6 Simple Ways to Be More Healthy


Change your habits by trying these 6 easy ways to get more healthy. Exercise, eat right, and get motivated to become a better you!


1. Drink More Water

Skipping on sugary drinks and sipping a glass of water instead not only helps you lose weight, but will improve your overall health. If drinking 8 glasses a day seems too far-fetched, begin by drinking one glass and then add another until you feel like you have reached your goal.


2. Get More Sleep

The recommended time of sleep is 8 hours a night, but it can be different for every person. Try various allotted hours of sleep until you get the perfect amount that makes you feel well-rested.

Nike FuelBand
Nike FuelBand

3. Wear an Activity Tracker

Invest in some wearable technology that will count the number of steps you take each day, measure your heart rate, count calories burned, and help you stay motivated in your fitness journey.

4. Spend More Time Outside

Gaining your daily allowance of Vitamin D from the sun may help prevent certain types of cancer, strengthen your bones, and can contribute to your body's production of serotonin which helps boost your mood. Just remember to wear sunscreen if exposed to sunlight for a long period of time.


5. Eat Breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast every morning will help stop cravings before lunchtime and give you enough energy to get through the first hours of the day. Choose 2 to 3 from each of these food groups: bread/grain, dairy, and fruit or vegetable.


6. Exercise for 30 minutes per Day

Exercising for only 30 minutes per day can help you lose weight, lower your high blood pressure or cholesterol, and help prevent strokes and heart attacks.


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carter06 profile image

carter06 23 months ago from Cronulla NSW

Love these tips Erin.. simple and doable..will keep this on my phone to do list every day & pin, tweet & share..reminded me that I've gotta get an activity tracker..great hub..Cheers

Ebower profile image

Ebower 23 months ago from Georgia Author

carter06: Thank you! I wish I could stay motivated to do all 6 of these, but I know it's possible. Thanks for sharing!

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