A Better Future?

1920's Soup Kitchen
1920's Soup Kitchen
Garden Tomatoes
Garden Tomatoes

The Fight

Get up, Get dressed. Get breakfast. Get the kids off to school. Get the housework done, Get dinner. Get. Get. Get. Get apathetic. Get bored. Get tired of it all.

This world is full of crap; job loss, 401K loss, house loss, pet loss, parent loss. Loss, loss loss. It seems that someone has cursed your life and you try anything to break the curse. Others tell you that it's your thoughts that bring it on. Some thing you never dreamt of, thought of and certainly wouldn't have even wanted to think happens. Then there's the whinning of  kids/husband/relatives. Apathy seems the best way out. If you don't care, you can't hurt.

But is apathy the way out? Does it do anything to make things better? Does it get dinner on the table or a job for your husband? No, it doesn't and yet if you care too much and for too long you will get sick. i did and I am. "Take it easy", "You can't fix it so get over it," Do those things work? Nope. Pills? For a while.  Drinking?  Until you wake up.  Suicide? Don't think so, too selfish.

So what is the answer in this world heading for a depression? What is the cure for the wounded in war, the ones who have lost everything? The children living in the streets with their parents? The help that those trying to help the less fortunate need? What about Thanksgiving and Christmas for these families? What about their day to day needs? Perhaps if those of us who have a little, even very little give what we can to those with nothing, we can make ourselves feel a little less useless. A little less apathetic. A little less sorry for ourselves.

Maybe, if we forget about difference in color, wealth, religion. Forget snobbishness. Forget the arguing and whining. Stop trying to prove who is "better" than who. Become more thoughtful, kinder, more entwined in our neighborhoods and world. If we all work together and leave the ones who are not interested behind, in their worlds. We can create a huge movement of change before any more financial woes occur. A human movement of releasing our need to have too much, keeping up with the Joneses, dying with the most toys.

Let stupid people say stupid things, smile and move on. Let things slide off our backs. If we don't care what others need to do to make themselves feel better and have high regard for ourselves, it will stop. They get nothing out of it if we don't allow it.

Go back to bartering, neighborhood cookouts, helping each other when in need. Go backwards, grow gardens, work from home or for neighbors in the counties we live in, if at all possible. Depend on ourselves more and not have to look for government or big business to fix the woes they have allowed to happen. Live for ourselves and each other.

Take care of our extended families if we can.  Offer more and expect less.  Lessen our carbon footprints. Take the smallest step backward, backward to better air, backward to more organic living, backward to then go forward with better attitudes.

Go back to what this country based on. Freedom.

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Green Lotus profile image

Green Lotus 6 years ago from Atlanta, GA

Thumbs up Gracie!

Gracie 6 years ago

Thanks, Lotus. It was how I was feeling that day.

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