ACL Surgery Recovery Timeline

How Long Does it Take to Recover?

Recovery from ACL surgery, as with all recovery questions, depends on several factors. But to give you a ball park number it can take as little as 6 months to over 1 year to recovery from ACL reconstructive surgery. T

here are also some people that never manage to make a full recovery which can be due to them being either having too much damage initially or not putting enough effort into rehabilitation.

The average length of time to come back from acl surgery and return to sports is 9 months.

Walking 1 Week After ACL Surgery

Motivation Required for ACL Surgery Recovery

Funny Motivational Poster
Funny Motivational Poster

Factors that affect ACL Surgery Recovery Timeline

• Amount of damage in the knee from the initial injury

• Strength in the leg pre surgery

• Amount of rehab and post op physio you participate in

• Procedure and skill level of surgeon

• Medical complications in the surgery or after it

• Re-injury to knee after surgery

Speed up recovery time

There are no shortcuts to having a quick return to sports, as I can verify after returning to early on my first ACL reconstruction surgery and re-tearing my acl 20 minutes into my first soccer game. There are however some things that you can do to greatly increase the speed and success of you returning to sports or whatever your ultimate recovery goal is.

Week 1 ACL surgery recovery exercises

The first week is critical to be able to recover from ACL surgery and although you will be in pain you need to make sure you are doing the required exercises. Many of these exercises are intended to increase the range of motion, reduce swelling and improve strength. Along with the exercises you will want to be making a consistent effort to reduce the swelling in your knee. Swelling is most effectively reduced with a cryo cuff and following the classic acrynom  R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression, elevate)

Set and follow an ACL surgery recovery timeline

As with all new routines that involve physical pain ie diets, weight loss programs etc. A new program can be hard to follow. Although it may be hard, nothing will dictate the speed with which you are able to return to activities post ACL reconstructive surgery more than how well you do your exercises.

I am guilty of not following through on my physio after the first surgery. I completed 2 months of physio well but then as my knee became good enough to walk around with no issue I became lazy about the exercises....big mistake….Not following an ACl Surgery Recovery Timeline caused me to re-tear my ACL.

This time in order to ensure I have a successful recovery I have done extensive research and used my personal experience to develop a week by week ACL surgery recovery timeline. I will hold myself accountable to this program. The purpose of this acl surgery timeline is to lay out for me clearly exactly what I need to be doing to recover quickly from acl surgery

ACL Surgery Recovery Timeline

ACL Surgery Recovery Timeline
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