7 Benefits of Happiness

There are many benefits to happiness - way more than 7!
There are many benefits to happiness - way more than 7!

There's no reason not to want to be happy.

There are tons of benefits to being happy. I’m talking about pure happiness, when you really feel good about life and you are seeing it through rose colored glasses. When you feel absolutely joy in your life you can reap a tons of rewards.

1. Happiness gives you energy.

Ever noticed how a depressed and sulky mood can drain your energy? Even being around a negative person can drain your energy. That’s because it takes a lot of energy to be so negative! And you have very little left over for anything – especially being happy. But tobe happy on the other hand doesn’t drain your energy. In fact, if anything it gives you more energy and turns into a never-ending cycle of being ‘ready to go’.

2. Happiness allows you to forgive.

Being happy allows you to forgive people easier. Your forgiveness is called upon quite a bit during the day! The person who cuts you off in line, the rude person behind the counter serving you, and the dumbass who won’t move when you are trying to pass them are all easier to forgive and forget if you are feeling happy.

3. Happiness makes you more likeable

People like happy and positive people. It’s just the way it is. When you are around happy people you tend to feel good yourself, so if you are happy people are going to want to share that feeling with you and be around you.

Negative people on the other hand are draining and hard to be around. Not many people like someone who is miserable and grumpy, except for other people who want to be miserable and grumpy.

4. Happiness makes you healthy

Being happy gives you many rewards when it comes to your health. You become less stressed and more adept todeal with stressorseasily. Stress can negatively affect your immune system and make you more likely to suffer from diseases such as heart disease, as well as increase your chances of getting a cold or flu.

5. Happiness creates better relationships.

If you are unhappy then you can’t expect to have great relationships. Happiness comes from within and no matter how great your partner, friends, or family are they cannot make you happy. When you are happy though, your relationships naturally improve because you are less likely to blame, criticize, and try to make other people feel bad.

6. Happiness allows you to go after your dreams.

When you feel good, you feel good about yourself and your ability to do things in life. You can be your best cheerleader when you feel good! Happiness allows you to use positive self-talkand positive affirmations which push you forward into the life you want. The voice inside your head tells you that you ‘can’ and you listen to it more easily then when you are unhappy.

7. Happiness makes you a better person

My definition of being a good person is being unselfish, loving, and peaceful. When you are happy you are able to do these things easily. Being selfish is not necessary because you are already happy. Being loving is easy because you have a lot of happiness to share and give. And being peaceful is easier because you are not worried, anxious, or stressed out.

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rambansal profile image

rambansal 5 years ago from India

There can be no greater benefit of happiness than the happiness itself.

Attention Getter profile image

Attention Getter 5 years ago Author

Very true rambansal!

Carlos 5 months ago

Excelente artigo!!


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