10 Tips To Loving Yourself

Finding Good In Your Life

Many people say that everyone is beautiful, but that does not always mean you feel it. You feel lost, alone, sad, and sometimes feel like you hate even yourself. But you have to remember that you are part of a miracle known as life. Without this miracle, we would not exist. And the most important aspect is that we are all unique. No two people are the same; we have all followed a path and turned us into what we are today: energy, dreams, smiles, attitudes, values, beliefs, interests, etc. You can never blame the past for anything, because there is a reason that things have turned out the way they are. The Beatles even said it: "All you need is love." But this does not necessarily mean love from other people. In order to feel good in life, you must learn to accept yourself as you are. You can change your physical appearance, but what is on the inside can either be hidden or shared. You have to love yourself and accept yourself as you are: fears, limitations, weaknesses, beliefs, and, somewhat, your physical appearance. If you don't accept and love yourself, you will most likely end up looking inside other people for the traits and features that you do not have, and would like to have being happy. This is never a good idea because you will likely end up being hurt if these people leave your life.Love yourself, with these simple tips:

1. Accept your weaknesses. Everyone has them and everyone needs them. They help you recognize your strengths. Weaknesses are vital parts of ourselves, otherwise we would have nothing to improve in ourselves. They also help to set ourselves goals for the future.

2. Forgive yourself. Everyone makes mistakes. You do not have to fret over having done something wrong. It is a natural part of life. Even animals make mistakes, and they are a given in everyday life. No human is perfect, remember that.

3. Express your feelings with freedom. Do no be afraid to state your opinions loud and clear. That doesn't necessarily mean to scream it from the top of a building. As long as someone or a group of people hear you, and understand you, then you are doing this right.

4. If you don't have control of something, don't worry. It is a natural instinct that humans feel they have to have control. That's what makes roller-coasters scary; we can only hold on, hope and scream. Sometimes, you have to trust someone else with the power.

5. Treat yourself how you would a friend or lover. Buy yourself something nice; chocolate, a teddy bear, a new CD, shoes, clothes, whatever! Learn how you treat your friends and lovers and treat yourself the same. This way, you know what makes them and yourself happy. Happy friends means a happy you.

6. Write yourself a love letter. Send it to yourself. Give it to a friend to send to you in a week or a months time. Tell yourself all your strength, how beautiful you really are. Find a quote that inspires you to be yourself.

7. Believe in positive experiences. If you are always negative, you will not be happy. Being happy will lead to you loving yourself. The glass is always half full, but you can always get more if you wish.

8. Do this exercise: Close your eyes and imagine you are a child again. Tell yourself how good you were, and how beautiful you are going to be when you are older. Do this everyday, once a week, as often as you can. The more you say it to your younger self, the more you will start to enjoy being and loving yourself.

9. Enjoy your body. Everyone is a different shape, size, weight and height. We have to embrace ourselves. Dance around the house with only your underwear on and make it fun! Of course, if you feel you need to lose weight, then start losing weight and maybe going on a diet. When you reach your goal weight (not look!), then enjoy your body as much as you can. Buy some outfits that suit you, and make you look and feel wonderful.

10. Make time for yourself, and yourself only. If you are always looking out for others, stop! It is good to have some alone time, especially if you surround yourself with friends and crowds often. It is nice to relax every now and then, especially after working for 5 or 6 days a week.

Following these tips to leading a happier life and enjoying yourself and your body more, you are sure to start loving yourself as you are more and more.

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amymarie_5 profile image

amymarie_5 5 years ago from Chicago IL

I really enjoyed reading this. I struggle with self esteem but work on loving who I am daily. Part of the problem is that I'm very hard on myself when mistakes happen. I love all your advice. Especially #8. I didn't have a happy childhood and I think that exercise alone would help me tremendously. Voted up, useful and beautiful!

Jamie Brock profile image

Jamie Brock 5 years ago from Texas

Thank you for sharing this.. It is very encouraging. I've spent most of my life not knowing how to care about me.. and when I read things like this sometimes it makes me feel more guilty than better because I'm 37 and still struggle with this SO MUCH..but you do bring up some interesting stuff here. I had never heard the one about writing yourself a letter.. That's pretty neat and I may just give it a try. Why not, right? Thank you for these tips and advice :)

CarltheCritic1291 profile image

CarltheCritic1291 5 years ago

This is a really great Hub. Beautiful, and insightful. Keep it up.

Simplicity4All profile image

Simplicity4All 4 years ago from Rhode Island, USA

This is a beautiful hub and wonderfully true. I also enjoy the fact that your referenced

" all you need is love" by the beatles seeing as they are my favorite band ever and I have that tattooed on my hip. You give really good advice and I love how you mentioned the glass being half full and can always be added to, I also like to point out when I hear this the fact that people at times forget the fact that there is a glass in the first place which is something worth being optimistic about... glad to follow you voted up and such

mother knows best profile image

mother knows best 4 years ago from Dearborn, MI, USA

Thank you for this. I'm often told I have nothing to be insecure about, which only serves to make me feel guilty for being insecure. It does not change the fact that I am insecure and self conscious. Over the years I have made progress but there are some cute little ideas in here I hadn't thought of. I especially like the love letter idea.

I try to build my children up as well, because I would like to lessen their self esteem struggles from the beginning. You can draw positive inspiration from all kinds of things! I've adapted a habit for telling the kids to repeat "I am kind, I am smart, I am beautiful/handsome" to themselves every day(inspired by the book "The Help"). This hub reminded me... I should be saying the same thing to myself!

We encounter so much negativity everyday, it's almost impossible not to let it seep into our subconscious. But if we counter that with positive words from ourselves every day, as well... we just might have a fighting chance!

It works both ways... repetition of negative opinions of yourself will have you feeling those negative things are true, but repeated positivity seeps in too. Giving ourselves a daily dose of positivity is something we all need to remember to do :) Thanks again for this wonderful hub!

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