10 Weeks Pregnant

You’re now 10 weeks pregnant, and almost at the end of your first trimester. You and your baby continue to change and grow – though of course ‘growing’ usually involves weight gain for mommy! Here, you can find out what’s happening to you and baby at or around the 10th week.

Despite being 10 weeks pregnant, you may still retain the symptoms of morning sickness; however, you may be one of the lucky moms-to-be and be completely free of nausea. If you do continue to suffer, at least you’re reaching a stage whereby a lot of women begin to feel it slowly diminishing, which will help you feel more comfortable.

Regarding your weight, you should now begin to feel a real tightening around your mid-section, when wearing clothes. Not so much an obvious ‘baby belly’, as your waist is thickening up. Perfectly normal and perhaps time to strat considering clothing that’s a little looser – no need to rush and buy maternity clothing just yet.

However, not all women actually purchase clothes specifically designed for and around pregnancy. Personally, I never did. I just wore clothing that was looser, or had elasticized waist bands. This is a more a question of personal taste - there are some very beautiful and stylish maternity clothes available for moms-to-be – however it’s not an absolute that you must wear them. The key is comfort, though there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to new clothing, especially when you’re a woman!

10 Weeks Pregnant

There’s a possibility that you’re feeling less fatigued by this stage, though some women continue to feel an underlying sense of tiredness. Your breasts, if they haven’t already begun to increase in size, may start to do so around now. Time – if you haven’t already attended to this – to invest in a few good quality maternity or support bras.

Very few women travel through their pregnancy without their breasts increasing and it is advisable to wear an appropriately fitting, comfortable bra. Your hormones levels continue to play a part in your pregnancy and some women may have discovered that they’re a little pimply or even that they’ve discovered an increased (positive) sensitivity regarding lovemaking.

If you have any little worries or concerns, remember the golden rule: express them. You are pregnant, you are hormonal and you need support. Always talk over your niggles or anxiety, rather than bury them. You’ll be surprised at how helpful others will be: don’t suffer in silence!

Fetal Development

10 Weeks Gestation

Now you're 10 weeks pregnant, the fetal development of your baby is quite amazing. He's begun to move – but as yet, he’s still too small for you to feel his movements. His fingers and toes are now formed and his skeleton will start to solidify, whereas previously it bore more of a resemblance to cartilage.

In his mouth, tiny buds are forming, that will eventually become his teeth. His face, in general, is becoming more recognisable as the features are becoming pronounced. Testosterone is being produced – if your baby is a boy, and he can now pee! He will be roughly upwards of 1½ inches in length and his brain will be developing at an unbelievable rate at this stage of his gestation.

10 Weeks Pregnant - In General

As always, continue to take good care of you. Your baby is by now receiving all his required nutrients from you and his health and yours are intrinsically linked. Whilst being pregnant is not an illness, it is still important that you rest when need be and don’t over-tax yourself.

At 10 weeks pregnant, others may not realise that you're 'with child'. However, just because others don’t realise you’re pregnant doesn’t mean that you’re not. Take it easy!

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ralwus 7 years ago

I had expected this to be about frog reproduction.

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raluws - lol I'm sorry to disappoint! I know nothing about amphibian reproduction. Amazing fact huh?!

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ralwus 7 years ago

Hehe, I have witnessed it my girl, amazing stuff and lots of babies too. They all seem to do it the same but different. Lots of action and slime. LOL little cannibals

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ralwus - now I think I forgot! I do know a little, as you say, lots and lots of spawn and plenty of scoffing siblings.

Life is rough for baby frogs :|

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Lgali 7 years ago

another good hub always write some thing amazing

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Lgali - thankyou. You're really quite lovely :)

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I had expected this to be about frog reproduction.

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frogdropping 7 years ago Author

tuttya - surprise! About babies ;)

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Beth100 7 years ago from Canada

As always, a great hub Froggy!

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Am I dead, yet? 7 years ago

I thought that frogs spawned? Is this correct? Lol xD Great hub! Great series! I am enjoying the images.

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This hub very useful ,It fulfill information.

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