A Banyan tree & its uses

Banyan Tree

Banyan tree (Ficus benghalensis Linn.)

A Banyan tree belong to mulberry family. it is a laticiferous tree with reddish fruits. it is widely used in skin disease treatment  & blood predominance. Each and every part of this tree used for medicinal purposes . Aerial roots,stem bark, root bark, leaves, vegetative buds and milky exudate are used in medicine. The sap treats external skins bruising and inflammations. The bark & seeds are used as a tonic to cool the body & treat diabetes. For skin ulcers, dysentery, and toothaches roots and saps are used. Its Fig is used for variety of disorders like diarrhea,polyuria,Dental,diabetes and urine disorders.the fruit exercises  a soothing effect on skin and mucus membranes, alleviates swelling & Pain and serve as a mild purgative. Leaf buds  of banyan tree are beneficial in treatment of chronic diarrhea and dysentery if soaked in water overnight and taken as infusion in in the treatment  of these diseases. A few drops of latex of banyan tree taken with milk  can cure bleeding piles. Arial  roots are beneficial in strengthening teeths and  gums if chewed and brushed.

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anjali 5 years ago

its awesome.i think it is very useful.

meera 4 years ago

it is very useful

holji 4 years ago

so nice

it is good

ranjith 3 years ago

soo cool

riya sharma 3 years ago

it is very useful and helpful..............

rishabh omar 3 years ago

very useful tree awesome

radhika shah 3 years ago

yo yo honey singh!!!!!!!!!!

ffffffj 3 years ago

Very useful tree.

shruti 3 years ago

write something about the leaves

ajay sehdev 3 years ago

Banyan tree is residence of devtas

venkat 2 years ago

banyan tree is not useful

kannan 2 years ago

banyan tree is very useful

bijoya 2 years ago

write something about the leaves & it's process

nikita mehta 2 years ago

very useful tree




rachana 2 years ago

write about the leaves and more information on it

Maddy sharma 2 years ago

was very useful but it must contain some more info about topic but it was lovely using it...

Bandita Nath 2 years ago

It's a wonderful article for us!! but .....I think it should contain a better -conclusion. THANKS.

priya 2 years ago

i think this tree was very useful , it's leaves was use of treatment .

Fatema 2 years ago

Please write uses of its leaf

sayonee 2 years ago

It helped me a lot

Priyank Soni 2 years ago

Thank u for this information....

akshara 23 months ago

thank U very much Hub pages it was very very useful for me and my family

sanjay 23 months ago

It was nice and useful but , If it was given in points means it will be more easy and convenient for students like us and we can remember it till our life .But also I will be very much thankful to Hub pages .I liked It .Super......

falak lakdawdala amdaba 23 months ago

vtion ry nice information give more i know that this is a micinal plant write about peeple n babool

Afroze haseeb 16 months ago

very very useful tree

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