I wanted to write a hub about helping one another because I believe it is a crucial factor for humanity. There are many people out there who need some type of help and there are many different circumstanced behind helping someone. There are people out there that feel too proud to ask for help or feel too ashamed to ask for help. There are others that ask for help more then they should. When is the right time to try and help someone? Of course, it is all up to you. The number one rule when it comes to helping someone is being able to help yourself. If you are in the position where you can barely help yourself, you are in no position to offer help. I am not talking about running an errand, baby sitting, or some offering free advice. I am talking about helping someone financially. Whether we like it or not, money supports life and that is just the way it is. I would say most of us at one time or another have had someone ask us for money. They may have wanted it for free or perhaps they may have asked you if you had any work to make the deal even. In this article, I will explain the importance of giving and it is not only giving money. We are also talking about your time, personal belongings, and other types of things.


There are many things to factor when someone ask to borrow money. Before it is even considered, you have to make sure that loaning it out won't cause use any financial issue. If you don't have it, you don't have it to loan. This is important to remember when close family members ask you for money or close friends. You want to also pay close attention to patterns of them asking. I am not telling you to do it or not, that is your decision. But when you are on a fixed income, this could be between eating or starving. If you are financially well off, then you don't have to worry about that. It translate with the basic rule of giving, which is if you don't have it to give, don't do it.

You want to trust the person you are loaning money, if you are expecting it back. These are just simple rules when it comes to loaning out money. It all goes back to the basics whether or not you are in the position to give. If you are, of course, it is your full decision. But, we may be talking about a friend, the lawn boy, or the neighbor. Some people can be very tricky and they may try to run a scheme on you. You have to watch out for strangers that come to the door and try to sell you something, especially if they ask for money in advance. Don't be blind to the situation or be blinded by their kindness. Always make sure you trust who you are borrowing money.

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I believe that this is the one that truly counts, especially for those of us that have been on this other side. Never in my life did I think I would ever be homeless. Many people interpret that if you are homeless, you are either on drugs, dope, or your stealing or drinking. Trust me, that is not the only case. I lost my job and when I moved back to Arizona, no one would help me get to work. I don't want to go into that right now, but you can bet your bottom dollar that one day you will need help, whatever it may be.

They are many people that are out there that need are help. The best place to start is your local community, where you live. Think of a nice thing you can do for someone less fortunate and go out there and do it. Don't hesitate or second guess your heart. When people are on the other side, they will appreciate and value your assistance more then someone that hasn't been in a hard position. Our problem is we don't know how good we have it and when we do, we kind of get this selfish attitude. We say things like "nobody helped me" or "if I can get a job they can". That may be true, but what does the Bible tell us friends? We leave the judging to God.

If your not sure what to do, I ask you to take a closer look at your community. We all have people that need our help in our community. I am not saying give them money or buy their beer. Just have a simple conversation. Get to know them. If you don't feel comfortable, don't do it. But give it a chance. It is what God wants us to do. I am no Christian and I don't oretend to be, but I know God gave me a big heart, big enough to care about everyone more then myself. I have food, shelter, and my family. I have all I need. I am not even working right now except online. 20 cents a day if I am lucky. If you can make a difference, make it. You will feel good about what you did and in return, you will be rewarded.

When I was working at the store, a man came up to me and asked me for 2 dollars. I didn't give it to him. He looked homeless and I figured he was a drunk. He smelled. Even though I was in those same boots, I didn't give it to him. As soon as I turned away, my heart and soul began to call. I had forgot what it was like. 3 years ago, I was homeless. How could I have already forgot? I made it about 25 yards and I turned around in tears. Literally. I went up to him and said I am sorry for being so rude. I got into my wallet and gave him every dollar bill I had, probably 8 dollars. I just began to talk to him. He went into the store and bought a coke and a hunny bun. We talked for about an hour. I told him my story and then he told me his.

He had a great job 2 years ago and he was married. He had him a home, a car, and a great job driving coal trucks. He was in an accident and they said it was his fault. He told me the brakes were bad and he told the boss, but he never had them fixed. They went out one night and he hit a car and they were hurt bad. He lost his job. 8 months later he lost his wife to a surprise heart attack. He didn't even have money for the funeral so he put up his house. He never went back to work. He was depressed and he gave up on life.

His story broke my heart, but it shows that drugs and alcohol isn't everyone's problem. The choice is up to you of course. I wouldn't want you to do anything that would make you unhappy. This story just shows how far a simple conversation goes. Even though I didn't experience what he did, I could relate to him because he was homeless and depressed. I had walked those shoes before. When we are able, at the least try.

