A Magnolia Tree Blossoms - A story of a little girls courage and bravery whilst dealing with leukemia


A Story of a child's bravery, as she battles with childhood cancer.

Rebecca was no ordinary child, for she was indeed a very special child. She was special to her parents and to her sister Amanda; and she was special to people around her, as well as being special within the charity in which she dedicated her young life too.

Rebecca was special, because she was born with leukemia; and she never let her illness get in the way of her dreams and goals. she was special, because she was an inspiration to everyone she came into contact with, giving her time to helping others, before even thinking about helping herself. Her dedication in wanting to raise money for her cause, got her the utmost respect from her community, the hospital; as well as her chosen charity, but most of all, she got respect from her loving family who supported her in all that she did. Her bravery and strength, was heard throughout the country, as she continued to surpass people's expectations of her capabilities; which ended up in her getting an interview on daytime television; that threw Rebecca into a world of celebrity status.

Her biggest dream was to meet Princess Diana; and with her dedication and hard work, from someone so young and yet so very poorly; her dreams were well within reach.

This is a story, of a young person dealing with a terminal illness, yet not letting this stop her from doing what she loved to do the most. Her strength was in her passion, and her passion was to look after others first.

Follow Rebecca's story, as she continuously fights what is thrown at her; and is embraced by a nation. a story of love towards others, and a story that will tug at your heart strings; but will help you understand how to believe, and not to give up.

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