3 Instant Health-hopping "pick-me-ups" ..

These are tips that have worked for me...

Remember that the consistent theme of this blog is "Health As a Hobby"..finding time for usage /application of key & quality health tips to be appropriated in your spare time..

# 1) Exercise first thing in the morning (more on this in an upcoming post).. You're probably thinking, "So much for 'spare time'!"... Granted, this will work better if you're either an adolescent, a single adult, or someone who's retired..but in any case, even if you're a working adult, or working while married with children, in arranging your schedule (and possibly care of your children with your spouse), you may find an easy way to make this work.

I've found that getting up 1 hour earlier than you normally would (5:00 am, if your normal reveille is by 6:00 am) & going for even as short as a 20-30 minute walk, swim, jog, etc. really gives you a jump-start on your day in terms of energy, vigor, endurance & even positive thinking.

If you're the type that enjoys resistance & strength training, pick a section of your body (upper or lower body splits is best) & take 20 or 30 minutes (after warm-up) to do some resistance-focused exercises for whatever muscle group you've chosen to work that day. (more on resistance training later, as well)

2) Drink water!--Lots of it! The simple process of supplying oxygen to the brain, will clear your head & give you more energy for your work (or exercise). Pumping enough water through your system also provides your blood with the cleansing it needs to rid your body of toxins that build up in our bodies. Try going for at least 4-6 glasses of just water, apart from the coffee, sodas, or other beverages consumed throughout the day...works for me...

3) Get enough sleep (more on this one later too)! The average adult needs about 7 or 8 hours of sleep to perform well with balanced energy levels throughout the day & to maintain good health, digestion, breathing, etc. In other words, your body's organs function at their smoothest & best, when you get this amount of sleep nightly. This is because 7-8 hrs is the needed time your body takes to repair damages in your system & to restore any cells, muscles, etc. that are worn or weary throughout the average day. Depriving your body of this amount of sleep, means that you deprive your muscles/organs/tissues/blood-cells, the correct maintenance & upkeep they deserve..Of course, everyone's different, but this is what I'd recommend for you, as I know that I operate best throughout any day after a minimum of 7 hours night rest..(I don't even need coffee at any point in the day, provided I get that amount of sleep each night)..

Any of these tips on their own will boost your energy levels & bodily performance on their own..put all 3 together & you'll notice an immediate difference..

Happy "Healthing"! ;)

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traceysfolly 6 years ago

This was a great article full of advice that won't be too painful to follow! I enjoyed reading this and I look forward to reading more of your work.

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