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Foods and containing vitamins

We can fill our stomach by eating even one or two food – stuffs but a stomach full of food may not be a balanced diet. This is because of the fact that no one or two foodstuffs can provide us all the essential nutrients needed by our body. This is for one example- We can fill our stomach by eating only rice and potato, but this will not constitute a balanced diet. Because rice and potato contain mainly carbohydrates. They do not contain much of fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins.

Similarly, if we eat a lot of fish alone, then it will give us a lot of proteins but no carbohydrates or fats. And meat alone can give us proteins and fats but not carbohydrates. A combination of rice and meat can provide us all the three major nutrients carbohydrates, fat and proteins but still it will not be a balanced diet because of the absence of minerals and vitamins. So, fruits, vegetables and milk which provide us various minerals and vitamins are essential to prepare a balanced diet.

Foods and containing vitamins

Almost all the foods contain one or other vitamins required by our body. Whole grain cereals, milk, fish, meat, fruits and vegetables, butter, sea - food, all contain various vitamins required by our body. If one's diet contains plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grain cereals, he will get a sufficient supply of all the needed vitamins. Fruits and vegetables also provide us roughage and some water.

A typical balanced diet foe an average adult man doing sedentary work (sitting work) should include the following food – stuffs in the quantities shown against them:-

Balanced diet for an adult man doing sedentary work

1) cereals – 460 grams. 2) pulses – 40 grams. 3) green leafy vegetables -40 grams. 4) other vegetables – 60 grams. 5) roots and tubers – 50 grams. 6) fruits - 30 grams. 7) milk – 150 grams. 8) fat and oil – 40 grams. 9) sugar jaggery 30 grams. 10) water : According to need (roughage is provided automatically by various food - stuffs.

This is an example of a vegetarian balanced diet for those persons who do not take eggs, meat and fish. The non - vegetables people can replace some of the above food - stuffs with eggs, meat or fish. For example- pulses and dals (which give us proteins) can be partly substituted by egg, meat or fish.

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