9 Health benefits of coconut water

Take my word, coconut water apart from water, happens to be one of the purest liquid known to man, and the health benefits of coconut water are so numerous: but I will just list out nine of them

1) Coconut water when administered orally stops all kinds of adverse drug reactions.

2) In many cases, it is used in the treatment of damages caused by inappropriate administration of anti-microbial agents

3) Coconut water is germ free (pyrogen free: a substance that causes fever, especially a substance introduced into somebody's bloodstream) and as such naturally balanced with electrolytic substances like sodium, potassium, magnesium etc. this property makes it a good substitute for saline-glucose: a solution of common salt sodium chloride and distilled water, especially one having the same concentration as body fluids.

4) The oral intake of coconut water helps in breaking down and eliminating all forms of kidney and bladder stones, one health benefit that is low cost effective, and can save thousands of dollars that would have been put out for medical bills.

5) Coconut water have been found very useful as a natural oral re-hydration therapy (ORT) , because of its isotonic properties (balanced concentration of salts and minerals: specially formulated to supply the body's chemical needs in situations in which minerals and fluids are used up by the body, e.g. during vigorous exercise), and electrolytic properties. I just went through Jen Solitude Hubs where she further explained this in her Hub- Pure Coconut Water - A Natural Electrolyte Replacement Sports Drink

6) It is on record that coconut water if taken during feverish conditions reduces fever, ii is also known to calm nervous and emotional imbalances.

7) Taking coconut water regularly aids in flushing the liver, since it contains lauric acid (a crystalline fatty acid. Source: coconut, laurel oils) which gives it anti-microbial properties and makes it suitable for treatment of some liver ailments like hepatitis.

8) It is known by many experts that coconut water contains the following supplements needed to sustain life:

- glucose: which acts as sugar for energy in the body when taken

- vitamin Bs: for replenishment of worn out cells and tissues

- vitamin C: to shield the body form ailments like scurvy

- potassium: which helps in lowering arterial blood pressure

9) Most importantly, coconut water acts as a detoxifying agent; and potentially the strongest antidote against any form of poison infusion in the body. One health benefit that have in the past saved many poison victims by neutralizing the effect of the poison in the blood. If administered for about 40 days, it flushes out the poison completely from the victim's blood stream.

This is just some of the many health benefits of taking coconut water, safe your self and your family some medical bills by trying out some of this tips, I assure you it works likes magic.

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Shalini Kagal profile image

Shalini Kagal 8 years ago from India

It's great for hyperacidity as well, isn't it - tastes so good too!

McErnest 7 years ago

thnkz about some info. atlest i may have an idea to perform my B.T

PWalker281 6 years ago

This is the second time I've read something about the benefits of coconut. A friend sent me a YouTube video that sings the praises of coconut oil. How do you get the water, from the coconut itself?? Or is it sold in health food stores? Very informative! Rated up.

chinemeremz profile image

chinemeremz 6 years ago Author

Thanks PWalker, coconut water can be gotten fresh from coconut. All you need to do is go to any shop that sells fruits, get a coconut, break it and extract the water. That's all. I hope you find this helpful, you can help spread the word.

Jen's Solitude profile image

Jen's Solitude 6 years ago from Delaware

Great article, proud to add it as a link to my hub so that hopefully more can read about all the benefits of coconut water. Thanks for stopping by.

chinemeremz profile image

chinemeremz 6 years ago Author

Thanks Jen, I also hope to link back your article as it is really worth reading too by others who will find it useful.

Thanks for your gesture and thumbs up!

Ingenira profile image

Ingenira 6 years ago

I often drink coconut water, and know some benefits of consuming it. You have listed a bunch more. Thumbs up !

The entire coconut itself can be used for many other purposes. Coconut is one of the most useful fruit exists.

chinemeremz profile image

chinemeremz 6 years ago Author

Thanks ingenira for stopping by, hope to see more of your interesting comments on my hubs. It was really nice knowing you are aware of the health benefits not just of coconut water, but coconut in its entirety. Thanks

acaetnna profile image

acaetnna 6 years ago from Guildford

Gosh very informative. I had no idea of all the amazing benefits of the coconut. Thanks for sharing this information.

chinemeremz profile image

chinemeremz 6 years ago Author

Thanks Acaetnna for finding this info quite useful.

We most times disregard things that we find around us.

Thanks for stopping by.

BenjaminB 5 years ago

Interesting factoids chinemeremz,I never knew coconut water held such power.I will definitely have to give it a try. Does coconut milk have these same benefits? Is coconut water and coconut milk basically the same thing? Just some things I wondered when reading. Voted you up and shared you on stumbleupon.

chinemeremz profile image

chinemeremz 5 years ago Author

Thanks Benjy for your comments and for sharing this article on SU.

Coconut water and milk are relatively different.

Coconut water is the naturally occuring water found inside a coconut fruit, while coconut milk is strictly obtained from gritting the coconut fruit then carefully extracting it. This is what is used industrially for coconut products, and domestically for cooking coconut rice.

Thanks once more for stopping by, and also for the vote.

HomerMCho profile image

HomerMCho 5 years ago

Great hub.

albatros333 profile image

albatros333 4 years ago from San Diego

yummy...very refreshing beverage. I believe it's the only water that is naturally sterile, fresh coconut water is germ-free. I wonder if this is true.

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