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It has been estimated that more than 80% of us will experience acne at some time in our lives so finding an acne free treatment is important for many of us. Although acne is always thought of as a problem for teenagers it can affect mature adults too and can sometimes last well into the twenties or even the thirties! It is not just a cosmetic problem as if left untreated pain, scarring and disfigurement can result.

If you have very severe acne you really need to consult a dermatologist who will find the best acne free treatment for you and your skin. For less severe acne there are a variety of preparations you can buy over the counter that will be able to bring your acne under control. For mild acne there are natural home remedies that may be effective. As we all know, acne is caused during the teenage years by hormone imbalances that result in production of too much sebum which attracts dirt and dust which provide ideal conditions for the bacteria that cause acne to flourish. An important part of youe acne free treatment is to keep your skin clean, but don't overdo it as too vigorous cleansing can result in spreading the bacteria under the skin resulting in more problems.

Stop a Pimple
Stop a Pimple

Cleaning Your Skin

Keeping your skin clean is one of the most important parts of your treatment but do not scrub your face. Use a soft cloth or sponge and a mild, sulfur containing soap and wash gently. preferable use disposable cloths or cotton swabs or boil your washcloth every day to prevent spreading the bacteria or reinfecting your skin. A cleanser that has been specially formulated for acne free treatment should be used but make sure it doesn't contain alcohol. Wash your face no more than twice a day and do not touch your face at other times. keep your hair off your face too.

Steam Your Face Regularly

Deep clean your face with a steam bath two or three times a week. Plain water is effective but you can add herbs or essential oils to make the experience pleasanter. Boil up some water, place a towel over your head and allow the steam to enter the pores. You could use Rosemary, Witch Hazel, Sage or Aloe which have antiseptic and healing properties.

Never Squeeze Pimples

Squeezing pimples will only spread around the bacteria as you break the protective membrane and bacteria will be released under the skin and spread to neighboring areas where they will cause more pimples.

Have a Healthy Diet

Although changing your diet will not cure your acne overnight it is an important part of your acne free treatment. Dietary deficiencies can make your acne worse so make sure you eat oily fish, whole grains and colorful vegetables regularly. Try to avoid an excess of sugar, caffeine and saturated fats. Also drink water, plenty of it! Eight glasses every day is recommended.

Don't Sleep on a Dirty Pillowcase!

Oil and bacteria from your face will be transferred to your pillowcase as you sleep and can then be transferred back onto your skin causing further problems. Change it at least every other night, preferably every night if possible.

Natural Cures for Acne

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All these acne free treatment measures will have a big impact on the health of your skin and will also help any other treatments you use to work more efficiently. Keeping your skin clean, eating healthily and drinking plenty of water, while not a cure for acne will certainly bring about a big improvement.

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I’m looking for an acne treatment that’s right for me. Proactiv does not work. I also read about some dangerous chemicals that Proactiv and other acne treatment systems contain. Can anyone give me more information??

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I have acnes and pimples problem since 3 years, and i have use home treatment for it, your tips is also useful , will suggest me about some acnes and blackheads natural or home treatment, because there is no side effect of natural items. Thank you

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