How to Get Rid of Dull Skin

No more dull skin.
No more dull skin.

If you have to describe your skin condition, would dull be one of them?  Or do people tell you that?  Or imply it? (Ooo..that’s a painful piece of information). What qualify dull skin? Dull skin lacks luster and radiance.  It screams old and tired and run down.  It is a common problem and you can easily become a victim (especially if you’re over eighteen—cell turnover starts to slow down) through neglect, nutritional deficiency, pollution from the environment, poor lifestyles, and yes, bad skin gene. Just like the scum build-up on your windows, dead cells can build up on your skin and cast a dull, lifeless pall over your skin. Skin can also become dull when blood flow is reduced, causing skin cells to die prematurely. Smoking is the main culprit as nicotine can damage collagen (the connective fibers that make your skin supple).

If you’ve looked into the mirror and determined that you indeed have dull skin, you can fix it. There are ways to regenerate cell growth and brighten up your skin to restore radiance.  There are many ways to fight dull skin and different sources will suggest different things but if you’re already overwhelmed by this skin condition, you don’t want to be overwhelmed with hundreds of ways. Here are just 5 and you can easily incorporate them into your life and start your skin on a healthy glow routine.  Ready?

Exfoliate with fruits.
Exfoliate with fruits.


If dead cells shroud your skin’s natural radiance, then slough it off. Exfoliate is the word. By removing dead skin, a new layer will take its place—younger, healthier skin cells surface. A gentle facial scrub, preferably ones containing micro-abrasion can help buff dead skin away. There are many store-bought varieties and health stores have their  share of more organic facial scrubs. If you don’t have one in mind or is looking for one to start your “radiance” routine, consider Olay Regenerist Thermal polisher or Nivea Q10 Gentle Spa Micro-Dermabrasion.

Don’t like processed facial scrub? Well, you’re in luck. Nature has its own array of exfoliants. Fruits containing hydroxy acids and lactic acids make good exfoliants. Strawberries, grapes, apples, pears, grapes, apricots, papaya and pineapple make excellent choices. Simply cut fruit and apply directly on skin. Alternatively smashed it into pulp consistency and apply. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse.

Of course, you can also have the dermatologist exfoliate your skin—Dermabrasion or chemical peel. A professional does the job and you get rejuvenated skin. Simple, but you get to foot the bill. Well, maybe, not so simple.

Hydrate Your Skin

Ever seen the effects of living things without water?  Leaves wilt, skin blisters, petals shrivels—not a pretty picture.  Your skin will look wane and patched, no vibrancy—lifeless.  Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water to hydrate your skin cells and watch it plump up with suppleness. A very easy thing to do but often overlook as it seems like a no-brainer.  Sometimes, the best remedy is that simple and easy.

According to a report from WebMD, it’s best to drink hard water.  Why? The minerals found in hard water is better for your skin.

If you’re not a water-drinker, you prefer sodas and fancy drinks, here’s another reason to hydrate with good old plain water:

Experts say that water also detoxify, moving good nutrients in and shipping bad toxins out of the body—keeping skin clean and clear.

Moisturize Your Skin

Skin battles many unfriendly elements. The pollutants in the environment steal its glow, the damaging UV rays destroy connective fibers (collagen and elastin) under the skin, the dry, cold atmosphere robs moisture, and even your own genes may be conniving to bring your skin health down. Then there’s the ravages of time—age can tarnish the clarity of the skin. What do you do? Replenish, nurture and protect—feed your skin with moisturizers. Not just any moisturizers—some are better than others. Here are some ingredients that make super skin savers:

Retinol: A vitamin A compound, serves as powerful antioxidant to neutralize free radicals that break down skin cells and cause wrinkles.

Coenzyme Q10: A nutrient to regulate energy production in cells.

Vitamin A, C and E: Their antioxidant properties help to prevent cellular damage.

Copper peptides: Stimulate the production of collagen and enhance the action of antioxidants.

