Acne Scar Remedies—Get Rid of Acne Scars Naturally

Natural Remedy for Acne Scars

Acne scar are an annoying problem for many people. Scarring leads to embarrassment and low self-esteem. The problem with acne is that in many cases, its treatment clears up the acne but leaves devastating scars which can be quite depressing, frustrating, and affects a person's social life.

Here are some natural remedies for maintaining clear skin and healing acne scars.

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars Naturally

There are number of ways by which you can get rid of acne scars naturally without visiting a dermatologist. Here are some suggestions.



Drink plenty of water. Hydration will help your body repair damaged skin cells.



Maintain a healthy diet to provide your body the nutrients to develop healthy skin. Having a well-balanced diet will help you get rid of the body toxins that prevent acne scars from healing.



Take your vitamins daily!

Vitamin E


To get rid of acne scars fast, apply Vitamin E and a crushed baby aspirin to the surface of your skin. Vitamin E is commonly used for healing acne scars, while the aspirin is used to reduce the redness in the skin. It’s a quick and cheapest way to help reduce the acne scarring.

Rose Hip Oil


This oil can be used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and renew the skin. It brings clearness and the original color back on the skin. It has been used to treat surgical scars, sun damage, and acne scars.



The sweetest of acne scar home remedies, honey can be massaged over skin or can be eaten to reduce scars and combat the aging process.



Oatmeal mask. Mix the dry oatmeal with sour cream, yogurt, and a few drops of lemon juice and apply to your acne scars. Leave the mask on for about 15 to 20 minutes and rinse completely with cold water.

Olive Oil


Olive oil is a topical moisturizer which softens the skin and helps fade scars.



Try to get rid of as much stress as you can in your life which will aid in overall health and reparation of the skin.

If You Still Have Scars

If your acne scars are large and deep, you may need to seek expert support to ease this problem. A dermatologist might suggest different procedures such as a chemical peel, dermabrasion, or laser acne scar removal treatments. You should know that these treatments can be quiet expensive and over time the scars might reappear.

Remember, the acne scars will not go away overnight, but constant care using the suggestions above will help repair and improve the skin significantly.

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acne scar remedies 7 years ago

Hi I am 24yrs old, I used to get acne, but from last 3 months it had automatically stopped, but the problem is acne scars, it just does not got, i have tried applying few creams, but no effect, can you please tell me how to get rid of these scars, please suggest me effective acne scar remedies that i can use, i really don't like this

Indian News - Exam Results 6 years ago

Hi I am 56yrs old

remove acne scars expert 6 years ago

This is a brilliant article that is not only well written but most importantly, goes on to talk about the range of natural remedies that can prevent acne from appearing.

It's this which in my opinion, the best way to prevent acne from showing up in the first place. It's true, many forms of health related problems can indeed be stopped with the correct diet and personal hygiene. Well written article.

Sary 4 years ago

I need better remedies than these they never work plzzz help there is a dance at my school next Friday and no guy has asked me out cuz of my acne

Vegetarian Candy6 4 years ago

Try the Lady Soma line of products - the Antioxidant Berry Mask has helped clear up my acne and I've noticed the scars are slowly fading. I use the Renewal Serum during the day and after washing my face before bed I use the Antioxidant Berry Mask (Smells AMAZING!). Our skin is very important and fragile, take care of it right!

Gedeon 4 years ago

Hi,I'm 20yrs and suffering from acne,...I need urgent HELP!.I tried some of these remedies but couldn't work please i need help:-(

Gedeon 4 years ago

Hi,I'm 20yrs and suffering from acne,...I need urgent HELP!.I tried some of these remedies but couldn't work please i need help:-(

amy 4 years ago

This stuff w0rks amazing!!! EVERYONE USE THIS WEBSITE!! I am 20 years old, and I haven't got one bit of acne in a year because of this amazing website!!!

sam 4 years ago

Hi ~ you guys can try skinfood. Its a product from korea and its totally can cure acne and acne scars. Try the tea tree line product because it's work really well.

raani 2 years ago

FOR ACNE--use multani soil,it is so cheap use this mask on your face leave in half an hour,n wash it off with water once ur skin dried use extractor tool on acne nd with pin hole acne vry carefully not too deep jst 1sec mini size of acne[sebum] comes out when use ur finger on it using pressure to come out it. try this process 2-3 weeks...n then see result..:) i was suffered from acne bt now it gave me very nice result n if u have really oily skin jst rub tomato at night wash off n use OLIVE oil after this n again wash off do this at day time n at night bfore going to bed..olive oil with fight with those sebaceous oil which comes on ur skin, i do this very healthy n beautiful skin i have....everyone look at me without doing any make uop :) ;)...yep I WON with ACNE in few month..[4month]

rani 2 years ago

deep acne scars can be removed by using egg very wow remedy ,use this 3 time in a week 1 month u can see a lot diifferent,if not deep acne scrs use fresh lemon juice daily for 1 week a lot diifent will be day by day...

Maria 2 years ago

I had tried a lot of methods to rid myself of my crippling acne. This program worked. My acne had cleared up and very quickly, I might add. My skin is now remarkably clear. Not a day goes by where I don’t thank the lord that I found this powerful solution. It really works, I will recommend anyone who wishes to stop suffering and do something about his acne to order your program. It was the wisest decision I have ever made about myself. See this free presentation and it’s reveals a somewhat unusual tip to eliminate your acne forever and gain beautiful clear skin in 30-60 days. End the breakouts & see results in less than 7 days! Find out more here:

manjula.v 2 years ago

hi, my daughter is one and half year old. she had a pimples on her hand, legs and face. it will be cleared on one week but the black marks remains still. so, pls suggest me to avoid those pimples and to remove the marks.

Marcus Morgan 2 years ago

I have acne scars from when I had acne as a kid. I have heard there are ways to get rid of them. I'm looking to get them checked out to see how I can get rid of them

Lidia 8 months ago

Hello, I had those terrible acne scars, but I had applied lemon juice on my face directly (without water or any sponge) since a few months and wow, do it.

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