10 Weirdest Plastic Surgery Choices That People Make

Plastic surgery is an interesting topic. On the one hand, there are many plastic surgery procedures which have become so commonplace that they are more or less accepted by mainstream society. (Breast implants, face lifts, transgender surgery and gastric bypass surgeries all come to mind.) On the other hand, there are choices that people make with plastic surgery which are considered controversial, cutting-edge or just plain weird.

Here’s a look at ten of the most unusual options for plastic surgery procedures, methods and decisions:

1. Hymenoplasty. There are a lot of strange kinds of plastic surgery that women can get for their genital region. Many of these types of surgery are even becoming almost mainstream. Women can get their outer lips re-shaped. They can get their G-spot amplified to increase sensation. And then there’s this plastic surgery procedure in which the hymen is reconstructed to make it seem as though you’re a virgin again. As any woman who has lost her virginity knows, it’s not all that comfortable to have your hymen broken. Why a woman would want to go through that again is absolutely beyond me.

2. Iris Implants to Change the Color of your Eyes. There are now surgical procedures available which actually allow you to permanently change the color of your eyes. They’re called intraocular implants (or may be known as iris implants) and they do require actual surgery to be performed on the eye. There are a lot of risks to this procedure. It was initially done to assist people with actual eye problems (such as albino eyes that were hypersensitive to light) but now it’s being done by people who just want to skip the hassle of color contacts and get the color of their eyes changed forever.

3. Pubic Hair Transplant. Apparently there are some women in the world whose bodies don’t grow huge bushes of pubic hair. While their hairy sisters are busy spending money on shaving, waxing and eradicating their pubic hair, these ladies are actually getting surgical procedures done to transplant hair to the pubic range. How retro. And how weird.

4. Nipple Removal. People who are interested in extreme body modification sometimes choose to get their nipples removed. This procedure is rarely (if ever) done by women because there are a lot of complications involved in removing female nipples. However it’s an increasingly common procedure among men in the body modification world. The procedure is painful, bloody and seemingly pointless.

5. Vampire Teeth Implants. There is a subsection of society that is not only interested in vampire stories but wants to truly become a vampire. One of the ways that people immersed in this world will do this is to get extreme dental surgery such as getting permanent implants of fangs on their teeth. This requires pulling out the original teeth and getting fake implants surgically inserted into the gums.

6. Ankle Lipo. Liposuction is a common surgery that everyone is familiar with. However some people really take it too far. There are some areas of the body that rarely have a lot of fat – ankles, the upper back and the neck are the best examples. If you’re getting ankle lipo then you’re really serious about your plastic surgery.

7. DIY Plastic Surgery. Sometimes it’s not the procedure that’s weird; it’s the way that you decide to do it. Doing it yourself is one of those ideas that is never a good idea. However because of cost (or because doctors refuse to do the surgery for one reason or another) there’s a frighteningly large number of DIY plastic surgery horror stories walking around out there. The most reported example is of a woman named Hang Mioku who had gotten so many procedures done that she couldn’t get a doctor to continue working on her. She was addicted to cosmetic surgery and started injecting herself with silicone to keep up her look. She ran out of silicone and then injected herself with cooking oil. Hello? Bad idea!!

8. Look Alike Plastic Surgery. This is comprehensive plastic surgery that is designed to make the patient look like someone else. Usually the person wants to look like someone who is famous. Sometimes, however, they want to look like someone else that they know (such as the case of the Mom and Daughter look alikes). Creepy!!

9. Extreme Plastic Surgery Requiring Many, Many, Many Plastic Surgery Procedures. There are a few people in the world who are trying so hard to look extremely different from the way that they look naturally that they have to get hundreds of thousands of dollars of plastic surgery (and some rather odd procedures) to complete the look. The most famous example is the man who is trying to look like a tiger. He’s had a number of different procedures done to make him look as feline as possible and he’s not done yet. He plans to keep getting more work done as long as he can find surgeons willing to perform what he wants completed.

10. Pet Plastic Surgery. It’s not just people that are getting weird plastic surgery. It’s also pets. Yep, there are pet owners out there who think that a doggy face lift is exactly what their pooch needs to be perfect. Apparently some of these procedures are justified as medically necessary. Generally these tend to be procedures in which the folds of the animal’s skin are removed or tightened up (similar to a face lift or eye lift surgery) which makes it easier for the owner to keep the pet clean. I don’t think that I’m buying that it’s necessary, though. What do you think?

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PenHitsTheFan profile image

PenHitsTheFan 4 years ago from Home

This just proves one man's junk is another's treasure. Some women pay for pubic hair transplants when most women pay big money to get rid of theirs.

Teamie 4 years ago

I don't think the ankle lipo is so odd. What woman wants to have cankles? Anyways, great article! I must admit, I would get a few of these procedures done if they were affordable and safer.

catherine boston 4 years ago

Very informative post of different kind of plastic and cosmetic surgery...My knowledge has been growth by your post..Thanks


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jenubouka 4 years ago

The first five had me rolling, one woman wants no hair while the other wants "fuller" look. This was very interesting and entertaining. Awesome!

payal 5 years ago

wooo....dreamz unlimited and it gives us a hope to be demi GOD...which is crazyy

scott33thomas profile image

scott33thomas 5 years ago from Germany, Colombia, USA, Panama, Mexico, Spain

Plastic surgery is good only when it is necessary not to abuse it is good

cosmetic surgeon Melbourne 5 years ago

Well written article, nice list of ten most unusual options for plastic surgery procedures.

depuy lawsuit 5 years ago

seriously Pubic Hair Transplant? i never thought such people had to undergo this kind of surgery.. what a waste of money... =)

tom hellert profile image

tom hellert 6 years ago from home

Nice stuff here but look at me 140 ft tall and green.... way to much plastic surgury for me...