Tea Extracts: Catechins, potent antioxidants found in tea, particularly green tea prevents cellular damage and is anti-inflammatory

Nourish Your Skin from Inside Out

If you like to eat, this is terribly good news.  You can eat your way to healthier skin—you just have to pick the right kinds of foods and it’s not hard as the choices are staggering….you’ll see. Fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins and antioxidants—these nutrients boost skin health and prevent cellular damage.  Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and plums are the mighty quartets of antioxidants. Love fatty foods?  You’re right on if you pick the ones containing essential fatty acids—salmon and all fatty fish, nuts, seeds, avocados, olive oil, and safflower oil. Then there are whole grains, whole-wheat muffins, turkey, poultry, Brazil nuts.  All these categories of foods nourish your skin from inside out.  Makes perfect sense and such a yummy fact to know.

Healthy Lifestyle

The way you live decides your skin health. Want glowing skin?—get your beauty rest of at least 8 hours.  Sleep gives your body time to rejuvenate and that goes for skin cells. Do you smoke?  Bad news—nicotine depletes collagen—not a happy prospect for juicy supple skin. Do you exercise?  Good for you—exercise pumps blood (and with it oxygen) to your skin, keeping it healthy. Do qualify as a sun-worshipper?  Harsh UV rays can cause premature wrinkles, induce pigmentation and dry out your skin.  Either you lather on sunscreen (at least SPF 15) or reduce sun exposure.

Glowing skin can be yours.  5 simple steps with one attainable goal. Simple and do-able.



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Patti Ann profile image

Patti Ann 7 years ago from Florida

Excellent! Thanks for the great tips. I'm going to try the strawberry facial mask.

anglnwu profile image

anglnwu 7 years ago Author

Patti Ann, thanks for dropping by. Let me know how that works for you.

Melody Lagrimas profile image

Melody Lagrimas 7 years ago from Philippines

Excellent tips. Oat meal can also be used as exfoliant.

anglnwu profile image

anglnwu 7 years ago Author

You're right--oatmeal is an excellent exfoliant too. Nature is amazing--it provides everything we need--even beauty needs.

Thanks for visiting.

jayb23 profile image

jayb23 7 years ago from India

Awesome Tips Anglnwu. I have bookmarked this page. Hope this hub turns out to be useful for me. Cheers

anglnwu profile image

anglnwu 7 years ago Author

Thanks, Jay, for your kind comments. I see you have the next part to your growing saga of a story--I'm off to read it.

christiansister profile image

christiansister 6 years ago

Very good info and writing. Up to this one :)

anglnwu profile image

anglnwu 6 years ago Author

Thanks, my good christiansister!

Ruez 6 years ago

these r some very good tips Miss I am really glad that i hav visited this site,I am 17 year old boy and my skin is fair but from the last year i am suffering from a very dull skin but there isn't a way i can fix it but now things r turning well lets follow ur suggestion

anglnwu profile image

anglnwu 5 years ago Author

Thanks, Ruez, for dropping by to comment. Good luck on your skin.

Ruez 5 years ago

I have one more question i have a problem my sleep bearks once or twice in eight hours is it bad?

anglnwu profile image

anglnwu 5 years ago Author

Thanks, Ruez, for checking back. Do u mean sleep breaks? If you just have one or two interruptions during your sleep, it's quite normal, unless you have a hard time going back to sleep after that. Hope I answer your question.

Ruez 5 years ago

thnx a lot fr ur reply ur adive gave me a comfort of mind thn this sleep break is normal,aahh that's a relief ur the best nd eating vegetable really works thank u so much

anglnwu profile image

anglnwu 5 years ago Author

Thanks, Ruez, for checking back. I'm glad all is well. Enjoy your day and stay healthy:)

angieCOL 5 years ago



anglnwu profile image

anglnwu 5 years ago Author

Thanks, angieCOL. I've another article on dark cirlces. Check it out:

Sue 5 years ago

Thank you for the excellent tips! Good job and keep this website going!! :-)

anglnwu profile image

anglnwu 5 years ago Author

Thanks, Sue, for commenting and for your positive feedback.

Storytellersrus profile image

Storytellersrus 5 years ago from Stepping past clutter

Great hub- very informative. I have terribly dry skin and need to drink more water. Our hard water messes up our sinks and pipes, requiring constant scraping. But I guess it has it's benefits. I prefer filtered water, oops!

anglnwu profile image

anglnwu 5 years ago Author

Thanks, storytellerus, for commenting. Drinking more water is one way to combat dry skin. I prefer filtered water too.

vina 4 years ago

good tips thank u

anglnwu profile image

anglnwu 4 years ago Author

Thank you, Vina.

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