tingle full time, & that is how I felt,but just when you think its as bad as it can get, it gets worse, because now I have the severe itching from my ankles to my knees! HELP

Will 4 years ago

Hi, iv just got back off holiday, been on long dose of antibiotics and my legs get the occasional itch and slight burn, also when i get out the shower i notice under my skin on my thighs it looks as tho i have a slight purple and yellow effect, my skin in general all over my body is a lot redder, iv also been suffering with ocasional stomach pains, diahrrea and thrush in my mouth, could it just be my antiobiotics i took 3 weeks ago?

janmodric profile image

janmodric 4 years ago from Europe Author

Will, yes they can be side effects of antibiotics. I suggest you to see your doctor as soon as possible.

geraldine 4 years ago

have very itchy legs in which when i itchy them then go red in which then my legs become bursed i have allergis to wheatplease help

Terri 4 years ago

I have itchy legs all the time most likely because all the hot showers and baths I take. I have leg hair that grows fast and have to. Shave my lower leg at least once or twice a day. Any advice how to stop the itchyness and also not have to shave everyday?

LI Girl 4 years ago

About a year ago I started feeling itching and burning and the appearance of red blotches anywhere on my body the more I itched the worse it got!! It feels like fire burning from the inside out on your skin. I didn't know what the heck was going on? This came out of no-where. I was told I have Dermagraphism. It is the absolute worst! It happens when pressure is applied to ones sking in one form or another such as towel drying, dog jumping, putting on clothes etc... It can happen at anytime on the scalp to the tip of my toes. I feel for anybody that has to go through this. I was told it could last up to 10 years but usually goes away on it's own. :(

a.patka.s. 4 years ago

My itchy legs are all over and at random times.. even after I shower, wake up, have clothes on or take off. I have changed my body wash for this, went through all lotions for sensitive skin and now using body oil. Not sure what it can be. I heard it could be stress related, any thoughts about that?

Kristin C. 4 years ago

I have had lower leg itch for 2 1/2 years now. I live in Texas. I'm 43 years old. It started right around Christmas time. My Dr gave me Rx pills for antifungal, it didn't work, then he gave me Rx ointment, didn't work either. I have no bumps or marks. Haven't changed the way I shave, shower or anthing. My husband thinks its in my head but its not. The only relief I get is if I rub hydrocortizone cream morning and night--if I do that every day then the symptoms go away. If I skip even 1 day the symptoms are back. Ive basically been putting the hydrocortizone cream on for over a year now. I've not put it on several times just to see if the itch would come back and it always does. I wish there was a permanent cure for this. Its so frustrating. Good thing hydrocortizone cream is cheap. Benadryl, vaseline, any other cream I tried did not work. Only the hydrocortizone cream does. Maybe this will help some of you get relief. Good luck.

Marilyn 4 years ago

I have the itchy legs after a shower. I try to rise off in the coldest water I can stand before I get out and that helps a little. I was recently diagnosed with Polycythemia Vera, ( I have too much blood) It usually hits men over 50 years of age. Well, it hit me at 55 and my daughter has had it for about 10 years and she's only 35. Nothing helps and it does feel like an eternal itch. I just know one thing. It drives me absolutely crazy! I take an allergy pill every day for nasal reasons. Nothing helps,pills, creams, lotions, just waiting it out.

Trish313 4 years ago

I've solved my itchy leg problem!

I'm 65 and fortunate to have very good health apart from agonising itching on my lower legs for the last few years, mostly at night but occasionally during the day too, and I'd HAVE to scratch my legs raw, even though it hurt, otherwise I'd never sleep. I've eaten healthily and avoided chemicals as much as possible for a long time, but assumed I had some sort of allergy so carefully monitored my diet etc. I could sometimes go for quite long periods without itching, without really knowing why. Then a few months ago when it returned with a vengeance I realised it was a winter thing, which made me wonder if I was deficient in vitamin D. I started taking 500iu of D3 and noticed a huge improvement, so I knew I was on the right track.

