12 Bad Habits That Can Ruin Your Health

Did you know that…

An extra portion of unprocessed red meat on a daily basis is associated with increased risk of death by 13 percent.

Excessive cigarette smoking will reduce your life expectancy by 10 years.

If you skip breakfast, you are 4.5 times more likely to be obese.

Every hour you watch TV, you may shorten your life by as much as 22 minutes.

Bad habits can seriously ruin your health and reduce your life expectancy, so let us see what those habits are and what we can do to change them.


1. Eating too quickly

Studies showed that eating too quickly could cause acid reflux, excessive gas, and bloating. We need to remember that it takes 20 minutes for our brain to get the message from our stomach. Apart from above-mentioned problems, eating too quickly can also result in weight gain. People who eat too quickly are more likely to be overweight. Studies showed that 84 percent of women who eat too quickly are overweight and have problems with blood pressure, and heart.

2. Sitting down all day

Today more and more jobs require common working space and offices. However, very few companies and firms include in their working polices the time for exercising, or are even equip with some kind of exercising place. Studies showed that women who sit more than 6 hours a day are 40 percent likely to die within 15 years than those women who sit less than 3 hours. Sitting for extended period causes heart attack and stroke. When sitting down all day, our metabolism weakens and harmful radicals, infections, viruses and other common medical problems endanger our immune system.

3. Inadequate body position

Bad posture cause back pain, affect the spine, and rib cage. This in turn can have serious negative effects on our lungs and heart. Leaning forward too much can affect our lung capacity as much as 30 percent. Exercising at least three times per week can balance the body position and prevent back pain.

4. Tanning

Although people, especially women, include tanning in their skin treatments, they are not aware of the bad consequences and possible health problems of this treatment. Studies showed that women who visit tanning salons more than once a month are 55 percent more likely to develop malignant melanoma. One can easily have beautiful and healthy skin using natural resources and treatments.


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5. Lack of sleep

Yes, we live in a fast world, and sometimes we are not able to see how fast we actually live. We often feel that 24 hours are not long enough for the daily activities we planned, so we choose to substitute day for night, and even shorten hours of sleep. However, lack of sleep is our huge disadvantage. Scientists concluded that sleeping less than 6 hours a day is linked to premature dying. Many studies also showed that sleep deprivation could lead to heart problems, and cause obesity.

6. Excessive alcohol consumption

We all know that alcohol is probably the number one drink that can cause serious health problems. Men who regularly drink more than eight units of alcohol a day are 4 times likely to develop high blood pressure. Women who regularly consume the same amount double their risk of developing the same problem. Not only will the excessive consumption cause liver illnesses, it will also cause heart failure and strokes.

7. Overworking

People who work more than ten hours per day are 60 percent more likely to develop heart disease and to have a heart attack. Overworking is closely linked to stress and anxiety, and stress and anxiety cause heart problems. Stress hormones increase blood pressure and blood sugar, slow digestion and lower the immunity. Overworking leads to chronic stress as well. Too much time on the job is also threatening to your love life and social relationships.

8. Video games addiction

In a word, video games are time consuming – they tempt you to sit still for a very long time. Studies linked video gaming with anxiety, depression, and increased BMI. Moreover, video games are addictive, thus the correlation between depression and anxiety and video games could be even stronger. Gaming is fun, but we also need to live outside our rooms. One can continue playing games only if exercising at the same time.

9. Too much caffeine

Caffeine can be beneficial, but too much caffeine can cause anxiety, high blood pressure, and sleep problems. If caffeine comes with sugar, too much sugar can cause tooth decay and obesity. If one is having problems with too much caffeine, the problem has somewhat an easy solution. Replace the excess caffeine with fresh fruits, veggies drinks, smoothies etc.

10. Eating too much fast food

What will you get from eating too much fast food? Bigger waistline, that is for sure. On the other hand, one can easily trigger more serious health problems, such as diabetes and heart diseases. Fast food can also raise the bad cholesterol. Although fast food is tasty, super-convenient, and inexpensive, one needs to switch to a healthy diet.

11. Too much TV watching

People who watch TV more than 2 hours per day eat more (usually processed snacks) and drink soft drinks that are more sugary. Spending too much time in front of TV can lead to developing diabetes type 2, studies showed.

12. Stop exercising when the kids arrived

Having children is not only a major change in life, it is also a huge responsibility. The problem appears when parents forget that they also have a life. Although it takes a lot of patience and discipline to balance our and our children’s need, we should not forget about ourselves. Not having time for your body, can lead to serious health problems.

Note: These 12 bad Habits are colleted with help of my dear friend Linda Ward. She is an author and a content editor for Ecellulitis health community.

What can you do to change these bad habits? Where should you start?


Meditation is on the first place on your change-bad-habits list. The easiest way to decrease stress and anxiety is to meditate at least 10 minutes per day. Studies showed that people who meditated 6 to 9 months every day for at least 10 minutes decreased the risk of heart attack by 11 percent, and the risk of stroke by 15 percent.


Researchers showed that laughing improves blood flow by more than 20 percent. Laughing helps reduce the risk of heart disease and boost the immune system as well.


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peachpurple profile image

peachpurple 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

my bad habits are caffeine and lack of sleep. I use too much computer.

Donald1960 profile image

Donald1960 3 years ago from United States Author

I have the same problem ;) Thanks for your comment!

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