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As we're all aware acne is a widespread problem that affects up to 80% of us at some time in our lives. The best acne clear free skin treatment for you is one that is easy to maintain and suits your skin type. Although many people say you should let acne run its course this is a very dangerous thing to do as acne is not just an embarrassing problem that can lead to facial disfigurement but at a minimum causes pain and discomfort. There are a very wide variety of commercial skin preparations and also some natural cures for acne that can also be effective. If you have acne scarring you might want to look into the best acne scar treatments that are available.

One of the most important things to do if you have acne is to learn how to keep your skin clean without making the problem worse. Keeping your skin clean does not mean vigorously scrubbing your face several times a day as this will only spread around the bacteria and can cause more problems. You must be gentle when washing your skin and never wash your face more than twice a day. Use a mild sulfur-based soap and a clean washcloth, preferably boiled once a day, or use disposable cotton pads.

It is also important to make sure you have a healthy diet which contains adequate minerals and vitamins. Although changing your diet won't cure your acne it will go a long way to allowing you to have a healthy skin. Many people will tell you that eating fatty foods and chocolate will give you acne but this has never been proved in any studies which have found no links to pimples and these types of foods. It is never a good idea of course to eat lots of fatty food for other health reasons!

When you have a pimple, however tempting it is, do not pick or squeeze it as this causes the membranes are holding the bacteria to break and spread them around or under your skin. This will of course cause more pimples to break out and she spread the bacteria around. Another thing you must be careful of is keeping your hair away from your face as the oils in your hair can make the problem worse.

So now you have the basics sorted it's time to pick an effective acne clear free skin treatment. There are many over-the-counter remedies available or you may need medication from your doctor if your acne is particularly severe. For very mild acne we suggest you try natural home remedy first before you trying the more severe treatments. Some effective home remedies include the use of tea tree oil or green tea. If this does not work then try one of the benzoyl peroxide products for acne as they have been found to be very effective.

We also recommend you read about chemical peels that can be very effective for the treatment of acne at:

Glycolic Acid Chemical Peel

Salicylic Acid Chemical Peel

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