20 tips on how to be happy


20 tips on how to be happy

How to be happy

"Most people are as happy as they make up their mind", said Abraham Lincoln.

It is not what happens to us in life that determines our happiness, it is the way we react to what happens to us that determines our happiness. Being happy is not always easy, though it can be one of the greatest challenges that we face.

Maturity means taking responsibility for our own happiness and choosing to concentrate on what we have got, not on what we do not have.

simple tips

Some simple tips that can help you to live a happier life.

Do not think happiness depends on money and position and the things you can afford to buy. Do recognize the ill effect of concentrating on this side and neglecting your human relationships so that those close to you may not think they have ceased to matter.

Do not think you have to be important, in the forefront of everything than the rest. This attitude brings you into competition with people and gives rise to bad feeling.

Do not think that everything you do has to be perfect. Expecting perfection will bring you much tension and anxiety that's been generated inside you, and eventually you may end up incapable of enjoying anything.

Do Understand how much better it is to accept the unavoidable with good humour. Take pride in adapting yourself to circumstances.

Do not think that people notice everything you do. They are really too busy with their own affairs, which makes them equally unlikely to notice your mistakes. Even if they do it is a question how much they are really interested towards it.

Do not always expect people to notice you, discourage that sense of self importance which makes you feel hurt when people do not notice what you want them to see and notice.

Do not think everybody should be kind to you and treat you as a special person and visa verse. It is asking for unhappiness to go around expecting everybody to be nice to us and you to be nice to everyone.


Respect your worth

Take time to acknowledge personal accomplishments and celebrate success in a manner that can strengthen relationships. Keeping good social and personal relations are very effective means of avoiding stress.

Take good care of yourself, feeling good always will make you look good, for this love yourself each day and every moment, whenever you find time tell yourself "I love you" and give yourself a hug.

Wear a smile everyday, compliment at least one person in the day, greet people and take each day as the first day of the rest of your life. Be innovative, and kind do something new everyday or as often as you can.

Write journals, be passionate about your work, take some hobbies, improve your social life by meeting up with friends and relatives.

Figure out fun quotient of the day.

Avoid procrastinations and perfectionism. Both are extremely dangerous.

Eat healthy diets and exercise regularly.

Be assertive instead of being aggressive.

Control anxiety by identifying one's irrational thoughts and beliefs and rectifying them.

Instead of cribbing and complaining accept loss gracefully and move on with life.

Replace low self esteem with good self image by always choosing to think positive, strengthening your talents and learning from your mistakes.

Overcome boredom with introduction of changes and passion in life.

When feeling sad or low you can have an attitude of gratitude towards good things of life, and observing how you are better compared to some others who are not.

Check with these simple tips, hope it helps you to be happy.

But then we choose the other way - like this;-)


I know you won't do that after reading these tips enjoy this is your day, keep smiling " Life is beautiful"


We are necessarily in control of our own happiness because we decide the thoughts we think. No one else puts thoughts in our mind. To be happy we need to concentrate on happy thoughts. How often do we do the opposite? How often do we ignore the compliments that are paid to us but think of unkind words spokento us for weeks afterwards?

If you allow a bad experience to occupy your mind, you will suffer the consequences.

Remember, you are the controller of your own mind.

If you have any second opinion!!

If you have any second opinion on the above 20 do practice this 9 at least which will certainly bring happiness in your life.

1.Believe In God :

Believe in God the maxim, God knows what to give, how and when. He is the best dispenser of justice. He knows what we deserve for all our thoughts deserve for all our thoughts and actions in this births. All we can do is to do our duty and leave the rest to God. Only efforts are under our control,. not the results.


Be happy with what you have if you don't have what you like, start liking what you have. This way one can get peace of mind although things are not happening as one would like them to happen.

3.Do good always:

Do good and be good. This is a very basic principle for being happy at all times. Trying to have revenge for an old wrong will take us nowhere. But by being good we can win over many hearts and avoid unnecessary problems in this world. In other words if you make others happy, they will make you happy. You will also get inner happiness that cannot be explained; it can only be experienced.

4.Love all, Serve all:

If you start loving all people, irrespective of heir caste, creed etc, you will start realizing the oneness of the universe. God, by whatever name He is called, is present everywhere, even in lifeless things. By serving all God's creations we are actually serving Him and would be duly rewarded by Him.

5.Speak less, Work more:

Most of the problems of today arise out of unnecessary talk that serves no purpose and, many times needlessly hurt the feelings of others. By controlling our tongue, we can avoid unnecessary differences and disturbances. To avoid loose talk, one should always indulge in some useful activities and thereby contribute the growth of mankind.

6.Be moderate always:

Moderation is a virtue that helps man maintain his balance of mind at all times. Taking extreme postures in any issue would only lead to ill-will and bitterness. Even in our food habits or living styles, we must always be moderate. Moderation helps us gain full control of our mind.

7.Strengthen your mind:

By constantly reading good works of masters and spending time with good people, who have shown the way to lead a happy life, we can strengthen our mind to face unfavorable circumstances with calmness and presence of mind. We must have the wisdom to know what is good and what is bad, only enlightened people and their works would give us this wisdom, that too over years of practice.

8.Learn to Laugh;

Laughter is the unique gift given to mankind by God. We must develop a sense of humor which will help us to over come a gloomy mentality. We must learn to laugh at ourselves, our foolish acts, our mistakes etc. At the same time, when we crack jokes, we must ensure that they do not hurt anybody. They should be lively and refreshing.

9.Be Positive:

Any issue can be seen from two view points Positive and Negative. A positive attitude helps you look at the brighter aspects of things and overcome problems, if any. But a negative attitude makes you look at the gloomy side of things, pushes down your spirits and you feel defeated You will not be able to make any effort to come out of the depression. A man who was sad as he did not have good shoes, realized that he was better of when he saw a man who did not have legs.

Finally, happiness is like a lighted candle with which we can light several other candles. In the same way we must spread happiness wherever we go and make the atmosphere pleasant and enjoyable. That is why it is said that happiness comes more by giving than by receiving .

Be a giver at all times.

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amanthkr01 profile image

amanthkr01 4 years ago from India

To make your life is the duty of every individual. Your hub has really given some simple and worthy tips to make your life happy.

Voted up and useful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eswar profile image

eswar 4 years ago from India Author

Thank you amanthkro1

Happyboomernurse profile image

Happyboomernurse 4 years ago from South Carolina

Love this wise, uplifting, beautifully illustrated hub.

Particularly liked this paragraph: "Wear a smile everyday, compliment at least one person in the day, greet people and take each day as the first day of the rest of your life. Be innovative, and kind do something new everyday or as often as you can," which basically sums up the way I try to live my life.

Voted up across the board including funny because the photos and graphics made me smile.

eswar profile image

eswar 4 years ago from India Author

yes, that's true, that one paragraph sums up the ethic for happy life, happy to hear you try to live that way you will achieve it, i am humbled, thanks for stopping by and offering comments, read my other hubs and do drop me your valuable comments, happyboomernurse.

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