A cure for mental illness? My thoughts.

A cure

Mental Illness such as bipolar and depression doesn't have a cure. Will there ever be a cure? Throughout history medicine and religion has had lots of issues with mental issues. We have never known how to treat it properly or how to find a cure for it.

If you are diagnosed with a mental illness you will have it for life. You can treat it with prescription drugs, therapy and counseling , or self medicate with drugs and alcohol but you basically have to suffer with it for the rest of your life. There seems to be no hope for those suffering with mental illness.

I have come to tell you that there is hope. There also can be a cure. I believe with my whole heart that the only person that can heal me is Jesus Christ. He healed in the bible and I believe he still heals today. We need to only believe.

I was raised Catholic and I have always had a love for Jesus, although I didn't always understand it all. I went to Sunday school, we were involved in our church as kids. We prayed the rosary and had what I call "rosary parties". Being raised in a Portuguese family, Jesus and Mother Mary were everywhere. We had statues, pictures and there was no lack of devotion to the father, son and Holy Spirit. I went to church and really just went through the motions. I never heard about healing or even much about the powers of the Holy Spirit. It took me 33 years to finally enroll in a bible school and learn for myself what the good book says about all kinds of things including healing.

I came across this amazing ministry/bible school called Global School of Supernatural Ministry. I know, I was a very intrigued about the name of the school at first. I thought, "supernatural" what do they mean by that? Do they talk to ghosts or something? I met these people in Salem, MA one year during the Halloween season. I was handing out hot chocolate for my church and that year like many before, my pastor hosted these students from a ministry school in New Hampshire called Streams school of Ministry. This particular year students from this Global school were there. They were giving spiritual readings and dream interpretations. The Global students teamed up with the others and were also praying for the sick. Later, in church they gave some amazing testimonies about people being healed of all kinds of ailments on the streets of Salem. WOW, I thought! God still heals today! I have to find out more, I too want to do this, where do i sign up?

I looked up Global Awakenings website and I just applied one day. They had an online program which was perfect for me. I could take classes from the comfort of my home. So I enrolled and started this school last September. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. None at all! It was the most amazing 8 months of my life. I was reborn in Christ and ready to give my whole life to him. I was being taught the bible and so much more. I had an experience with the living God for the first time in my life during my first visit to my school. In October of 2012, I attended the Voice of the Apostles conference. It was a packed conference with about 5,000 people. People were falling down, crying, laughing, speaking in tongues, twitching all because of the Holy Spirit. I had never seen such a thing. I wanted that too. I wanted to feel God's Spirit surge through my body. "Me, God, touch me too" I kept praying.

Finally on the final day I had an encounter with God. It was a small one but it was an amazing one. I felt the Spirit surge through my body and cause me to feel tickled, I laughed and laughed. God was tickling me! I was baptized by the Holy Spirit!

There was also healing happening. God was curing people of all kinds of things. The night Will Hart got up on the stage he called out bi-polar. He said God was healing Bi-polar. He mentioned it a few more times. I knew in my heart that he was talking to me. I felt that God wanted to heal me of this illness once and for all. I believed I was healed that night, but I thought, "how in the world am I going to prove this?" Mental illness isn't like cancer. I can't go to the doctor and have him give me an xray and confirm that the bi-polar is gone. This would take time to prove. I was determined to work with my therapist to prove that I was cured.

I came home from the conference a different person. I was alive, really alive for the first time in 33 years. I was thankful for the sunshine and the smell of fresh air. I was grateful for everything in my life and to be alive and so ready to live my life for God. I got prophesy and revelations about my purpose at the conference but also straight from God on my 8 hour drive home. God spoke to me so clearly, like I had never heard before. I was learning to hear God's voice and man did he like to talk. He was sending me all kinds of signs. He answered a prayer that I have been praying for such a long time. I prayed that he would bring me my soul mate. He did. He told me who he was as clear as can be. The signs were there but I was ignoring them. This finally answer in my brain was unmistakable. I could not ignore it any more. As soon as I got home the next day I contacted this guy. He probably thought I was crazy. We hadn't talked for about 4 years and here I was telling him I loved him. What was wrong with me? I was on cloud nine. I was so in love with God that my normal self control went out the window. I was extremely happy but it wasn't a manic episode. I had finally figured out my purpose in life and it was so amazing. I was just happy to be me and happy to know a loving and amazing God like Jesus Christ.

I felt good. My parents thought I was crazy. Kept saying I should get some sleep and eat and see my doctor. They didn't care that I had a life changing experience or that I had been filled and baptized with the Holy Spirit. They didn't understand it. My sister and brother also thought I was acting peculiar. When I told them I was going to this ministry school, they didn't say good luck, that's great. They said, you're sick are you sure you have been going to the doctor and taking your medicine? That is the kind of support I got from my family. It made me mad but I didn't care. God was calling me to fulfill some dreams that he had for me and I was doing it. I didn't care what anyone thought about it, including my family. I knew my family just loved me and they were just looking out for me but my God loves me even more and he is most definitely looking out for me.

I was going to tell you about a cure for mental illness and your probably wondering why I have gone into this story. Well, it's all part of it. I came home and a had a new zest for life. I woke up early and went for runs, I ate healthier and took my vitamins and fish oil. I had never felt better. I went to see my therapist and he was very supportive of my bible school and my healing experience. He may not have completely believed that I was healed but he was a man of faith and I think he knew that it was possible. I think he believed in miracles and this was a miracle if I was cured. I told him other very personal things that I had been holding back for years. He accepted it all and told me that I was not crazy at all. He even confirmed a thought I had about my identity and I was blown away.

God continued to speak to me as clear as day, even in the office of my psychiatrist. God is so good and he wants to heal you. You are his beloved children and he is your father. He does not want to see you suffer. He wants you well. He wants to bring you joy and peace.

So if you want to try to be cured of your mental illness know that there is hope! It may not happen overnight but if you have faith and you ask, I promise you God will come through for you. He has always been there for me and I have full trust in Him and His powers.

I continue to take my fish oil which has been proved to help with mood disorders and was prescribed by my doctor. I eat well and have been sleeping really well. I try to exercise regularly and I pray daily. It is all part of my cure for bi-polar. Everyone is different and I just ask that you ask God what is best for you. If you need to take medication to keep your illness under control please do. I have chosen, the no drugs path and it has worked well for me but I also have a mild case of manic depression. Others may need to take medication but it doesn't mean you have to take it forever. There is hope out there and believe me, God still heals today. It didn't stop once the bible was completed. It happens everyday all over the world. All you need to do is ask for it and believe with your whole heart and soul and you too, can be healed.

Peace. Be well. You are loved.

Jesus still heals today


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