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Dale Mazurek profile image

Dale Mazurek 5 years ago from Canada

I have no problem with helping the needy. The problem comes into play when we are really trying to figure out who the needy are. In my area I see way too many people that are just too lazy to get off their buts and get a job. Anyways if there is a need for true help then so be it.

thelyricwriter profile image

thelyricwriter 5 years ago from West Virginia Author

Thanks for coming by and commenting Dale. You are always welcome to this side of the neighborhood. Now I do agree with you. I always talk to them first because I am good at reading people. I worked in a prison before and if you can read a con, you can read anyone. Even so, I listen to their story. That is just who I am. In doing so, I have found the ones that really need it usually ask for work or to make it even some how. I just believe we need to focus on helping America with the homeless and needy. We can still help everywhere else, but we need to do stuff in America as well, more then we are right now. More programs, opportunities so our children and the kids don't make those costly mistakes.

tammyfrost profile image

tammyfrost 5 years ago from Oregon

Great photo of the children and nice work on hub.

RNMSN profile image

RNMSN 5 years ago from Tucson, Az

you are so right and you said it succinctly. "Never in my life did I think that I..." neither did I.thank you for reminding me it is not all about me. I will remember that now.

writing is an escape for me, I admit but I need to look around and see the entire truth. Hopefully I will see a way back to a more productive life by looking and by helping another person.

thelyricwriter profile image

thelyricwriter 5 years ago from West Virginia Author

Hello Tammy. Thank you very much for coming by and reading. Your time is greatly appreciated. Take care.

thelyricwriter profile image

thelyricwriter 5 years ago from West Virginia Author

Hello RNMSN. Thank you for coming by and your thoughtful comment. It is good to escape and being that it is writing, your at a good place here. That is good point. "I admit but I need to look around and see the entire truth". It is very easy to fo this, but it shows you what kind of man you are when you can admit to it. I know there is more I can do myself. And I should try to help everyone I can. Thanks for coming by.

Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 5 years ago from Fife, Scotland

This is one great hub with some of the best advice I've read on this sensitive subject.

I think people tend to give when they haven't got it out of a sense of duty or guilt or both - whether it's to family, friends or charity. And obviously with the poor economic climate there are going to be many more 'needy'.

With family in particular it can be tricky. Friends of mine Mike and Sandra did a favour for Mike's brother and his wife one time. His brother had got into financial difficulties previously and did not have enough credit clout to buy a computer on hp. So he asked Mike and Sandra if they would put it in their names, which they did without hesitation.

A few months later a letter came from the company saying Mike and Sandra were behind in their payments for the computer. On investigation Mike found out that his brother had made only two payments. To cut a very long and sad story short. Mike and Sandra were left by his brother to not only pay the defaulted payments but the rest of the money due to pay off the computer. To say Mike and Sandra were not only angry but very hurt by his brother's actions would be an understatement. Funnily enough when Mike explained the situation to the company they were actually very good and supportive, but did say to take out HP for someone else, even family, is not a good idea. How right they were.

This hub was really fascinating! Voted up!

thelyricwriter profile image

thelyricwriter 5 years ago from West Virginia Author

Seeker, thanks for commenting and for your time. That is a good example right there. Family will get you before anyone else and that is a sure statement. It is a hard situation. It is one thing when you are not stable, but once your on your own, you have to figure it all out. I work hard and make as much money as I can so I don't have to ask for help. I know I can count on me. Family, not so sure. You are right though. I try to think what would God expect this world to be and I know it is nothing like his attentions. Money may be the root of all evil, but it feeds me, shelters me, ect. That is just life and the way it is. It is a great example though Seeker. Thanks for your expertise.

Rosemay50 profile image

Rosemay50 5 years ago from Hawkes Bay - NewZealand

A great hub and wellworth reading with some lessons for us all to learn.

I have been caught by family members a few times and it makes me wary of helping out.

I have great empathy for the homeless, most would not have chosen this life but events brought them be homeless and once that stage is reached it is difficult to climb back up.