Hooray for the Internet! I did lots of research on vitamin D3 from both sunshine and supplements and discovered that there is an epidemic of vitamin D deficiency, causing large numbers of diseases, including allergies, and that it is safe to take large doses if it cannot be obtained naturally from sunshine. (Sunscreen blocks the beneficial rays that produce vitamin D on our skin, and for much of the year, depending on where you live, the sun is loo low for those good rays to reach us anyway.) It is highly recommended to get your D3 levels tested to see if you are deficient.

I increased the supplement for a few weeks, and added vitamin K, and am thrilled to report that I am completely itch-free and my previously scabby and scarred legs have healed. It's a very wet Spring here in the UK and I can't wait to get my D3 naturally from the sunshine. But I will definitely be taking supplements again next winter.

I really hope this helps others who are suffering like I did, but please do your own research on the benefits and dangers of sunbathing and supplementing with vitamin D. There's masses of information out there. Good luck!

Leigha 4 years ago

I've noticed that my legs have recently started itching at night really bad. Once when I was half asleep/half awake I was scratching my legs so hard I woke up with some scratches! I'm not sure what's wrong but my legs have aches and pains that has been going on for years. But the itching just recently started and it's driving me crazy. I'm 22 and work in a place that requires me to stand for long periods at a time. I've only been working there for one year and the itching recently started. I'm not active as I should be, and I also don't eat healthy food enough. Oh also, when i put lotion on my legs it helps just a little. Please help.. Thank you!!

janmodric profile image

janmodric 4 years ago from Europe Author


are you on a wheat-free diet?

janmodric profile image

janmodric 4 years ago from Europe Author


have you tried to shave your legs for some days?

janmodric profile image

janmodric 4 years ago from Europe Author

Li Girl,

I suggest you to read more about dermographism and "cholinergic urticaria." It's true that this condition can go away on its own after some time and there are things you can do to help go it away (diet as you feel it's right for you, coping with stress...)

janmodric profile image

janmodric 4 years ago from Europe Author


yes, it can be stress. Just try to change something and do what is right in your life intuitively and see if it helps.

janmodric profile image

janmodric 4 years ago from Europe Author


just a warning: long-term use of hydrocortisone cream may permanently thin the skin.

janmodric profile image

janmodric 4 years ago from Europe Author


itching in Polycythemia vera is a known issue. Please contact your doctor (specialist) for an advice.

janmodric profile image

janmodric 4 years ago from Europe Author


is it better on Saturdays or Sundays or during vacations when you don't need to stand for many hours?

Leigha 4 years ago

My legs will have that achy feeling even when I'm off work for awhile. I've had that feeling for years but only had the job, that requires me to stand all day, for a year. I appreciate your reply!! :)

Debbie 4 years ago

For the past month or so I have had itchy legs (tshe shins and on and behind my knees and on my ankles also, especially in the middle of the night and after showers. I can't believe so many of y'all have this problem. I began searching the net with low expectation of finding an answer. I didn't even think I'd runacross anyone else with this odd problem. I mean no rash or anything just intense itching lol and occurring mainly in the middle of the night of all times!Completely drives me mad! Well anyway...

I read on and and seen this post from hannnah:

"my legs are itchy, mostly at night, and on the calves of my legs only underneath, i get little ranom bumps, not a lot, and they are really any color except the color of my skin, i have tried using all sorts of lotions, but nothing helps, except if i put hydrocortizone, that usually helps a lot?? any suggestions or thought?"

So I used her suggestion and the itching stopped immediately but not sure how often I will have to do this or for how long but its something for now. A bit of relief :) Thanks Hannah for the suggestion. From Debbie

janmodric profile image

janmodric 4 years ago from Europe Author


one sign that speaks that the itch is connected with with prolonged standing is that the itch is milder after vacations or few days without working.

profile image

ron2u 4 years ago

i have had small red bumps on my thighs and buttocks that have itched in any type of weather, on and off for at least a year {i'm sure it must be longer}. i drink a lot of ice tea, but little water. i have noticed that when i have to urinate, my skin in those areas, is extra warm. so it is either a urology problem or dermatology problem i think.

