6 Things That You Should Avaoid About Weight Loss

Try to lose weight is always be a hard issue. But as you can imagine, unfortunately, there are some, namely stupid weight loss plans. And here now i am going to share 6 really stupid weight loss tips. Let's start!

1. The all-you-can-eat cabbage diet.

Cabbage soup, raw cabbage, steamed cabbage, boiled cabbage, pickled cabbage. If it is cabbage, you can eat it and as much of it as you can stand. Sure, it is roughage, but how much weight will you really lose on this plan? Quick, add up the weights of your family, the neighbors on both sides of you and the dog. That is what your total weight loss could potentially be.

2. Hot water and lemon diet.

Not really a diet so much as a time bomb, really. You see how squeaky clean lemon gets your furniture? You guessed it. Clear a path, this girl is going to explode! Honestly, as bad an idea as this one is, it does get even worse. There are variations in which you add other ingredients to the hot water and lemon. You do not even want to know.

3. Eat only orange foods diet.

Technically, if you think about it this one is not so bad except for one small thing: overdosing on Vitamin A, which is common in the orange food group, can kill you. Other minor issues could include orange skin, eyes and nails. Nothing is prettier than a cheese doodle in a business suit, right?

4. Eat all the bacon you can hold, but hold the toast diet.

Remember the weight loss plan in which you could not eat bread or certain vegetables, but bacon was okay? Everybody was thrilled to death especially the veggie haters and the cardiologists. Sure, you lost weight at first, but then your body stopped reacting to the greasy meats in the way it had been and people actually starting dreaming of salads and slices of bread. Long term effects from this brilliant diet are still being discovered.

5. The baby food diet.

Eating a couple jars of baby food is supposed to satisfy you? While portion control is one thing a really good concept to try, it surely can be done with real, adult food, right?

6. The two-bite, ten-bite diet

This is a really weird one. You dish up your healthy foods and you dish up your dessert on the same plate. For every ten bites of good stuff that you take, you get to take two bites of the dessert. The thinking is simple: You will not want the dessert when you have to eat it all mixed up like that with the other stuff, you are not looking forward to the end of the meal because there is no dessert so you eat far less. But, what if you really are just going to eat it anyway, mixed up or not? Someone did not think this one out very well at all.

These six weight loss plans are that you should extremely avoid when you are trying to lose weight. I hope after reading this article you will not do things like that. Hope you get help!


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