Facts About Diet Controlling and Weight Loss: Can I Get Bone Skinny Even If I Was Born Fat

My opinion: be YOU and never try to be like others! We were created as such, some of us by nature are born fat or thin, huge bones or petite, some with big butts and some with tiny butts…etc. so, just be yourself and if you don’t like your body, improve it and don’t attempt to imitate other bodies. These differences are of genetic reasons which mean you cannot change the way you look drastically but you can head towards fruitful results.

First Fact

You can burn some of the fat in the buttocks area but you can’t make them disappear or make them barely seen because this area is controlled or limited by the natural size of the pelvic bone! So, you can only shape it, tone it and make it tight.

Second Fact

Fat loss or weight loss? It is more accurate scientifically to say Fat Loss because we can lose the accumulated fat but not lose the body mass like muscles!

Third Fact

Obesity or overweight is a disease related to human behavior and NOT dietary behavior only. Also, controlling, toiling, and observing your weight, sometimes with drastic measures, is not a magical tool that helps you lose fat within weeks or months. It is nonetheless a continuous and progressing lifestyle which helps you basically to be always healthy and fit.

Fourth Fact

Aiming at a certain and permanent fat loss targets is an important factor. Those targets are of three sorts: short which will fail for sure, medium which will get you few results and long which is almost always successful. The target should be lasting and not periodic. You should not for instance lose weight just to wear a dress for some occasion. So, your long-run target should be aiming at keeping your body healthy with good shape and permanent fat loss.

Fifth Fact

Beware of procrastinating or delaying because when you get used to delaying the journey, you will always find any excuse to “do it later”. Procrastinators usually become addicts to the word “later” and you see them always determined to do something, but not now, maybe later!

Sixth Fact

You should learn how to immune yourself against the temptation of food. When you feel that sudden dire need to eat, buy yourself sometime and don’t eat immediately because that need will certainly slow down a bit. Try for instance not to think of food or keep yourself busy with something else that has nothing to do with food like cleaning, reading, or even taking a walk.

Seventh Fact

Learn to eat chocolate guiltlessly as it is the most popular sweet and very easy to find, so I think it’s useless to avoid it but have some rules consuming it like:

Buy only small portions,

Store them in places that are difficult to find or reach,

Avoid eating it when hungry because you will more for sure,

Eat chocolate after your main meal (15 minutes later) for that helps not to consume large portions.

Have some dark chocolate because it has fewer calories with strong flavor.

Eighth Fact

Avoid popular wrong behaviors like eating fast or cramming your tables with varieties of food and all sorts of dishes as if you’re having a feast! Serving large amounts or using large dishes will lead to obesity. Try using small dishes, and less of the usual food quantity and you’ll see the difference.

Also, avoid doing other things while eating like watching football game or talking on the phone because the brain will automatically associate the act of eating with this activity, thus, leading to trigger “hunger” if that activity appears.

Another bad behavior is skipping a meal because this will lead to stronger feeling of hunger, therefore, more portions of food to be consumed.

Ninth Fact

Be aware of dangerous food myths specially separating carbs from proteins from fat to achieve better results! This is a baseless myth because the natural food contains all those elements, and even if you are overweighed, you still need proteins, carbs or even fat to stabilize your body. Remember, the target is to return your body to its normal limits. So, it’s wise to try everything but with limits.

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shamelabboush profile image

shamelabboush 4 years ago Author

I Appreciate it rahul324, thanks.

rahul0324 profile image

rahul0324 4 years ago from Gurgaon, India

awesome tips!! each one connects to the mind straight away

i must say that you have done a serious research here!!

voted up! shared

shamelabboush profile image

shamelabboush 4 years ago Author

Thanks a lot Barry for your insightful comment.

BarryCross profile image

BarryCross 4 years ago from York, UK

Some great tips for those looking to shed some bodyfast or maintain their current weight.

Socially shared and voted up. Cheers, Barry :)

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