3 Ways to Reduce Cholesterol

3 Ways to Reduce Cholesterol

High cholesterol is an increasingly serious problem affecting many people around the world in the Occident, who, according to the latest results released by the World Health Organization (WHO), are the people that has been experienced the greatest increase in the rate of victims of this health problem. The last decade was indeed the time of greatest increase of this disease.

Before moving forward with prevention methods and solutions to reverse this situation if it materializes, should understand better how it works and how it may arise. Thus, it becomes important to clarify that high cholesterol is derived primarily from food and the organism itself, or its production (in excess or lack thereof) necessarily derives from these two sources that are responsible for the "manufacture" in optimal amounts.

However, the organism is not always treated the best way, or follow the recommended diet, which causes an undesired deregulation. It is clear that the rules for the defense of our body must exist and be respected, although there may be a diversion from time to time. The controversy takes place when the shift happens too much and has taken an excessive diversion, something to avoid at all costs, particularly at crucial stages of life such as youth and the "third age".

Essential tips for lowering cholesterol

  • The food consisting of milk and dairy products must be minimized, but not the short cut if you're used to consume them regularly. Try replacing them with similar ingredients, but from goat or sheep, content holders a lot less greasy than those made from cow's milk and therefore much less harmful to the increase in cholesterol;
  • Balance your diet with more fish and less meat, especially pork, giving preference to white meat and not the red. The latter is greatly harmful to health if consumed in excess, due to its own constitution, so it is advisable to eat less pork products;
  • Give preference to roasted over fried foods and confections involving the use of cooking oil and saturated fats. The same principle should apply to sauces and compounds such as mustard and ketchup, whose intake is forbidden to anyone who has high cholesterol, for which a replacement from tomatoes or herbs is much recommended because it does lead to an optimal and health monitoring features as the ancestors of the Mediterranean diet nutrients that have unfortunately been missed.

The number of tips to lower cholesterol is immense, but the three above-mentioned are the blocks for all others. The premises are mainly taken from the essential and "cleared" to focus more on one or another direction, exploring certain aspects specifically. However, the crux of the matter is nuclear and the oscillation of the suggestions is simply focused on solving some point be in need of attention is greater for some reason.

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