Ab Lounge Sport

Ab Lounge Sport

Ab Lounge Sport

A lesser known member of the abdominal workout machine family, the Ab Lounge Sport no doubt stands in the shadows of its more popular and well known brethren. However, the Ab Lounge Sport has just as much to offer when it comes to delivering an effective and targeted ab workout.

When working out, people more often then not place undue and unnecessary stress and strain on their knees. The Ab Lounge Sport is actually more effective than standard bent knee crunches, and using the Ab Lounge Sport reduces the wear and tear that working out can cause on the knees. When one uses the Ab Lounge Sport, they tend to work smarter, and not harder.

As with all abdominal machines, the Ab Lounge Sport also features the classic jackknifing action that gives your abs the crunch they need to get into shape. With the Ab Lounge Sport, you can easily transform flabby abs into slim and sexy abs. The Ab Lounge Sport gives you the fullest range of motion possible. The greater the range of motion, the more effective the abdominal workout. And the more effective the abdominal workout, the faster you’ll see the results that you’re looking for.

What makes the Ab Lounge Sport very effective is that is targets and tones both the upper abs and the lower abs. As well, the Ab Lounge Sport tightens and tones your oblique muscles too. As a result, you’ll get a total body workout in one compact machine at a fraction of the cost versus other abdominal machines or versus purchasing an expensive membership and joining a gym.

Ab Lounge Sport
Ab Lounge Sport

The Ab Lounge Sport can support weights up to approximately 275 lbs. It does not take up much space in your home, and is very easy to assemble. Once you do have it set up, you can start working out immediately. And after you’ve completed your abdominal workout session, the Ab Lounge Sport quickly and easily folds up nice and neat for compact storage.

The Ab Lounge Sport is great if you’re just starting your fitness program, if you’re looking to upgrade or if you are an experienced exerciser looking for a new challenge to maintain your physique and health. The Ab Lounge Sport gives you total body support, you there’s no undue strain placed on your head, neck, back, knees, shoulders or legs. The only part of your body that will feel and experience the crunch are your abdominals – which is how it should be.

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Julie Sierra 9 years ago

I recently purchased the AB Lounge Sport at a yard sale, but there

was no instruction booklet on how to set up the lounge or excersie

instructions. How can I aquire a booklet?

colleen 9 years ago

i need a dvd and an insruction manual for my ab lounge sport. how do i obtain those?

Vanessa 9 years ago

Ive been begging for this product for years and finally my boyfriend bought it for me for christmas... its now two weeks later and ive lost 5 inches on my waist 2 inches on both legs 5 inches around my tummy... im so impressed!!! Its so comfortable and i can watch my favorite shows while doing my exercise and be comfortable... im so very impressed!!!!

Renee 8 years ago

I just purchased an ab lounge sport and there was not a DVD in it. I was wondering how I would be able to obtain one?

Diane 8 years ago

You can find a link to download a free manual on fitnessquest.com

tyler 8 years ago

ive had this thing for about 2 years.when i firtst got it i used it to help me keep in shape during wrestling season.it worked great and i got a six pack in about 6 weeks.i did about 300 each day.you can watch tv and stuff whiloe on this thing and its a great way to pass time plus give u abs.well i got to go use my ab lounge bye!

groo1968 8 years ago

Hello I picked up a used ab lounge sport. i need to get replacment parts. How do I do that

Marco 8 years ago

For parts call 1-800-497-5831

nana 8 years ago

ive had my ab lounge for about a year and it doesn't seem to work as well on my love handles it doesn't feel like its working there at all. and ive watched the video and did it exactly how she chick does it. any suggestions?



mwc4362@sbcglobal.net 8 years ago

I need an owner's manual for an ab lounge sport that I just purchased at an auction. Where can I get the manual?

Lacey 8 years ago

Ive had the ab lounge for 2 years now and haven't did it consistently yet. But now that I see others like yall selfs using it and sayin it works i think im gonna have to start squeezing it into my schedule daily. Thanks

Jacki 8 years ago

I printed a manual from this site - it's a pdf file: http://www.fitnessquest.com/images/ABLOUNGmanual2_...