hot pepsi cola 4 years ago

ok so this same thing is happenig to my daddy and its getting really red and bumpy i think his skin is just dry because we live on a farm it has a lot of weeds and things so maybe an allergic reaction to something on our farm i am not sure what this is i hope it ends soon i care about my daddy! any idea's of this what should i do to help my daddy??? 0_o

gypsy d 3 years ago

Hi there, i saw this post and as it is identical to my problem, as i to used to work was a welder fabricater, i cant explain it any better BUT when i shower and jet my lower legs with very hot and i do mean "very bloody hot" water, the sensation is the most pleasurable until it becomes unbearable but it does bring some temporary releif. It is always intense and starts near my ankles and as I scratch it's like it moves up my legs to below the knee - the relief of scratching moves up my leg from the initial place it started. It hangs around for a few days and then goes. After the first scratching episode I can't scratch it again, it burns and is red and the skin is sometimes broken. I have had times where I thought it must be gone, but inevitably comes back and I realise I have had this for a long time.

Anni 3 years ago

You might be dehydrated, I know I don't drink as much as I need to and that's when my legs are itchy but when I drink more it goes away

jim 3 years ago

I noticed that people with bladder control problems have similar itching in areas where urin touches the skin and introduces toxins. this may be part of the problem for those with itchy lower legs. I notice itching in the lowere left leg if I sit in my car or walk a short distance it is an itch that you can not stand.

Jade 3 years ago

I itch my legs to the point where they bleed most days I'm only 21 it's been going on now for well over a year I wake up and need to itch when I'm in the bath I itch it's all the time at night is the worst as that's when I make myself bleed I have woken my partner up from the sound of me scratching my legs I moisturise everyday drink plenty I have no idea why I itch

amei 3 years ago

Please somebody help me my hairs are started to remove from my legs in winters and I found red spots on my legs I am really confused is it a serious problem

janmodric profile image

janmodric 3 years ago from Europe Author

Amei, please, visit a doctor.

anonymous 2 years ago

My legs itch a lot and so does my buttocks I see small bumps in the areas I itch what is this and what should i do?

janmodric profile image

janmodric 2 years ago from Europe Author

I can't say much without more detailed description. It could be staph infection (folliculitis) or yeast infection (jock itch). A doctor of general practice should be able to make a diagnosis without tests, I guess.

Brenda 2 years ago

About 3 days ago my lower legs and my lower part of my arms have been itching like crazy there are bumps that almost look like mosquito bites and once scratched are red and when scratched a lot of course they turn into sores I am 49 yes old I've never had this problem before, I had a hysterectomy 9 yrs ago and I don't do anything different I'm under a lot of stress so I need Help with this short of going to see a physician!!!

janmodric profile image

janmodric 2 years ago from Europe Author

Brenda, I don't know, but if you are under severe stress it could be "bumpy hives," which is stress-related allergic reaction.

Aaron 2 years ago

Hi I am 22 year old male ,About 2 years ago I started doing gym and after about a year of doing it my legs started to itch, but they will randomly do it. It mostly happens after I take off my work shorts which are long dress pants.. Although I do get the odd occasion when I jump out of the shower or even doing nothing will trigger it. While my work pants are on I don't get anything and sometimes putting my work pants back on seems to solve the problem , only sometimes though.. I don't get any rashes or bumps on my legs but if I don't scratch or rub my legs the itching turns into a stabbing pain, the areas affected on my legs are from the knee to just above my ankles ... Now I still work out occasionally but I never seem to get it while I'm working out or even hot or cold or even wet, I've tried using creams to moisturize my legs and I atleast get it once a day..I can't figure out the problem! Do you have any clues? Or do I just have to stay in long pants/jeans all day. Hope to hear from you

janmodric profile image

janmodric 2 years ago from Europe Author


what exactly triggers itch? Undressing the pants?

Aaron 2 years ago

It could be a slow trigger because of that,but it doesn't happen until 30mins -1hr after I undress my pants and it wont happen all the time. It seams worse if I shower straight after taking long pants off, as soon as I'm out of the shower I get itchy

janmodric profile image

janmodric 2 years ago from Europe Author

I have few hypotheses, nothing more:

1. When you stop exercising, the blood pools in your lower leg veins; if you have venous insufficiency (varicose veins), this could cause itch. But then you would also get itchy legs after prolonged standing, for example.

2. When you undress your pants, your legs get exposed to light. Certain lotions can trigger photosensitive reaction. This would be much more obvious after exposing your legs to sun.

