A Review Of The Met-Rx Size-Up Supplement

Weight gain supplements are very popular for those who need to take in an extra few calories each day. They are commonly used by bodybuilders and people who find it difficult to gain muscle mass. There is a wide range of weight gain supplements out there and I know from experience that not all of them are equal.

Met-Rx is in the category of weight gainer but is in the category of supplements that help to achieve lean muscle gains. This means you may not gain weight as quickly as some other weight gainers such as Monster Maxx, but the gains will be in the form of muscle mass rather than fat… Provided you are training right of course.


Size up from Met-Rx is pretty reasonably priced and compares well with other similar supplements in this category. If you are in the UK then you can expect to pay around £35.00, while in the US it will be around $40.00 for a 2.72kg tub. With only around 16 servings per tub this usually lasts me last me less than a week, although you can make it last longer by halving the four scoop servings.


Protein is one of the key ingredients needed to develop and grow your muscles. The more intense your exercise sessions the greater your need for protein is likely to be. Size up from Met-Rx provides more than enough protein each serving to take care of most needs. As well as 54g of high quality protein they have also added 3g of creatine and 3g of glutamine which are very useful for muscle growth. Nutrition wise, this supplement cannot be faulted because it has everything needed to promote muscle growth.


One of the key things that I am concerned with when I buy a new supplement is how it tastes. I drink three or four shakes everyday and if it doesn’t taste very nice then this can become a massive chore for me. When you have tried as many different supplements as me you are bound to come across a few that don’t make the cut in this department, and believe me I have come across quite a few. With Size-Up I wouldn’t say I was completely satisfied with the taste, but also it wasn’t the worst I have tasted.

The one thing that struck me about it was that it was extremely sweet. I am referring to the chocolate flavor here. Size-Up does come in three flavours, strawberry and chocolate and vanilla, but I didn’t get around to trying the strawberry or vanilla flavours. Now some people will enjoy the overly sweet flavor but I found it a bit too much for my liking. The other thing is the thickness of the shakes. Again a thick tasting shake will be ideal for some people, and I can see the appeal, but for me this made it difficult to drink.


Size-Up is a good all round supplement that has some good ingredients to help anyone in their efforts to gain lean muscle. The sweetness and thickness of the shake will not be to everyone’s liking but it may suit those who like their shakes similar to a McDonald’s milkshake. I used the chocolate flavor for just over a month (four tubs) and while I wouldn’t say I particularly enjoyed drinking the shakes, I do feel that there was an improvement in my physique. I gained around 20lbs in that month which was not from extra body fat so all in all I think the manufacturers promises were kept.

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Lady_E profile image

Lady_E 5 years ago from London, UK

Thanks for the Review. I have seen this product in Holland and Barratt shops in London and always give it a curious look due to the size of it.

Now I know what it's about.


Hunterone profile image

Hunterone 5 years ago from London Author

Yeah I think the manufactures have designed the packaging to stand out from the rest. I think it does achieve that, but I am assuming this wouldn't be a supplement that is of interest to too many females... I could be wrong.

godezman 4 years ago

please help me.Is it a prework out supplement ?

Hunterone profile image

Hunterone 4 years ago from London Author


This is not a pre-workout supplement it is more like a meal replacement. It packs a lot of calories and protein to help you put on more size.

keinzy 2 years ago

that's it uild the musles without working out

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