Acne Causing Foods That You Must Stop Eating

Some Foods Aggravate Acne. Myth or Fact?

Let me introduce myself first. I am 23 years old and I used to have mild to moderate acne since I was 15.I have tried a lot of products and even some antibiotics.Benzoyl Peroxide was the only one which made some difference, but since my skin gained some resistance to it I had two choices: To use the stronger version of the product and irritate my skin more or to try another option.

You know most of the time you hear people saying that food has nothing to do with acne. They usually say "Look at me, I can eat fried chicken and nothing happens to my skin, you are no different" yeah, right. Or the other good one is "You are overreacting,that is why you get the pimples". Well I might be overreacting, but there was something telling me that food plays a role in acne condition. Since then I have started researching in this and to be honest I am glad I did. Not because helped me to clear my acne, but also was interesting and informative.Today I am willing to share my knowledge with you. And trust me, what you are consuming really affects your acne condition.

Bellow is the list of most neglected acne worsening foods.


Why dairy products aggravate acne ?

It's simple or it will be after you read this. Dairy contains milk, right? and the milk comes from the cows which are pregnant most of the time.That means the milk coming from them is naturally enriched in hormones(due to the pregnancy).However, only one particular group hormones is responsible for acne worsening and its called "Androgens". More androgens in your body means more sebum production(oily skin). You see the link now ?

Drinking milk -> More oil on your face -> More clogged pores -> More Pimples.

I personally feel bloated when I drink milk and really don't miss it at all.

A good substitute for milk is Soy Milk, but you also have to be careful about it. Some people get oily skin from Soy. It is all down to experimentation.


Number two, sugar, is actually pretty addicting. You will have hard times giving up sugar. At least I had. Especially the first few days/weeks are nightmare.

Let's see why sugar affects acne.

Eating high sugar foods like candies, chocolate and fizzy drinks are the main cause of blood sugar rises. Your body release a hormone called insulin to make up for the high levels of blood sugar. The insulin is a master hormone that is responsible for the production of other hormones associated with sebum production (the oil you see on your skin).

Giving up sugar does not mean to stop eating just candies and chocolates. It also means to stop eating simple carbohydrates like white bread, white pasta, potatoes, white rice and so on. The reason is that all these foods are converted to sugar at very fast rates and they cause blood sugar rises as well. Instead of eating white bread, pasta or rice go for their brown equivalents which are complex carbohydrates and are released at slower rates in the body keeping the blood sugar levels stable.

As I said in the beginning, expect to be difficult to stay away from sugar, but if you really want a nice and spot free skin, you have to resist the cravings.

Fried Foods

Fried foods. Oh boy. Fried should be a synonym of poison. Very brave statement, I know.

How I discovered that fried foods are bad for my acne condition ?

I was really hungry and I went to the nearest chicken and chips shop. I took a large fries with few pieces of fried chicken. Mmm, tasty :) Well, tasty, but poisonous as well. I ate my portions and went back to work. An hour after that I had to use the toilet and when I was washing my hands I had a look at my face. Oh god. It was so shiny due to the excess oil. I thought it might be the food and decided to test it. For a week I didn't touch fried foods. Still had some oil on my face, but not as much as the other day. Then after the week is gone I went to the same shop and had the same choice of food. An hour later my face was shiny and greasy as hell. The next day there were few cyst around my nose and lips. No fried for me since then.

I assume that few factors played a role this experiment. First, the potatoes, they were white. White potatoes = simple carbohydrates = blood sugar rises. Second, all the trans fats and the fats as a whole. Third, the chicken, we all know they use cheap and low quality chicken in these shops to save money. In today's industry the meat farmers are using artificial hormones and growth hormones to make sure their animals are developing quickly. Similar to the cow's milk, but this time the hormones entering your blood stream are not natural.

Stay away from fried foods. There is nothing beneficial in them. Simply avoiding this type of food will make you feel great about yourself and probably expect some fat reducing in your body.


My advice is to always check the label on the foods you are consuming.Look out for some hidden artificial sweeteners such as sucralose. When you see the last three letters of the word to be "-ose" this means sugar.

When I started giving up sugar, diary and fried foods I've made the transition slowly. Don't cut all of them at the same time because that simply is not going to work. Take your time and make a stable decisions.

Expect headaches from not eating sugar in the first week. This is simply because the body is dependent on it and the addiction is really strong. Once the body cleanse itself it all will be gone and you will feel better.

Lets sum all the benefits you get from not eating these foods.

  • Less oil production on your face and skin.
  • Less clogged pores = Less pimples.
  • No cysts or very rare to have one.
  • Losing some extra baggage(fat).
  • Feeling less angry and no mood swings.
  • Feeling lighter and healthier.

In addition to all this, you may start doing some exercises 3 times a week to boost even more your healing process and land yourself on the fast track of healthy living.


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