3. Allergy to sweat. Not very likely, I think.

4. A psychological problem related to gym.

Now, you can do few experiments to find out, is it gym, pants, hot shower, exposure to light or sweat, which causes itch.

1. You can try to sleep in those pants and undress them in the morning. Would this trigger itch?

2. You can change the soap, shampoo, lotion or cream you are using...

3. Right after gym,you can try to expose your legs to sun.

4. You can exercise in other pants.

5. You can try some other exercise, in some other place, but with the same pants.

6. Use lukeworm water when showering.

Laura 2 years ago

I have the same problem..mine usually happens right after showering and I'll share my home remedy that seems to help me each time! ..ICE! I fill two ziplock bags with ice and hold them on my legs to sooth the itch. I usually have to sit with the bags for about 5-10 min but it definitely helps! It's the only thing that I've found that sooths the itch instantly. Hope this is able to help some of you. Trust me, I know how miserable this is. Cortizone cream has also helped me.

Mutafire 2 years ago

I think it is a winter problem, i have had a good run of summer and i have not had itchy inner thighs...but this month, October, the itching is back.... after i take off my long pants, after arriving in my room... shower, creams do not work, but i try to stay calm and soon enough, it goes away... i will go with the Vitamin supplement, maybe it is something to do with vitamin deficiency

scottie 2 years ago

I have had this problem every winter for many years,worse at night. My problem area is ankle to knee both legs, to get relief and some sleep what i do is soak a towel in cold water squeeze it out, wrap around your leg cover with plastic bag hold in place with rubber band. It works for me hope it is helpful .

buttercuptx 2 years ago

I AM UNIQUE!!My itching problem is different from all of the other folks problems that I read here..It occurs when I'm in bed or reclining in the passenger car seat while my honey is driving..this began about 10 yrs. ago when we traveled a lot...in my feet mainly..scratching didn't help.. but RUBBING WITH PRESSURE by using the opposite foot and ankles together would ease it up some...this continued until, he could pull off to a rest area and let me go in and PEE!! Go figure!! I still have that problem, but now this deep deep itching has moved up into both knees, in the kneecap itself and behind it!! I have to rub them "HARD" together as well.. once I go peepee...it totally stops!! does anyone our here experience this very different deep itch problem?? Causes??Solutions? There are times when you cannot relieve yourself..and it will continue throughout entire leg and foot....unbearable!! :-)

janmodric profile image

janmodric 2 years ago from Europe Author

It may be that sitting/lying on the back, combined with a full bladder, increases pressure to the muscles and nerves in your "pelvic floor."

You may also have hypermobile tailbone (coccyx), which bends excessively when you lean backward. It may help if you use U-shaped wedge cushion when sitting, also in the car, and try to lean forward.

Alpesh J MAcwan 23 months ago

I have problem of itching legs , hand and back side at night specially. When i itch... my legs, hands and back side become red. Please give proper medicine to solve my proble.

janmodric profile image

janmodric 23 months ago from Europe Author

Warmer and slightly moister environment in bed can worsen itch of any cause. Without knowing the cause or more symptoms, I really do not know what medicine could help.

Al 22 months ago

1/2 -1 tsp Vegetable oil (Soybean oil) taken morning and evening seems to help me. I tried Vitamins A & D, and Vitamin E and that worked for a while, but then the itching intensified. The ingredients of these Vitamins all had Soybean oil, so plain soybean oil seems to work so far.

Linh Fujikawa profile image

Linh Fujikawa 19 months ago from Los Angeles

Cholinergic urticaria, I believe I have something similar to this condition. When I run or walk for too long, my legs get really itchy and hot. I need to stop to let them cool down, and it will stop. I find that if I place a lot lotion or cream on my legs before taking a long hike or run or walk, they will not flare up

