7 habits to build your confidence in 7 days

Every habit or anything in routine adopted can change our life.

Do you believe on this?

If yes then this article may help you, if not I just want to say that habits can change life, change a human, we are much capable of changing our life by changing our habits. Just because of this I studied to build confidence in one week by just changing your normal and simple habits.

I can give you examples

Sleeping habit

Do you know the time to go to bed and to wake up just depend on our habit, if we change our timings at least for three days then we can change the time to go to bed.


Eating has the same case of timing and we can also change it, more we can also control our diet by adopting habit to eat a little less or more then usual to get our goal of more or less diet.


If you dress lose for 3 to 4 days and after that wear tight fittings, we must feel odd for a while just because of change in your habit.

Similarly I believed that confidence can be build by changing the habit and then I make an experiment and got positive results just take a look of my tips and then solve the mystery of how to build confidence.

how to gain confidence, building confidence
how to gain confidence, building confidence
Complete your sleep

In most cases I have seen that unconfident person sleeps less which causes fatigue and boredom which play a great role in losing ones confidence, sleep 8 hour daily is the need of every healthy and normal person, if you are not giving your mind a complete rest then automatically you will feel tired, weak and asleep during your work and meeting with others.

Sufficient sleep builds your confidence indirectly by giving you activeness, sharpness and making your brain healthy and ready to face anything. Instead half closed eyes and sleepy face gives an impression of laziness and become a reason of failure in maintaining your personality, more it can’t build your confidence.

So the first habit in the answer of the question “how to build my confidence level?” is be sensitive and careful about your sleep and give minimum 8 hours to it because only weekend sleep can’t make you active and sharp whole week.

How to adopt the habit

Try to sleep half hour earlier each day, in 7 days you will automatically addicted to 8 hour sleep, this habit is effective for those who have complain of absence of sleep.

Complete your work and responsibility

When you complete your work and perform your duty well or complete you assignment or homework and take care of your responsibilities, you become satisfied with yourself, you are satisfied and in confident situation because you know that you have done your duty well, no one can point on your work so no one can degrade you just because of any odds in your work.

This satisfaction is the confidence, so if you want to know how to build confidence first satisfy yourself; if you are satisfied then you can take stand if any trouble maker wants to lose your confidence.

Walk in different markets and streets for about 15 minutes daily

It just for gaining some more experience and making more contact with different environments to make yourself suitable to all atmospheres, more and more social means you can build more and more confidence. Try to learn more every time you meet new people and then talk freely, what ever you got.

This habit helps you to get free talk, you can talk more and more because you input more and more in yourself, the more you have information the more you can talk.

More people you meet more you become able to understand them and understand yourself too, you learn how to deal with odds and how to handle those who love to degrade others.

So the third habit on “how to build your confidence?” is to be more social.

Practice to smile, probably a confident smile

Smile is known as solution of many problems, why not confidence, let’s try it, I hope you will soon be known to the thing how to build your confidence. You know smile has a hidden confidence, especially confident smile.

Do you know what confident smile is? I can’t explain you smile in words; you can experience this type of smile which can build your confidence from the confident persons.

How to develop the habit

The simple tip to develop your confident smile is to stand in front of mirror daily for five minutes and just think about your achievements and your good things which make you smile, give you a smile of confident, check your smile. The five minute practice start giving it results in a week its and effective and popular exercise for those who are searching more and more on how to build their confidence.

how to build confidence, how to gain confidence
how to build confidence, how to gain confidence
Practice your posture

Do you ever observed a confident person? Imagine him/her and check his/her posture, check how he/she sit and how he/she stand, extract points from non verbal’s of confident personalities, it helps you get points to build your own unique confident posture.

How to develop the habit

Again stand in front of mirror and check your whole body and set your posture, I assure you will b able to know how to build your confidence after seven days practice of your posture, remember to make a nice confident posture, you need to look decent, don’t do anything over.

Scan your talk at every talk

Put an antivirus of “ how to build my confidence” in you and start scanning what’s going inside and what’s going outside you, check everything coming inside you and going outside you, remove the viruses which are involving losing your confidence even smaller things with smaller role.

Do these for seven days after a week write what you remove or what not.

Confidence directly matters on how you talk and what you talk, don’t waste your words to just make others laugh, May a time comes that they laugh at you, be choosy about your company so your talks can be controlled.

Write and write more

How much you like writing, writing about yourself, writing about you is also a habit, a habit which groom up a person, groom him up like a confident person. People like to write dairy to boost them.

If you want to know how to build your confidence? I recommend you that write and write more on how you can build your confidence? What are the reasons of losing your confidence, writing means exploring yourself, it’s a master tip try it I hope you find it useful, I have tried it too.

If you can’t write more creative I recommend you to write sentences like

I can build my confidence

I can do it

I am confident

After three days you will see and I am sure you will pray for me, this simple and ordinary tips works extraordinary.

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