Most of them would have had homes, jobs, wives and families, but once they are down they are treated like a different species. Passers by turn their heads and pretend not to see. When by just giving a few $$$ would not only give that person a meal but lift their hearts too, to know that some of us do care, gives them back a little faith in humanity. It could happen to any one us, we never know what the future holds as I said in my poem ‘Who Was He Then - Who Is He Now’

Voted up

thelyricwriter profile image

thelyricwriter 5 years ago from West Virginia Author

Hello Rosemay50. Thanks for coming by and your most valuable time. Great point. Many people use the perspective that if you are homeless, you caused it. Not always true. Bless your heart. When I was homeless, all I wanted was a meal. It was awful. Thankfully, it was before the kids. I was making $4,000+ a month and went down to $700. That wasn't even my house payment. Lost my car, home, and my heart. I had nobody. I am writing a hub about it, so I won't go into too much detail. It was hard on my soul. I have never felt that along in my life. Such hard times. Your poem sums it up.

Rosemay50 profile image

Rosemay50 5 years ago from Hawkes Bay - NewZealand

I was in a similar situation but I was so lucky and thankful to have a good friend. I look forward to reding your hub.

thelyricwriter profile image

thelyricwriter 5 years ago from West Virginia Author

I hear you. Thank goodness. That is a true friend. I found out real quick who my true friends were and they = 0. Sad to say. I just can't forgive them at this time. I have tried, but I would have did the same for them. It was 17 degrees when I hit the streets.

Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

Gypsy Rose Lee 5 years ago from Riga, Latvia

I agree at any time that it's possible we should help those who are less fortunate than we are. I can't help financially very often but I do sign petitions all over the place. It's the least I can do.

thelyricwriter profile image

thelyricwriter 5 years ago from West Virginia Author

Agree. As long as your helping, that is all we can do. Same situation for me. I have ran through my savings since I lost my job. I am trying to find an underground mining job, but no luck. Obama has really hurt the West Virginia economy.

kenneth avery profile image

kenneth avery 5 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

OUTSTANDING HUB, lyricwriter! Voted up, useful, interesting, beautiful. You make a good point with this hub. I appreciate your talent very much. I am now a fan. And humble follower. Sincerely, Kenneth Avery, from a rural town in northwest Alabama, Hamilton, that reminds people of Mayberry, where Andy and Barney worked.

thelyricwriter profile image

thelyricwriter 5 years ago from West Virginia Author

Hey there Kenneth. lol Thank you so much for your comments and votes, more so your time friend. I thank you for reading pal. We all love Mayberry! Alabama is a beautiful place. Take care.

ubanichijioke profile image

ubanichijioke 5 years ago from Lagos

You ve touched a very important issue. People who have tend to neglect others who are lacking basic amenities even going to the extent of scorning them. Giving from the heart brings many rewards. Be blessed for writing on this important issue. You re cOOL

thelyricwriter profile image

thelyricwriter 5 years ago from West Virginia Author

Ubanichijioke, you know, that is right. I believe reward comes not by giving the money, but by giving from the heart. When it comes from the heart, it is pure. Everything I have prayed for that I meant from the heart has come true. I know God will see me through if it comes pure from my heart. Thanks a lot for coming by.:)

acaetnna profile image

acaetnna 5 years ago from Guildford

I so completely agree with you.. In my opinion helping each other completely makes the world ago around and become a better place.

thelyricwriter profile image

thelyricwriter 5 years ago from West Virginia Author

Acaetnna, thanks for the comment and your opinion. You are right. Life can be easier for all of us if we help when we can.

justmesuzanne profile image

justmesuzanne 5 years ago from Texas

Great Thoughts! Voted up and awesome! :)

thelyricwriter profile image

thelyricwriter 5 years ago from West Virginia Author

Thank you so much Suzanne. Your time and vote and comment is all appreciated my friend. I hope all is well and I shall see you soon.

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 5 years ago from Chicago

"We leave the judging to God."


I do not believe I have ever said no to anybody asking to borrow money. I have helped all the people I could have all my life. That is the way my Grandma taught me and I took it to heart.

I love your Hub. You make good sense and you have a big heart. Thank you.

thelyricwriter profile image

thelyricwriter 5 years ago from West Virginia Author

James, thanks for taking the time to read this. It is good that your grandma was there in this way. We have to have a heart to make the world a better place. It starts at one act after another. I was blessed with my mother's heart. I help when I can. I feel great when I do.

Laura in Denver profile image

Laura in Denver 4 years ago from Aurora

Friend, "helping" someone out with money often leads them to pick up their drug or alcohol habit.

I have also lean to moeny to friends only to find they avoid me because they can't or won't pay back.

My credo is "Never a lender or borrower to be". It breaks friendships. Buy food for the homeless, unknown that you encounter. You have not enough information.

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