ADD-ADHD Energy Drinks

Typical "Bad Boy" Energy Drink Stereotype

Are ADD-ADHD and Energy Drinks Compatible?

When ADD-ADHD energy drinks are mentioned most people get very quiet. It is hard to have a rational discussion about this subject because many people are accustomed to thinking in stereotypes about energy drinks and the needs of people with ADD and ADHD.

The medical profession -- and the pharmaceutical industry which stands behind it -- have done a masterful job of controlling the discussion about most medical issues, much to their financial benefit. This is especially true in the case of ADD-ADHD

Likewise, advertisers of the top brands of energy drinks have done a good job of promoting their products to teenagers as the hip, cool, radical beverages of choice. They haven't tried to convey an image of healthiness, which isn't important to their market.

So, when the public thinks of "Energy Drinks", the name that comes to mind is often the market leader and category creator, Red Bull. All the scuttlebutt in the press is that this is a highly-caffeinated beverage with lots of sugar, and a bunch of weird other ingredients that no-one is quite sure about. For once, they are largely correct...about this one brand, but not about all the others.

While it is generally true that most energy drinks are not beneficial to long term health, there are some exceptions.

If we can accept that moderate amounts of several forms of herbal caffeine can be healthy and we don't object to taking a multivitamin every day, why can't we accept that these two things when blended with some natural fruit sugars for flavor could be healthful?

And if, as I have read in my studies of this condition(which I suspect I have had since birth, undiagnosed), much of the physiological problem we call ADD-ADHD is caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain -- and caffeine can dilate the blood vessels -- would it not be plausible that coffee, tea, or even energy drinks could improve that blood flow?

In fact, without knowing why I was doing it, I have been seeking out ways to correct this attention deficit disorder for a very long time. My discovery of a healthy energy drink a few years ago has been the missing piece in the puzzle of how to enjoy a more consistent, "normal" energy level -- without the health risks of high sugar and caffeine content and the artificial dyes, flavors, and sweeteners that most brands use.

I should add that, after watching the damage done to friends and family by legally prescribed pharmaceuticals -- and talking with children who were the guinea pigs for Ritalin -- I made up my mind long ago to find natural remedies to help me deal with ADD-ADHD.

Why the Pharmaceutical Industry Hates Herbal Remedies

Big Pharma doesn't like competition. So they have been conducting a very effective propaganda campaign for many years to convince the public of the superiority of their laboratory-created remedies for a multitude of conditions.

The simple most pertinent fact is that, though many pharmaceutical drugs are merely close copies of Nature's own remedies, natural substances cannot be patented. Since they cannot be patented, the manufacturer could not stop any number of competitors from producing the same product, which would make their 10,000+% profit margins impossible.

Aspirin, was derived from white willow bark -- a natural remedy the Native Americans used for pain relief, for instance. Valium is only slightly different from the herb Valerian. The big story behind the magnificent success of the pharmaceutical industry is that they have stolen liberally from Nature, changed a molecule or two, and patented the resulting drug to be sold exclusively by their company for a period of years.

So the Pharmaceutical Industry has no interest in marketing natural remedies -- even though they have fewer side-effects -- because there is no money in it for them.

Then they turn around and spread stories about the "dangers of energy drinks", which admittedly have some truth in them, for the most part.

But kids aren't dumb. They have figured out that they don't enjoy the way pharmaceutical drugs like Ritalin make them feel, so they have found a variety of substitutes, just as I have.

Energy drinks, if you find the few that don't contain unhealthy levels of caffeine, sugar, and weird artificial dyes, sweeteners, and colorings, can be a blessing to those with ADD-ADHD.

Modest amounts of coffee, tea, or healthy energy drinks would be my preference to managing my ADD-ADHD. I have found energy drinks to be a big improvement over coffee and tea, perhaps because of the addition of vitamins, ginseng, and amino acids that are specifically known to target the free radicals produced by the natural energy-creating process(the Krebs Cycle). When you study them as I have, you find that a well-designed energy drink addresses our craving for energy in a non-scary, intelligent way.

On the other hand, I have to admire the chutzpa of Big Pharma. Using their influence to dispatch the U.S. government to the far corners of the globe to prosecute manufacturers of illegal drugs, such as methadrine, they then turn around and practically force school-children to take Ritalin as a medicine for ADD-ADHD! Spectacular! Bravo! What nerve!

Here is what Wikipedia has to say about Ritalin: "Methylphenidate possesses structural similarities to amphetamine, but its pharmacological effects are more similar to those of cocaine, though MPH is less potent and longer in duration of action."

So, to wrap things up, if you or a loved one suffers from ADD-ADHD -- and you (or they) would prefer not to have to take something so similar to amphetamine or cocaine -- you might take a closer look at intelligently-formulated energy drinks to help manage this condition.

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drspaniel profile image

drspaniel 4 years ago from Somewhere, where the sun shines once a year...

Wow! This is a really detailed and informational post! Great job and I already try to stay away from these types of drinks, but every now and again I'll have one to cheer me up! :)

Paul Kemp profile image

Paul Kemp 4 years ago Author

Thanks for your comment, Dr. Spaniel! I enjoy a good one, but most I wouldn't touch, either. You need to look long to find the few good brands out there, but they do exist fortunately!

Ken 4 years ago

Can you name these few good brands for us?

Paul Kemp profile image

Paul Kemp 4 years ago Author

Yes, I can. The best two I have found are the A.C.T. Energy Drink and USANA's Rev3. I chose the A.C.T. for my own use because it uses guarana and costs half of what the USANA drink does. See my review at

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