Stephanie 18 months ago

I have had chronically itchy lower legs that are SUPER sensitive to the point where after walking through some long grass with only a couple blades tickling them, I am in complete severe agony, scratching until bleeding. mosquito bites do not leave my legs in a few hours or days. It's WEEKS I continue profuse itching even after scratching beyond bleeding. Flea bites are worse! It is the craziest thing because I didn't know that others for the most part do not experience this -and I thought everyone did! It looks like a machine gun was cut loose on my legs and it's embarrassing because people are rude and the rest are paranoid I may be contagious and passing on some weird condition no one can pronounce! I was bitten @ 7 by several ticks on my lower legs and those same areas are what is affected 40 years later. Actually most my adult life it's been a problem. My feet and lower legs are also swollen an hour or 2 after waking up and remain that way all day. They appear deformed. I have no insurance so don't tell me to go consult a doctor. I need to know how to deal with this myself. Thanks.

janmodric profile image

janmodric 18 months ago from Europe Author

Stephanie, if the itch is symmetrical, then it is not necessary connected with ticks @ 7. I'm not saying it is not, but this may be a coincidence, because itch in lower legs alone is quite common. I was thinking it could be physical urticaria (cholinergic urticaria), so you may want to research this a bit.

Feanieplava 18 months ago

I am now not certain where you are getting your info, but great topic. I needs to spend a while studying more or figuring out more. Thanks for wonderful info I used to be in search of this info for my mission.

Erica 18 months ago

A few days ago I started itching trall bad on my skin specially my highs and arms follow by legs and back and stomach!!!! There's no sign of rash the minute I start scratchin it get bumpy looks as if a mosquito bit me everywhere !!! Yesterday went to bed and woke up with severe itch on my leg and thighs!!! Any suggestion thank you!!!!!

janmodric profile image

janmodric 18 months ago from Europe Author

Bumps suggest "cholinergic urticaria" or, maybe, a true allergic reaction to clothes, shampoo, cream... (?)

Tammy 18 months ago

2 years ago I started breaking out in a rash. When I am on my legs for a long periods of time and start to sweat the bottom of my legs burn and itch then I have a red rash which disappears in 2 days. I'm wondering if it is my high blood pressure medicine?

janmodric profile image

janmodric 18 months ago from Europe Author

Tammy, if the rash timing is related to the period in which you take the medicine, the two can be associated - or not, but it's possible.

franie 17 months ago

i have had lower leg itch for years, i have tried every lotion thats been made,they will help for a while and stop i have seen my dr. i have had blood test and all is good i hope someone can help me i have no rash on my legs, they feel dry, but if i put lotion on it burns.

Wong 17 months ago

1 day ago, my legs were super itchy and little bumps have appeared today. it is super itchy and more seem to have appeared today! now my elbows are itchy too. the bumps are random and small and is more apparently felt when u run ure hands across the skin. is this bed bugs bite?

janmodric profile image

janmodric 17 months ago from Europe Author

If bumps are only random, they could be bed bugs, yes. If the bumps create patchy areas, it could be an allergic reaction to something.

Wong 17 months ago

I applied white vinegar to the area and it stings like hell. BUT, the itch has subsided leaving small bumps behind. the bumps are only concentrated on my right leg. my left leg has a few bumps only. my elbow's bumps are no longer itchy after applying vinegar too/

CG 16 months ago

My chest, under arms, lower legs get itchy. Not sure if it is social anxiety or what. Many times it happens starting working out but I think it's more panic related. I get little pimples on arms at times as well but they come and go. Can you help?

janmodric profile image

janmodric 16 months ago from Europe Author

If the bumps come and go within hours, it may be hives, which speaks for allergic reaction. This may be either psychological or reaction to a certain food or drug.

Cynthia 16 months ago

I have recently noticed that the back of my left leg more especially the calf area is itchy. It's something recent and I don't know what causes it. I read the info above and the comments too, and I don't think it's soup, detergent. If it was then why would it target one area continuously and what puzzles me more is that there's no bumps, redness or any other abnormalities on my skin. What could be the cause, please help. Campus clinic probably wont tell me what is the cause

janmodric profile image

janmodric 16 months ago from Europe Author

Cynthia, calf itch without rash is common. I was experiencing it after showering from no obvious reason. I believe it may be related with the level of physical activity (maybe to little?) or with stress or food, in the sense that when you eat a certain type of food in excess or if something bothers you, it can irritate the skin. This does not mean, you need to check for food allergies or intolerances or to do some blood tests; it may be just some diet imbalance, which you would be probably aware of, if it was the case.