Lorri 8 years ago

I bought a used one and can't figure out how it folds up. Can someone tell me?

rhea rebok 8 years ago

I bought a used ab launge I can`t figure out to fold it up

sissy  8 years ago

where can i buy a book for my ab lounge sport

elizabeth  8 years ago

i just bought one and have been using it and my back is killing me am i just out of shape? Anyone else have this problem?

harley  8 years ago

I recently bought a ab lounge sport at a garage sale and i heard they work great but there was no instruction booklet what shoud i do

mollyy 8 years ago

does anyone haver the instructions for putting the ab lounger sport..I lost mine in a move..I need to know where certain nuts and bolts go...some are different..thanks

Christine Hiemstra 8 years ago

Dear sir,

I am in need of a manual and a DVD. How do i go about ordering them?

peggy coughlin 8 years ago

i too need a manual are there any answers to this problem?

crystal 8 years ago

i just bought my ab lounge sport at a garage sale and am really looking forward to using it after reading all this great comments thanks!!!!

Mike 8 years ago

I have the AB Lounge Ultra manual on CDROM if anyone is interested.email me @ onlineam@yahoo.com

Stacie 7 years ago

I am looking for all new streach bands that hook to the ab lounge. My lovely dogs chewed mine to shreads! If you can help me find a site where I can buy them online I would be over joyed! Thanks

Alexis 7 years ago

If you are a new comer to the Ab Lounge Sport like I am, you'll need to set aside a day just to set it up because it's a lot of pieces (nuts, screws, bolts, parts) that you'll have to lay out and put together. When you finally get it up you will be so happy that you got it up, that you will hop on it and try it a few times. Later on if you feel any pain in your neck and/or back it's because you didn't stretch and your just starting out. But there is no need to worry, your body may not be use to that yet so you might need to start dieting and exersicing such as walking then get on the Ab Lounge. The only problem so far is that I cant seem to figure out how to fold it up for storage. But you and the machine should be fine.

june 7 years ago

how do you store the ab lounge sport away

penny 7 years ago

i just bought a ab lounge sport from a yard sale does any one know how i can get books on it use it the right way.

JUSTIN 7 years ago


donna 7 years ago

hi i just bought a used ab lounge sport. i need a manual and a dvd that goes with this. i cant figure out how to fold this thing up at all. if anyone has any suggestions for me please email me. thanks

Jack 7 years ago

If you're having problems folding this machine, take the elastic bands off the frame and try again.

staci 7 years ago

i found a free printable manual at this site:


it shows some of the workouts... not sure if it's the whole thing or not, but it works for me :)

Deanne 6 years ago

I need replacement bands for my AB Lounge Sport. Where would I find these?

james graham 6 years ago

where do i find replacement bands

Sandy 6 years ago

I am searching for the DVD and a mnual. Does this item colapse for storage. It takes a lot of room. I love it and very pleased but it takes a lot of space.

my e-mail: westphalen@sbcglobal.net

cherrie 6 years ago

tis is not working out whith me.

ktn2ktn 6 years ago

I rerceived a sport lounger for the holidays am using it daily I Too have no paper work or disc it has helped my back I have worn a back brrace to work for years and recently stopped wearing it so I ,too,would like info on getting instructions or a disc plus a couple of nuts caME OFF AND i DON'T KNOW WHWERE THEY GO COULD YOU HELP ME i SEE NO ANSWERE FOR THE PRREVIOUS COMMENTS THANK YOU

KELLY JORDAN 6 years ago


JOHN WIEBE 6 years ago

Go to their website which is also listed in the manual, that is if you have one. The website is: www.fitnessquest.com or call: 1-800-497-5831

I too am looking for a part. I called the number that I provided. Of course, they're not open on the weekend. Be careful putting the chair together, it's not that easy. Good luck, V/r John

DUH 6 years ago


To those of you who wrote something useful and commented on the product, thanks!

curious 347 6 years ago

Hi. Anyone. Weight limit. Purchased ab lounger yr back. At that times I weighed 347. Ready to tone and firm now. Weight now 292. Capacity said 275 for ab lounger. Has anyone gotten on this machine knowing you were over the capacity? Please let me know. By the end of August hope to be at 260's. New Year, Lord willing, I want to purchase and look damn good in my gown.

