Surviving Cancer

A true story of survival

It all started in the 5th grade, life was good. School was fun, friends and learning normal 5th grade stuff. Then the unimaginable happen, fainting on a daily basis and it continued for years.Suddenly this normal 5th grade little girl was feeling like an outcast, like everyone was making fun of her, one way to explain the feeling is to feel like an alien. The docters had no explination to the condition and why this one little girl suffered so much pain. She was alone, and scared no friends or peers to turn to.

Then in middle school she thought things would be diffrent. Her thoughts were the kids are gonna be more adult and not make fun of her.Yet the teasing and the awful words didn't stop. She knew something was wrong with her. She felt in she knew physically there was something inside her that was wrong. No one had any any answers, yet daily she would pass out by locker number 6 and still never got any answers as to why this was happening to her.

In highschool this little girl is now a beautiful young woman.Yet, she had no friends no one to tell her it was going to be OK and no normal teenage high-school experiences. Everyday for years and years she had to go to the hospital. No one had answers her classmates made fun of her and said she was just lying for attention. She had no one to turn to so she thought she could turn to her elders, she needed someone to trust and to turn to. Yet, they all said she was stupid and crazy.

Imagine passing out in a hall way and gain consciousness only to find people laughing at you and the school nurse didn't do anything about it. They would send her right back to class. Day after day it would continue the fainting and no answers. No body believed her and mentally she was falling apart. She hid in the bathroom stall and wish everything was fake and this was all just a nightmare.Then reality would hit day after day, and she would awake to kids laughing and not helping she was paralyzed from the pain and embarrassment.

Then at the age of 21 she found out the best news ever she was pregnant! Within moments of finding out she was pregnant she had a major sezuire attack, only to awake in a hospital bed and she was six months pregnant! She felt scared and nervous, She was unconscious for over 8 hours, the last thing she remembered was working and 8 hours later waking up at the Oklahoma city hospital. She remained hospitalized for five days and they released her home with a nurse to help take care of her and her unborn child.

Then 2 and a half months later I went into labor! I was in labor for ten and a half hours.

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