A Journey with Child-hood Cancer R.I.P 'Jenna'

A Journey with Childhood Cancer .."Jenna's Story"

Jenna was born to us as our 'special angel,' alas we did not know when she arrived that we would be fated to share such a short time with her . Jenna was 14 weeks old when she was diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma ( cancer of the liver ).. I was enjoying the pleasure of bathing my beautiful grand-daughter when I happened to notice a lump on her side , I said to my darling daughter-in-law that she needed to get it checked and as all good mums do I reassuringly told her , "its probably nothing to worry about love" .. Little did I know at that time that this was the very beginning of a long and painful journey. The Dr told us not to worry it was probably just a lymph node ?? ...of course, looking for the simple answer I was happy to accept this even though I had niggling doubts in the back of my mind , you see I am a nurse and question everything usually... Jenna's lump didnt improve and just over a week later it was my son's 29th birthday, what a joyous day that was and the last for many many weeks to come.. in actual fact that was the last day of our innocence as a family, what we did not know was that the very next day we were about to start our journey with child-hood cancer. While holding my darling little petal, I thought her tiny abdomen was way to hard and tight , time for another visit to the doctor .. a quick referral for my son and daughter-in-law to the WCH and the next I knew was the dreadful moment when the phone rang at work and my son's normally calm voice broke as he told me " mum they are saying Jenna has cancer" . The words no-one ever wants to hear and hopes they never ever will hear... Jenna had Hepatoblastoma, cancer of the liver , this had spread very rapidly to invade her lungs as well, our little angel was not fated to remain with us for long. The doctors and nurses at the WCH fought hard to save her but to no avail.. all the treatments and chemo were unsuccessful and we discovered Jenna was one of the small percentage that are non- responders to the treatment , it really was down to a matter of time now , the cancer had won and was invading her wee body at a very rapid pace. We all gathered to spend as much time with her as we could, we took her home for Christmas day stil with hope in our hearts that maybe this next lot of chemo would be the one which would work. It was a day of mixed joy and sadness, we knew she was unwell and in pain but we held on firmly to the hope that she would be 'ok' in the end and kept her comfortable while we enjoyed as many special moments as we could with her. Soon it was time to return to the hospital and little did we know we were then on a countdown to the day our wee angel would leave us .. Jenna was never alone and their were so many acts of random kindness it is hard to list them , beautiful photos taken of her and her entire family with the services of a professional photographer donated and the photos given to the family at no charge ...Jenna lapsed into a coma and died on the 4th of January at 11pm with all her family around her, cradled in the arms of her adoring parents who were cradled in the love of a room full of people whose hearts all broke at the same time. We honour Jenna's memory, a tiny angel who walked amongst us and changed a family, bought us closer together, reunited many of us who had let the threads of our family fray.We invite you to join us on Causes' A Journey with Childhood Cancer' on facebook, we invite you to look at our community page Life journeys on facebook aqnd tell us your story or why Jenna's story touched you .. I leave you now saying kiss your children goodnight, hug them close, value and treasure them because we never know what fate may throw at us and what journeys we may have to embark on ...

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