Geegee 15 months ago

About 3 weeks ago my legs started itching uncontrollably at night... Now they itch all the time. There is no rash, and the only redness is from my scratching my legs. They also tingle. I've had allergic reactions before, so I know this is something else. I've tried lotions, cream, and ointments. Nothing seems to help. Do I go to a dermatologist or is this something else?

janmodric profile image

janmodric 15 months ago from Europe Author

Geegee, tingling usually has a neurological origin - so if you think this is different from itching, you may want to see a neurologist. The underlying problem could be a nutrient deficiency....If the tingling started in feet it could be peripheral neuropathy...

Kristen Howe profile image

Kristen Howe 13 months ago from Northeast Ohio

Great hub, Jan. No wonder this is a popular hub. It's so very useful with tips on how to prevent dry itchy skin. Thanks for sharing.

Ahlam 11 months ago

Hi, I mainly itch on my thighs and sometimes legs but it's uncontrollable on my thighs, it's happened ever since I was in elementary-middle and Stopped for a while in high school and just started to occur again ....

janmodric profile image

janmodric 11 months ago from Europe Author

Ahlam, I don't know, it can be a mild fungal infection, for example.

Luz Velarde 11 months ago

Hola, estoy con este problema hace ya un mes , a la semana me acerque al doctor, me receto cetirizina por 7 días, y me aplico 2 ampollas de clorofenamina, a la segunda inyección, paso el picazón, pero luego persiste, viene desde el empeine hasta la rodilla, camino bastante y cuando paro o me siento , empieza con un calor en estas zonas, para luego continuar con el picazon, es terrible, no puedo controlarlo, esto me da por horas en la tarde y en la noche, tengo 52 años, y peso 59 kilos, soy una persona que ama el deporte, hace ya un año practico lo que es natación 2 veces por semana, realizo por una hora una rutina de ejercicios , de lunes a viernes, tomo vitaminas c-d3 y vitamina e. quien puede decirme como proceder.

student 11 months ago

This is way more common then I expected it be. My legs itch from my knees down so bad sometimes and there is no stopping it when it starts. The only remedy I have found is a tube of antihistamine cream. Nothing else helps, not medicated gold bond, not hemps lotion, not aveeno, or eucerin. I have wondered if it has to do with diabetes... I've never been diagnosed with it, but wander if thats the problem.

janmodric profile image

janmodric 11 months ago from Europe Author

student, in diabetes, itch is more likely in the groin and in armpits, because of fungal infection. Itch in lower legs is more likely from vascular problems.

gepeTooRs 10 months ago

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profile image

Aleruiz 5 months ago

Hi, I recently started itching for a couple days now. Something I've never dealt with before until now. The itching is on my hips, inner thighs and the bottom part of my things. This usually happens when I'm sitting or sometimes when I'm doing nothing. I scratch so much on my hip to where I have a bruise now. The only way I could calm down the itching is by putting lotion. I read your article but can't seem to figure out which one it could be.

janmodric profile image

janmodric 5 months ago from Europe Author

I also don't know. Sometimes it's from clothes. If it goes away with walking, it may be the blood congestion in the leg veins.

Zieg 4 months ago

I have very itchy balls and they always itch when I am out and around other people and I cannot scratch them. When I get home I take my pants down and really give them a good scratching. It is quite a relief I can tell you that. I sometimes use my wife's comb to scratch them it feels really good and the itch goes away. Anyone else have itchy balls?

Sahanadas73 profile image

Sahanadas73 4 months ago from India

Very informative. I experience itchiness in skin especially at night. There are no rashes or anything. Why does it happen?

janmodric profile image

janmodric 3 months ago from Europe Author

I'm not sure - itch is aggravated by heat and sweating.

Heather 3 months ago

My lower legs have been itching for almost 2 years. If I scratch it, I can't stop scratching because it itches so bad. I went to the Dr. & they prescribed me some steroid cream. The cream works, but every time I stop using the cream the itch comes back. I hate having to depend on steroid cream all the time, plus it is expensive. Is there a way I can make this go away for good.

greenmind profile image

greenmind 8 weeks ago

Great hub, really informative, on a subject I never realized was a problem for people! Now I know, thanks!

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