5 Natural Cures For Morning Sickness - Ease Your Morning Sickness Today!

First of all I want you to take my congratulations, you are about to give a birth to your new child and I am happy for you. Pregnancy is very beautiful and exiting period, but there are also some symptoms that can make your life harder then you have ever imagined. The worst of them is morning sickness. There aren't any medical ways to cure it, but there are few natural home cures for morning sickness and I want to share the best 5 of them with you.

1) Eat many small sized meals during the day instead of eating only 3. A big meal can be very heavy for your stomach right now and you'll probably vomit right after it. There are 2 reasons why it's helpful: because it's easier on your stomach and because this way your stomach is never empty and you are never hungry. Did I mention that hunger is the main cause for morning sickness? During the pregnancy you are vomiting a lot and your body doesn't get enough food – it increases the nausea feeling!

2) Control your sugar level in blood. A sudden drop in blood sugar can cause serious sickness and vomiting. Actually that's one of the reasons the morning sickness is stronger in the morning – because you didn't eat anything for 8 hours and the blood sugar level is very low. I really recommend you eating apples, bananas and other fruits which contain sugar. Another method is also to eat protein snacks before you are going to sleep and also eat a small meal before you are getting up. Crackers with tea will be excellent, toast with apple juice or even corn flex without milk. Don't forget to lie in the bed for at least 15 minutes after finishing eating and let your stomach to digest the meal. Controlling your sugar level is definitely one of the best cures for morning sickness and will help you!

3) Avoid strong smells – women are very sensitive to smells while their pregnant, and strong smells can easily set the sickness up or increase it. Strong smells of food, perfumes, cigarettes, your husband's aftershave or even a barbeque smell have to be avoided. If it means that you can't cook ask you hubby to do it, he'll be happy to help you. Try to stay always in a well ventilated place, open all the windows and let the fresh air in. If suddenly the nausea strikes you, get to the closest window or go outside to breathe some air until it passes!

4) Lemon – it's a great method to relieve any kind of nausea. I bet when you were going to the dance clubs you saw these guys who were eating pieces of lemon after getting nauseous from alcohol. Well, I hope you don't drink any alcohol during the pregnancy, but lemon can be really helpful when the morning sickness strikes again! Lemon is one of the best cures for morning sickness, or any sickness. It's easy to have one with you everywhere – at work, when you are walking at park. You can also squeeze a piece of lemon and drink the juice with hot water instead of tea. Icy lemonade with a little sugar will be excellent at hot summer day!

5) The acupressure points technique – this method comes form the Chinese alternative medicine. Since our modern doctors can't find any helpful cures for morning sickness, I thought that taking something from Chinese medicine is the only way. Basically there are a lot of energy points on your body, and by tapping on them you can easily relieve stress, pains, headache and also any kind of sickness – motion or pregnancy! This method isn't proved by science but in a lot of hospitals doctors use it to relieve the post anesthesia sickness. Maybe it's not a cure but it's a good way to get rid of it in minutes.You can learn more about the acupressure points thechnique here ----- Click Here!

One last thing – morning sickness is not a decease and never treat it like that. I know it's not a big pleasure to run to the toilet every 10 minutes, but it's a normal part of your pregnancy and development of your baby! Those 5 methods will help you to relieve the morning sickness and make your pregnancy much easier. Take my congratulations again and I hope you'll give a birth to a lovely and healthy baby!

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