A Simple Way to Cure Constipation


When vata is aggravated it leads to constipation. Lack of fiber (vegetables and fruits) in diet, excessive consumption of red meat, not drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, suppressing the feeling to defecate, stressful lifestyle, mental tension all can vitiate vata and lead to constipation. Smoking and consumption of alcohol can worsen an already existing constipation.


Pain in abdomen, absence of bowel movement, formation of gas in stomach, feeling drowsy, heaviness in stomach, bad breath, headache, no appetite, nausea, vertigo, palpitation.

Accupressure for Constipation


5-6 raisins (dry grapes) preferably black are taken and soaked in warm water and kept aside overnight. Next day first thing in the morning drink the raisin soaked water and eat the grapes along with the water. This is done for a week and you will be relieved of constipation.


Take easily digestible foods like plenty of fruits, vegetables, salads, whole grain bread and cereals. These will certainly help lighten the digestive pressure. Regular physical exercises will go a long way in maintaining proper bowel movement. Be disciplined with your sleep timings and patterns. You should sleep for at least 6-8 hours and go to sleep at a predetermined time every night.

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