5 things, besides medicine, that could help with your soar throat

There are five treats that can help cure your soar throat, besides aspirin or liquid medicine. Here are the five things that are good for your sore throat.

Hot salt water- Salt water may have a bitter taste, but it also soothens the part in your throat that is red, another word for sore. To prepare a glass of water, you will need to fill a small glass with hot water, and a spoonful of salt. Stir. I know this part is not always easy, but you will need to go ahead and swallow it to get it out of your system.

Fruit Smoothies- Who doesn't love fruit smoothies? They are very tasty, and they are also very good for your soreness inside your throat. You may order your faovrite smoothie from a smoothie shop, like smoothie king, or if you know how to make homemade smoothies, you may buy the ingredients from the market and make the smoothie however you planned.

Hot drinks- Most of you may already know this, but a hot drink, like hot tea and coffee, is another treat to calm your soar throat. The best part may be that the hot drink does not have to be just coffee or tea. It could also be drinks hot water, hot kool-aid, and hot water with sweet things, like honey and sugar, in it.

Ice cream- I scream? You scream? We all scream for ice cream? Yes, we all scream, especially the people with a sore throat. Ice cream is another thing that could cure your sore throat. I have gotten this advice from one of my favorite singing artists. She once said that ice cream would always calm the burn in her throat.

Hard Candy- No, I am not talking about the title of one of Madonna's music cds. I am talking about real hard candy, and not just cough drops. I am also referring to candies, like peppermint, caramel, and life savers. I love pretty much any kind of candy, so to the people who loves candy, this must be your lucky day.


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