5 things to do daily in 50 minutes to build your confidence

If you want to build confidence, simply and clearly I can say that you have to change your daily routine same like people do to achieve their certain goals, confidence building is like a goal you want to attain in certain period of time so you have to manage it by dividing it on months then on weeks then on days, to get your goal successfully.

Do certain activities really work to build my confidence?

Most of the searchers don’t believe that some certain exercises or activities of daily routine can build their confidence and they don’t even try and just start believing what they can see, I think they are afraid of doing some thing that disturb or make a little change to their daily life. To build your confidence, first you have to keep in your mind that you have to change, if you don’t want to change don’t even think to build your confidence.

If you believe that something works then it works, no matter that it’s a simple activity or complex one.

how to build confidence, how to gain confidence
how to build confidence, how to gain confidence
Things to do daily

First 10 minutes

Stand in front of mirror

As for as I am concern, I believe to start building confidence in a much crazy way.

If I ask you questions

What you feel when you stand in front of the mirror?

What do you do when you observe some certain beauty and good thing in you?

What happen to you when you see something you don’t want to see in the mirror?

Do you think you can make yourself believe that you are pretty or handsome then any other?

If you want to build your confidence the first thing on the start of the day you have to do is to convince your mind that you are pretty good, stand in front of the mirror and start repeating your thinking to make your mind such that you are the confident one, do it daily and then see the miracles.

Give smiles to you to satisfy yourself from you

2nd 10 minutes

Be alone and talk to yourself daily for some minutes

Loneliness generally considered as a bad thing for a growing person and most of the people don’t know that to be alone is the habit of great people, consult the history of the world and check the habits of the great persons, you will find that to be alone and giving time to yourself is the institution to builds great personalities, so to build your confidence.

Give at least 10 to 15 minutes to yourself daily, no matter at which time and where, just you are comfortable and alone, analyze yourself there, automatically you will find the reasons of losing your confidence, also you will be able to know the solution to build your confidence by your own maintenance.

So give your self time, be alone and talk to your self like crazy people, this is how you can build your confidence.

3rd badge of 10 minutes

Focus on your dress

Give at least 10 minutes to manage your daily dress and wearing it, if you think you feel inferior then others due to dress then you must have to give time to your dressing, the answer for you of “how to build my confidence?” is look matter greatly in imposing your first impression on others and presenting you as a confident person.

4th badge of 10 minutes

Differentiate between your friend and enemy

Differentiating between your friends and enemies is the most important thing you can do to build your confidence.

Simple rule is here

Enemy is one whose company loses your confidence


Friend is one whose company builds your confidence

So daily give yourself 10 minutes to recognize every person in your life, simple formula, nice and easy way to recognize others and then plan to deal with them gently without any trouble.

how to build confidence, building confidence
how to build confidence, building confidence

5th badge of 10 minutes

Make your decisions

These ten minutes are for concentrating on your way of life, on your aim of life, what do want in life? How you want to live life? How you want to be successful and how you are going to develop your personality more and more? How you can complete your responsibilities on yourself?

All these questions need answers are to be answered by you to yourself, these answers make you clear and give you a purpose to live life and also support you to build your confidence and self esteem.

Giving these 10 minutes to yourself is to creating a think tank for your life.

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