How I lost Weight In My Battle With Diabetes

Why Did I Need To Lose Weight?

I am not a doctor and I am only telling my story about what worked for me.I have always had a weight issue but really never tried to lose weight on a serious level.. Needless to say I ended up being a diabetic. So that is when I decided to try to manage my weight with diet and exercise. I did very well and lost 25 pounds by riding my bicycle and going to the gym. I also counted carbs and fat content.

After a while I stopped going to the gym and started going back to my bad eating habits. I had lost my health insurance so I had not been to see my doctor for some time. When I finally got some insurance I went back to the doctor and I had gained the weight back. All my blood tests were bad. I was very disappointed in myself, so I decided to lose the weight without the gym.

What I Did

That is when I got a job in Milton Massachusetts, an affluent town just outside of Boston. Turners Pond is a short walk away. I had gone there as a kid and was curious to see what was there. At my lunch break I walked to the pond and walked around on the trail that goes around it. It was beautiful and there was wildlife and other people doing many outdoor activities. Each day at lunch I walked around the pond. The first week or two I walked around once, then twice for a week and each week or two I add a lap. Currently I am up to 4 laps.

I don't know how long the trail is but I estimate it to be between half to three quarters of a mile around. My diet, which is of my own creation usually consist of a half a bagel with low fat cream cheese or a bowl of whole grain cereal and a piece of fruit. Since I can't do without my coffee I have it with Splenda and fat free half and half. I sometimes I will have another piece of fruit before I drink a carb friendly meal replacement shake such as Glucerna for lunch.

For dinner I eat what ever I would usually have such as baked chicken with rice and broccoli. I try to make it a smaller portion than what I used to eat, sometimes actually cutting it in half and putting the other half away to be eaten at another time. At night I have a snack of one or two sugar free Jellos with fat free topping. I try to drink water all the time.


Hollow Log
Hollow Log
Lily Pads
Lily Pads
The geese and ducks
The geese and ducks

The Results So Far.

Well its been about two and a half months and I have lost about 15 pounds. I still walk everyday and since my car broke down I do even more. I have also started some sit ups and push ups to my routine. I think I owe my success thus far to enjoying the outdoors walk around this beautiful pond.

I hope I can stick with it and reach my goal weight of 200 pounds which is only ten pounds away. I am also looking forward to getting my blood tests and seeing if my efforts are paying off there. I wish everyone luck in fighting health problems related to weight loss and diabetes and other weight related health issues. Find an exercise you love and do your best to stick with it. This beautiful pond motivates me to go out and walk.

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Conservative Lady profile image

Conservative Lady 4 years ago from Surprise Arizona - formerly resided in Washington State

Congratulations on your weight loss and better health. The pictures are gorgeous. Keep up the great job!

Billy Donahue profile image

Billy Donahue 4 years ago from Boston Massachusetts Author

thank you conservative lady!

Marsei profile image

Marsei 4 years ago from New Orleans

Well, Billy, you have inspired me. I have gained 20 pounds in the last year or so and am beginning to have backaches to accompany the poundage. I've been thinking about it all day and your hub came at just the right time. I understand why you love walking around the pond. I am such a nature lover myself that I know I will do better in a beautiful spot rather than the wretched gym or my own wretched treadmill. Since reading your hub, I have decided to walk on my treadwill for a couple of weeks to build up some endurance, then start going to a park near here where I used to walk. It is beautiful, just like your pond and has a large lake in the center of the two-mile track. I'm starting wth the treadmill because we are having hellacious rain here in New Orleans, first of all, and second, I want to build some endurance as I haven't walked more than a quarter mile in a long time. Well, thanks for the inspiration. I will comment here again and let you know how it goes. I voted your hub up and useful and beautiful, as the pictures certainly are. Thanks again. You may have made my life a lot more healthy!!


Billy Donahue profile image

Billy Donahue 4 years ago from Boston Massachusetts Author

Good luck Marsei, and thanks for the comment and votes!

thumbi7 profile image

thumbi7 4 years ago from India

Your weight loss strategy is impressive and the images you shared are beautiful

Thanks for sharing

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