Jersey Jess profile image

Jersey Jess 7 years ago from USA

Nipple removal?? Ew. Doggy face lifts?! That's terrible!

ecogirl333 profile image

ecogirl333 7 years ago

Good information, but wow its worrying what surgeons will agree too.

As for the pet procedures that just creeps me out, and the pets that really 'need' surgery only od so because they've been bred to have deformities in the first place. As you can guess I am a fan of the ugly mixed up mongrel pooches!

Melanie 7 years ago

Quite a list of really "out there" procedures. Glad the majority of people who seek cosmetic surgery focus on common procedures.

Imageflair profile image

Imageflair 7 years ago from Singapore

Interesting hub but self image also plays a role in gaining confidence to achieve goals, vampire teeth might work for some though weird enough, but developing image and etiquette is the natural way to go for other adults and children to be part of the A list.


harrisdy profile image

harrisdy 7 years ago from Texas

i enjoyed reading your hubs...

butterflyz profile image

butterflyz 7 years ago

People are definitely strange...I have gotten tattoos, piercings, changed my hair a bunch of times...but never surgery! I think that is just too much! Unless it is medically necessary, leave your body alone.

Oldskool903 profile image

Oldskool903 7 years ago

Hahaha great hub, what the world has come too is way beyond me. But I really enjoyed this hub. I think the one that freaked me out the most was about the guys getting their nipples removed, that was kind of weird, haha.

kartika damon profile image

kartika damon 7 years ago from Fairfield, Iowa

These surgeries are certainly over the top and scary! I was really shocked to read people actually put their animals through unnecessary surgery - it seems pretty sick to me! Many of these elective surgeries seem like self-mutilation to me.

hublim profile image

hublim 7 years ago from Scotland

Some of the thigs doctors are able, and willing to do are astonishing.

I’ve never felt like I would want to have any procedures done and believe there are many case where psychological issues create the perceived need to be surgically altered.

Do the people experience true happiness after their surgery?

Mortgagestar1 profile image

Mortgagestar1 7 years ago from Weirton,West Virginia

Wouldn't you thing there would be penile enhancements!? Imagine if your'e Asian and want to be "gifted" as an African or Cauacsian. LOL

flamedancer profile image

flamedancer 7 years ago

i really enjoy reading keep up the good work

R.G. San Ramon 7 years ago

I watched that video on cat man, and I wonder, would he regret what he had done to himself later in his life when his cat dies? I know there's a little bit of narcissism in all of us that we oftentimes have the urge to look at ourselves in front of the mirror and say, "Wow! I look good."

midnightbliss profile image

midnightbliss 7 years ago from Hermosa Beach

nice hub, i actually enjoyed reading it. if you have money and resources, you sometimes do weird things. lols

Madame X 7 years ago

I guess some people really need therapy rather than surgery. Look at Michael Jackson (I always liked him but his plastic surgeon should have lost his license to practice medicine!) It's sad that some people feel so bad about themselves that they feel the need to go overboard with this.

Very interesting hub!!

Drew Breezzy profile image

Drew Breezzy 7 years ago from somewhere in my mind

Nipple Removal is just WEIRD ! WHAT?!

itcoll profile image

itcoll 7 years ago

Nipple Removal - i never knew this existed

Betty Reid profile image

Betty Reid 7 years ago from Texas

Interesting article! Too bad about the pets though.

klllj0ylife profile image

klllj0ylife 7 years ago from Michigan, USA

I enjoyed reading this. As it went on it got a bit more and more extreme. Nipple removal, once meant for polythelia removal has been taken too far.

The ankle lipo I can somewhat understand. I've seen very small women who just had a few conditions that made them bottom heavy or just swell around the ankles.

I've always disliked the animal cruelty provided in ear cropping and tail docking.

Fresh_Flower profile image

Fresh_Flower 7 years ago from London

vampire teeth implants and pet plastic surgery?!...give me a brake!

Truth From Truth profile image

Truth From Truth 7 years ago from Michigan

good hub.

earnestshub profile image

earnestshub 7 years ago from Melbourne Australia

Horrifying! My skin crawled reading this. Your writing is so good, I can feel the pain!

kseniastone profile image

kseniastone 7 years ago

hey i got to tell you! im not overweight ect- but ankle lipo is not only done for people who are..serious about plastic surgery... but for individuals who are insecure about that particular region of their legs... like myself for example haha. there is such a thing as cankles!!

Nan Mynatt profile image

Nan Mynatt 7 years ago from Illinois

It depends on the area of the country, that you live in, that plastic surgery is done without any reservations!

Make me beautiful is the point that they are making! Good information. Remember that the surgery will mostly likely have to be performed again! Be a movie star!

Wendy Krick profile image

Wendy Krick 7 years ago from Maryland

I really enjoyed reading this hub. Some of these are really creepy. People are very strange. :)

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