4 Amazing Chest Fat Burning Exercises That Actually Work

Chest Fat Burning Exercises

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Chest Fat Burning Exercises Taking Effect How You'll Look After You Use These Awesome Chest Fat Burning Exercises
Chest Fat Burning Exercises Taking Effect
Chest Fat Burning Exercises Taking Effect
How You'll Look After You Use These Awesome Chest Fat Burning Exercises
How You'll Look After You Use These Awesome Chest Fat Burning Exercises

4 Chest Fat Exercises That Are Awesome And Actually Work

In this hub I'm going to be going through 4 chest fat burning workouts that flat out work.  No theory.  No BS.  Just chest fat burning exercises that have been proven to work time and time again.

You see, when i was growing up, I was always frustrated since for whatever reason I had this ugly fat on my chest.  It really drove me crazy and I spent countless days and nights trying to figure out a way to get rid of them.

It was a total pain in the butt.  Here I was thinking about my chest fat instead of thinking about other normal stuff kids are supposed to be thinking about.  It flat out sucked.

So then I decided to check the internet to find some really good chest fat burning exercises that other folks had been using that flat out worked.  I searched all over the web, search engines, video sites, blogs, you name it...

And then I finally found some stuff that actually made sense and had the testimonials to prove it.  Chest fat burning exercises that actually worked.

So I started using them myself and found the same thing… These exercises actually worked and burned the fat off my chest!  So I decided I would go ahead and share them with you :-).

Here are the 4 Chest Fat Burning Exercises that flat out work:

1) Bench Press -- This is a great workout that targets your entire chest and simply works.  It's probably the best overall chest exercise out there so you definitely want to do this one! <p>

2) Incline Bench Press -- This is just like the bench press but like the name implies, you are actually at an incline.  This is a great exercise that zeros in on your upper chest muscles.  This does wonders for you to dramatically reduce the look of fatty chests.<p>

3) Decline Chest Press -- This exercise is seriously like a gift from God for me.  I always had a really weak lower chest and it just made my chest look weird to me.  Anyway, this is a great exercise to work on your lower chest and give your chest that real masculine look.<p>

4) Cable Chest Fly -- This one really works your entire chest and works on your entire range of motion.  I've been super sore many days after doing this exercise.

How To Do These Chest Fat Burning Exercises:

Now with all of these exercises, it's super important that you are doing them correctly and are really forcing yourself to work.  You don't want to just go through the motions and expect to get the results.  You need to make sure that you have enough weight on there to really push yourself and feel the burn.

You see, the whole reason you are doing these exercises is to build up the muscle in your chest and in turn make your chest burn more fat.  And in order to burn the fat, you need to make sure that you are putting enough stress on your muscles so they can strengthen.

So make sure that you are really pushing yourself and are doing these exercises at least twice a week with a maximum of 3 times.  You need to make sure that you have enough rest so your muscles can regenerate.  If you don't, it will basically just cancel out all of that you've done and I'd hate for that to happen!

Now this is one of the first steps that you need to take if you want to burn the fat off your chest.  If you want to check out some more awesome ways that you can burn your chest fat, make sure you chest out my Chest Fat Burning Blog Here.

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Carol the Writer profile image

Carol the Writer 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

I am sitting down, not exercising, and reading this. lol Good hub, great information. - Carol

Arka 7 years ago

Nice write. I'd just like to add something that I have come across on bodybuilder Johnnie Jackson's vid and have started doing. The floor press. Basically you lie down on the floor-you bring the bar down till your elbows touch the floor then push straight up. I have been doing this for some time and it actually hits your upper chest extremely hard. A very primal movement; but effective.

dominic 6 years ago

Great article and thanks for the tip on the floor press, arka!

philip 4 years ago

That was awesome amazing greet ????

Really like that lol

mario 4 years ago

I like cable crossover exercise a lot! Cable-crossover exercises are effective for building strong pectoral muscles. The tension in the cable provides a smooth and continuous resistance, unlike free weights, which can be affected by momentum. http://www.muska-posla.com

Jon o nalley 4 years ago

Need to do some cardio to bro extra calorie burn 15 min good pace on the treads good hussle bro

sanjay 4 years ago

i do this 4 exercise 4 time with in 1 week how much time i get a fat free chest because i want a ripped chest ?

unknown 2 years ago

My friend u are right those 4 exercises do work but in order for them to work u gotta do a lot of cardio if not ur not gonna be having good resulst on ur chest. U have to burn the fat out by running a least 15 mins a day, normal push ups will do great for ur chest and of course if vwanna get results faster drink some green tea that will force ur fat cells in ur chest to burn out.. if you only use bench or do push ups what u will do is make ur chest look even bigger and less attractive because ur fat cells still going to be there but since ur muscles are gonna be growing its gonna be worse then when u begun... if uvreally wanna burn that chest fat this are my tips.. jog at least 15 mins a day 3 times a week, drnk a lot of water and if u can find green tea that will increase ur fat burn and loose ur chest fat easier and faster, do push ups for at least 30 mins don't count ur push ups just work out 30 mins and make sure ur working it to the max ..flex ur chest for at least 10 mins every 2 days i know it sounds stupid but justvdoit my friend u will get reslts... another tips in how to get ur chest fat in 2 months is doing exaclty everithing i told u and usingthis cream tummy tuck u can buy it in amazon.com i know it says tummy but it does the same work on ur chestbit burns the fat and forces fat cells to release the fat. siluet 40 its another creame that works, that's a mexican brand but it does the same thing it forces the fat cells tobrelease any fat that's been stored for years ...i know and guarantee youthatvthese exercises will work and u will getvreslts n the first month.. now if u wanna cheat and use these creams u will see results on the secon week ..

Sadman 5 months ago

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