Napping: A Fun and Fascinating Infographic

I found something cool on the internet! Woohoo!

So in my travels throughout the internet, I have recently come across an exciting infographic. Or maybe exciting isn't the right word? Snooze-inducing, perhaps? But in a good way!

Because this infographic taught me to really, really appreciate naps. Don't get me wrong, I have always enjoyed a good siesta. But this lovely and very well-made infographic helps me not feel guilty about my napping habits! In fact, it makes me feel pretty darn good about my often strange and unorthodox sleep schedule.

Check below and see this cool information for yourself. Please note that this is not my infographic but all credit instead should go to the folks over at Patio Productions who made this a reality.

You can find the napping infographic in its original location here.

Without further ado: feast your eyes!

This awesome infographic is brought to you by Patio Productions.
This awesome infographic is brought to you by Patio Productions. | Source

Personally, my favorite take-away here is that there does in fact exist a "Napping Championship" and it takes place in Madrid. So, where can I sign up?? :D

What bit of information did you find most interesting? Let's talk about it in the comments below!


What's your favorite bit of information from this infographic?

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