Acne Remedies For Teenagers

The best acne remedies available for teen acne sufferers depends to a great degree on the stage of the acne outbreak and their willingness to resort to prescription drugs to mitigate the effects of acne. The milder forms of acne start out as whiteheads or black heads which are indications of skin pore blockages filled with bacteria and dead skin cells. Papules are the next stage. They are small solid red or skin color bumps slightly raised above the skin that don't have puss and have almost a sandpaper feel to them. If left untreated these evolve into pustules.

Pustules are bumps that are a bit bigger and more fragile because they are filled with pus which is a mixture of dead skin cells and bacteria. Nodules and cysts are essentially pustules that are now inflamed and larger and extend deeper into the skin. At this point if you squeeze them they will form scar tissue that will be more or less permanent. Even if treated at this late stage the chances of scarring are high. Most teens and other acne sufferers should try to get the best treatment for acne way before they get to this stage. If they reach this point then they need to look into options for the best acne scar treatment.

Acne Home Remedy Ingredients

Remedies for acne include some of the milder ingredients like benzoyl peroxide that are available in branded products like Proactiv which some claim to to be the best acne treatment over the counter. It is widely available online as are many others such as Neutrogena oil free acne stress control and Neutrogena on the spot acne treatment. The active ingredient here is usually an exfoliant like salycylic acid that helps control acne before it emerges. Clean and clear advantage invisible acne patch is another acne blemish treatment using a polymer like bandage infused with salycylic acid. Differin cream or gel is another pimple treatment but in this case the active ingredient is a retinoid so you need a prescription to get this. Retinoid is an acne treatment that is related chemically to vitamin A and has the ability to regulate epithelial cell growth hence its use in controlling the unregulated growth of acne pimples.

Acne Remedy - Blue Light Acne Treatment

Blue light acne treatment or photodynamic therapy has been around for awhile. Blue light therapy is an acne remedy that is gentle and non invasive. It involves the use of high intesity narrow blue band light to treat acne that that is still mild and in the beginning stages. This beginning stage acne is the most common type and is known as acne vulgaris. The blue light which is not laser light or ultraviolet light kills the bacteria trapped in pores but yet is gentle on surrounding tissues. It is great for people with severe side effects to other types of acne treatment that involve the use of astringents, chemical peels, antibiotics and other such treatments that could be introducing your body to a substance that it may not react evry well to whether the substance is topically applied or ingested. On the other hand side effects from blue light therapy are generally mild and may include some skin pigment changes, dryness or a swelling of the area undergoing treatment.

Blue light therapy treatment sessions last about 15 minutes and usually 6 to 8 sessions are required over a four week period before discernible results appear. Additional topical products like Levulan are used alongside this treatment to keep skin  swelling to a minimum. These sessions can be performed at home with blue light equipment and will typically cost $50 per session or up to $1500 for a full therapy protocol.

Natural Acne Remedies

Homeopathic acne treatment is often referred to as natural acne treatment or holistic acne treatment. First lets examine what homeopathy is. It is the belief in a principle that says that large doses of a substance causes a symptom while very small doses of that same substance (often diluted in water or alcohol) will get rid of the symptom. However when looking on the web you'll see many solutions labeled as homeopathic but they really are not. They ought to be labeled as holistic or natural acne remedies or as home remedies for acne all of which are based on totally different working principles from a homeopathic perspective.

An acne home remedy is more along the lines of using basic easily obtainable but anti-bacterially potent ingredients in a locally made concoction for topical or internal use. A natural acne remedy so to speak but not from a manufacturer. Below you can take a hint for the types of sugary foods to avoid when trying to treat acne. It's a known fact that refined sugars and starches will only prolong the treatment and hinder the action of the drugs used to treat your acne.

Foods To Avoid When Treating Acne
Foods To Avoid When Treating Acne

Natural VS Homeopathic Acne Remedies

Hoemopathic solutions to the acne problems are more about cleaning the individual from the inside out rather then using topical creams and other natural remedies for acne that only act on the symptoms. Homeopathy assumes that the acne is merely a surface reflection of a deeper disorder that is taking place within the body. It might be helpful to some degree on the beginning stages of acne but not on the more serious cystic type of acne. benefits include less chance of side effects that manifest themselves when using antibiotics and/or hormone therapy.

People looking for more natural treatments or a home remedy for acne frequently get involved in the use of commonly obtained herbs like mint and cinnamon which they grind into a paste along with other ingredients and immerse them into an oil free base like pure aloe gel. Some people are on such an all natural kick that they even try to put together home remedies for acne scars. Getting rid of acne scars is not so easy and for the most part will require prescription medicines if not outright plastic surgery and most certainly not mere homemade acne remedies.

Teen Acne

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