Austin 6 years ago

I was at a garage sale and my mum made me try it and now right bellow my stomach when i cough or sneeze it hurts so don't use unless ur done growing

Joe 6 years ago

Where can I buy the front band for my ablounge ultra.

sara 6 years ago

i've had my ab lounge sport for about 1 year and i took it apart and i don't know how to get it back together, how can i get directions on how to.

karin 6 years ago

just bought a used as lounger xl and it came without a dvd it was bought with.does anyone know where i can get one.thanks

Ashley 6 years ago

I noticed a lot of people are having the same issues as I am. Replacement parts, so far I am not having any luck finding any. I need new stretch bands (if that is what they call them) I am missing the front one, I have the rear. I figure if I am replacing one I might as well replace both while I am at it. Anyone have any ideas as to where I can find these parts?

Terrie 6 years ago

I just purchased my AB lounge and I have the DVD. we can make caopys and send them out... have no Idea where to find parts...use good strong bungie cords for the bands and for the handle use a strap from a duffle bag and put new gromnents on it

Angela  6 years ago

Hello I bought ab lounge at a yard sale n would thank anyone who would be so kind to send me a copy of the dvd ... I want to get rid of the baby weight (hes 14months old ) and I still look 9 months pg . Thanks address is 303 N MICHIGAN AVE GREENSBURG INDIANA 47240 Thanks if u do this for me Ill send back the cost to send it PROMISE !

Dede 6 years ago

Also bought mine at a yard sale.

Think I am really going to like this.

Cannot stand doing sit ups without support.

And need to trim my tummy.

My husband can also use this to stretch and pop his back instead of the arm of the couch. Afraid he will break that one day.

If you find one cheap at a yard sale, grab it, you just have to make time for it each day, not a long time, just a little bit and fit it in to your routine.

I have great confindence that mine will help me.

But I have no instructions or dvd like all the rest of you. What do these people do with them???? Someone had to buy the chair originally, what did they do, throw out the papers and dvds? Just wondering. Dede

Susan 6 years ago

I recently purchased an Ab Sport Lounge at a second hand shop. The handles are not with it nor the instruction manual. Does anyone know where I can purchase these?


Joe 6 years ago

I recently bought a used AB Lounge Xtreme Pro and do no have the DVD. Can anyone make me a copy.My e-mail is joefal37@aol.com

Thanks Joe

Patty 6 years ago

I purchased this Ab Lounger 4 my sister for Christmas. She was surprised when she received the gift, but she have since started to exercise on a regular basis. Everytime I talk to her on the phone shes always thanking me for the Ab Lounger. My conclusion is that the Ab Lounger is a great piece of exercise equipment

rock peters 5 years ago

Most people on this post can not spell and they do not have brains enough to purchase the bolts at the hardware store. Why do you need an instruction manual? get on it and bend in half many times. I have lost 8 lbs in the last two weeks, it works well.

brandi 5 years ago

I got an ab lounge 2, back in 2005, I've had it put it away since. I lost the screws to secure the side bars. Does anyone know what size they are?

Cheryl 5 years ago

I just received and ab lounger and I do not have a the dvd that comes with it. Is there anyone who can get me a copy? Please email me at stlsportzfan@att.net to discuss cost. Thank you so much for any help you can give me.

yoyo 5 years ago

I brought a ab Lounge at a garage sale for only 10.00 dollarsI am determine to lose this belly i have develop, something i never had at age 56 now. I am so miserable.I am at 225 but dont look it because i am tall, i will get back and let u know how the Ab Lounge work.

alice duncan 5 years ago

i need a copy of a dvd. if any one would seen me a copy and let me know how much it coast and a address to where to seen it. unit 304 apt 4 providence ky, 42450

Jay 5 years ago

I need a dvd could some one tell me were i can buy one?

Yolanda 3 years ago

The material on my lounger is tearing on the sides do you make replacement covers? My email is memeyo1 @aol.com

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